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:: 2003 13 September :: 2.24 am

So today I'm hanging out with this amazing girl right, and things seem to be going good. I mean we've been seeing each other for about a week now and she's really cool. But for some reason I can't get the feeling out of my head that something just isn't right. So I get home and think about it for a bit and I realize that what's wrong is that there's nothing wrong. My last relationship was so rife with flaws that this just seemed odd. In conclusion, I've hit the jackpot :)

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:: 2003 11 September :: 10.19 pm

Hmm... a new journal. Sort of like a fresh start, huh? Just my own thoughts floating in the void that is the internet. I think that I like it. Well life is good at the moment, even if I am bored. It's my own fault I guess. I could be writing one of my many papers, or sleeping (why'd I take that three hour nap this afternoon?), or pretty much anything else. Oh well, such is life. Sitting listening to AFI is good enough for me.

Lately I'm finding life to be a good thing and worth living. Meeting new friends, getting to know old ones, and a new girl in my life have made me think about the life of partying (aka drinking, smoking, sex) that I was on the verge of diving headfirst into. I'm thankful too, cause that would have turned into a living hell. But I'm back and that's what matter. In any case, this girl's amazing. I mean how many guys can say that a good date would be playing Dance Dance Revolution, watching anime, and then just laying around talking for hours? I can proudly say that I am one of the few.

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