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User:kaneface (user# 14665)
Location: Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:ThatsJustSoMe [add buddy]
Bio:I always want what I can't have, I have the worst poker face in the world, I love taking pictures but I hate being in them, I tend to take things for granted, I'm "so easy to love, so hard but so easy" I'm as bad as it can get and as good as it can be, I'm someone filled with self-believe but haunted by self-dbout, I've got nothing figured out. I like to be by myself but I hate to be alone, I'm wise when it comes to everyone else's life but my own, I have the wrost timing ever. I refuse to let anyone in even though im dying for someone to break down these walls, I keep my freinds close and my enemies closer, I laugh every chance I get but always at the wrong time, It's impossible for me toc cry infront of other people, I'm prejudice when it comes to skittles (i only eat the yellow and orange ones) I lack the mental capacity to understand the word "no", Sour patch kids and sweet-talkers are my weakness, I love the country but I need the city air to breathe, I HATE it when people are late but I don't truely believe that time actually exists. I talk to my dog as if I'm expecting her to hold a real conversation with me. I'll do anything once, twice if i like it and the best decision I ever made lies with my sorority, AST<3
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