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:: 2005 31 July :: 3.20am

Comment to be added.

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:: 2005 28 January :: 2.02pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: twinkle,twinkle little star(i'm singing)

ok well i guess i have to update because i have not in like a really long time. this thing has changed alot. and i had to ask carley what my name was again because i forgot. thats pretty sad and funny all in one, good thing i remembered my password. well for you that dont know i am not tobys friend any more we were really mad at each other or maybe that was just me. but at least we dont hate each other any more we are just not friends and nor do i think if we ever became friends again that we would be as good as friends.but oh well. i'm in german class right now doing two thing at once.

ok for christmas i got a big ten galloner tank and i had two fish at first and one died i dont know why so i made up a story that my other fish did it. and then i went and got 3 more fish i woke up this morning to another dead fish because it's tail was stuck in the filter.and it went through shock and killed it's self.

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:: 2004 6 December :: 6.35pm

hailey yes that me
hello there

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:: 2004 6 December :: 6.26pm
:: Mood: amused

well i have not been on here in a very long time as you can see from the last entry but this could be my last entry in a long time again. butt thats because i hardly get online any more. but this place has changed alot latly wow i cant believe it. i still remember the side thing going to be hard to get used to this.

well i went to chicago this past weekend it was alot of fun. i went there because my german class was going for a mart. where some germans would come over with stuff from germany and would seel it. so i bought alot of chocolate too. i love chocolate!!!!

well got to go bye bye

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:: 2004 10 August :: 11.34am

my test lets see if this works
The Early Years...
So...what day of the week were you born?:monday
What time?:2:40
What number child are your family, anyway:3rd
Is that okay with you?:fine
Are you adopted?:no
Are you a twin?:no
Do twins run in your family?:yes
Do you get along with your family?:sometimes
Do you remember anything from before you were three?:sure i guess
What kind of baby were you? (did you cry a lot or not or like people?):did not cry alot and loved being around people but was shy.
Some people think the way you were born affects your personality. Do you?:nope
How were you born? (Such as a lot of people there, being premature or late):i was born 2 weeks late
Random things I think to ask you about.
How many times have you been in a hospital for you?:i dont know not alot maybe 3 times
Are you afraid of doctors?:no
How about needles?:yes
Do you mind going to the dentist?:i hate the dentist.
Have you ever had braces?:no
Have you ever had surgery?:no
Have you ever done drugs?:no
Did you like the movie Biodome?:never heard of it.
What are your view on smoking?:it is nasty.
Do you like fishing?:not really
Can you swim?:yes
Do you like to read?:only if it is a good book.
What is your favorite adhesive?:ad what?
Do you have any musical ability?:i can sing.
How about artistic?:i can draw not to good but it is ok.
Which would you rather have more of?:chocolate
Can you sew?:yes
Would you live if you were alone on an island with goats for ten years?:yes i have a hunting licence.
How about sheep?:yes
Are you allergic to anything?:not
Do you like milk?:yeah but only 2%
Would you rather write with a pen pencil crayon or marker?:pencil
Do you like coloring?:yes
Do you doodle?:not really, no.
Do you think you're a good planner?:not really, no
Do you think you're a good leader?:not really , no
...a good people person?:sure
Did you ever paint your nails with white out?:hey thats a good idea!
...with sharpies?:yes
Would you rather read or write?:write
Do you use a mousepad?:yes
Do you like bright or pastel colors better?:no
Do you like hats?:he he*giggles* yeah
Do you think you look good in hats?:sure
Do you have any piercings?:yes
Do you think you have a lot of friends?:not really, but the ones i got are the best.
Do you have farmer's tan?:io did from my watch.
Paper or plastic?:plastic
Night or day?:night
What's your favorite type of music?:rock
Are you afraid or roller coasters?:no, no and no love roller coasters.
Do quizzes?:some times
Do you have a crush on anyone?:umm i probally do.
I wont pry...unless you want to say who it is...:i dont know right now.
How many people have you gone out with?:i really have to count i think it is 8.
In terms of far have you gone?:umm base 1. never been to base 3 nor do i want to for a long time.
Are you straight, gay, bi, or a transvestite?:straight but you asked that before
Am I running out of questions to ask?:yes
Do you mind being photographed?:i already answered this beofre
Do you mind speaking in public?:" " " " "
How about performing in public? (singing, sports, instruments...):" " " " "
Do you like your hands?:" " " " "
Are you listening to anything?:" " " " "
Who was the last person you spoke with?:" " " " "
Other than computer related items, what was the last think you touched?:" " " " "
What is your favorite game?:" " " " "
Do you keep bags for no reason?: " " " " "
Can you picture where you'll be in ten years?:the answers are all above so why did you ask again?
Is that a good or bad thing?:" " " " "
Are you happy?:" " " " "

More Random Than You brought to you by BZOINK!
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:: 2004 17 July :: 9.27pm
:: Mood: anxious

does this world get any better or worse?
hello every one. well this past weekend i went up north with one of my friends amanda. (for camping) it was fun we met this kid named paul i met cody to but not amanda.(she already knew him) well we hung out for 3 days and a morning it was fun during that whole weekend, alot of thing happened. for instance two people liking one person, one person moving on to the other boy, a big fight(word fight) and then a fist fight with some kids. and more oh so much more. but it was an exciting weekend the word fight was fixed though. well the 29th i'm going back up with amanda and i will make sure i can get a camera and take some pictures of paul!!!!! and cody.

i just cant wait till the 29 , i'm excited.

ummm on monday i got home and called natalie she come over and spent the night because i was going to bring her to michigan adventures well it rained tuesday so we went wensday. it was ok but all in all i thought it was fun. the only bad part was when i got two slivers in my fingure, from what ride you ask. well it was the main big wooden one. hmm figures.

so i went to the medical station where this guy poked and cut open my fingure. man i think next time i'll just leave the slivers in there till i get home to do i have never seen twezers that were sharp.I HATE SHARP TWEZERS!!!! but i got a bandade, i was hoping that i would get a sucker because usually little kids do. i know i'm not little but at that point i wanted to be,so i could get a sucker. but other than that it was nice and fun.

today my ma and don just got back from up north with my family my uncle randy's house and his wife peg my grandpa was there as so my grandma. pegs boy roy. and that was all who was there well peg's 3 cats and randy's to bird's. one of them i got to say hello(because it usually takes a while for them to talk some times)aafter i got him to say hello thats all he said all day hello, hello, hello, hello. now the other one keep saying ma, ma, ma, ma oh and what, what, what.mmmhhhmmm. lets just say quite anoying after a while. i watched the movie the interview with the vampire, and fell a sleep on there couch near the end. but i was not the only one my uncle randy fell asleep on the other couch.

and i really dont look at my uncle randy's arm much to when i lifted the sleave up i saw an egale and it said "in loving memory of roy roger". i thought that was the sweetent thing ever. well if some of you dont know roy roger shonfelder, s my uncle that had died on a motor cycle when i was about 4, 5 years old. we all miss him and i was just really happy to see that tatoo on his arm.

well then we came home after eating diner there (it was good).so yeah thats all bye bye.


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:: 2004 1 July :: 10.48am

hnmmm i hate this world.
dont you hate it when you have plans to go do some thing. but then it is riped right from your hands the day before your going. and then what your mom said you cant tell them the same thing so you have to say some thing like well i would but my mom said i cant go (why?) well because ummmmmm?i'm now grounded.

and then you feel bad about it?

yeah well this weekend starting today i would be off with my friends desiree. but now i cant do you want to know why? well because aron her mom's boyfriend will be going, and last time i guess he was looking at my i dont know like i was a peice of candy. yeah well i did not see any thing like that. so now my mom is scared that i will be raped (like my sister).

*looks down* about ready to stick a hole in the wall about now. i'm sooooo pissed i could just scream (oh wait i already did that).

ok to change the topic yesterday i was at the movies to go and see spiderman 2 with my mom we went for the first show at north star (it was packed). after the show i went to the bathroom. well when comming out of the bathroom who is there for me to see?
i bet you would never guess right. so i'll tell ya i saw jole(my ex boyfriend).

i kind of looked at him and turned my head away there was no telling that he saw me. because i know he did and i know he knew who i was to. and for all of you who dont know him well here you are.

see it all started with carley and her boyfriend at the movies and me and pop-tart and jole and stephon (or how ever you spell his name). well later that like week i called him and he was having so much trouble asking me out (i thought it was funny). but as days went by i seemed to notice i was the only one every calling. well we went on one date. but things did not go to well there either. i keep calling him and finally one day i said well i'm not going to call any more i want to see how long it will take for him to call me. and here i am still waiting and this happened a lot time ago. sad eh?

yeah well thats what i have to say nothing else crossed my mind because i'm still pissed and i am hoping my mom was right because i will be so pissed if she is wrong.(wait i'm already pissed).


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:: 2004 28 May :: 2.22pm

I don't see how people can keep two journals :P
Unless they like, put the same exact entries in each one.
I can't do the seperate thoughts in each journal thing.
Except for now, of course :P

I can fit into my clothes!!!! <---Victory.


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:: 2004 26 May :: 7.46pm

Teh new journal!

Pixie did the nifty layout thinger :)

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:: 2004 25 May :: 4.12pm

Ahhhhh... Boredom.
I think that it was useless getting a LiveJournal. I knew I'd never write in it.
Ohhhhh well.

Dad called last night so I talked to him some. He said that they were having some bad storms and all the electricity went out so while he was sitting in the dark, he thought he would call.

I also talked to Jared last night. Haven't talked to him in a while. Of course, he was drunk.
Go figure...
Why is it that everybody's always drunk when I call them?
I guess his fucking girlfriend is a girl that I went to River Road with. When they first met, she told him not to ever talk to me again because I fucked over her "best friend".
I made it loud and clear last night that I was NOT the one that fucked him over. I don't really think a 13 year old is capable of fucking a 19 year old over.
I think its just a little fucked up that she thinks she can tell him who he can and can't talk to. I've known him for over 11 years and if she thinks she can just come along and control his life, she needs to re-think some things a bit.



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:: 2004 23 May :: 10.27pm

Got back from the flea market around 5 today and then went ahead and slept for 4 hours as soon as I got in my room.

I bought a necklace for Mom... The coin I wanted on there was way too expensive so I got her a different one. He gave me the leather thing for it for free because everybody at the flea market just loves me so much :)

I'm so tired... hopefully Brandon'll hurry up and call so I can go to bed. I don't expect ANDREW to be on until like, 2 so I'm gonna give up on that.

Oh yeah ... I made myself 3 bracelets. And then I went a bought 5 more from this lady. She had all this dinky stuff. hehe. I got 4 green, pink, and silver metallic bracelets with stars on them. And then I got a black beaded one.
Great stuff.

*Wishes Andrew here*

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:: 2004 22 May :: 11.14pm

Brandon just called on the cell phone and I missed it. Right when I woke up, I went out there and grandma had just gotten off the phone with him.

That's gonna bother me all fucking night o.o

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:: 2004 22 May :: 6.40pm

Email from Mom....

Damn you all to hell. DAMN YOU! I can't believe you went to the flea market without me! I'll never forgive any of you. Do you hear me?! Do you HEAR ME???!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to tell you something I thought would make you feel better about Brian. I know it did me. Besides the other girls we knew about there were more. The prosecutor confronted him about 2 other 13 year old girls he was with. One had been swimming in a pond or something with her boyfriend and Brian invited himself to be with her. I can't remember the deal with the other one. But apparently other parents finally started calling in. But see, YOU, started the chain, Kristen. You didn't want to but you did because I nagged and bitched at you to death. ;-) I'm really, really proud of you. You stood up and took him off the street, and at least for 15 more years, he won't be able to hurt any other little girls. He'll always have to be registered as a sex offender; he'll always have to make his neighborhood aware of his past activities. Some people are somewhat okay with it but keep a leery eye. Others will fight to have him run out of the neighborhood, away from their kids. Thanks to you *smile*

I love you



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:: 2004 22 May :: 5.37pm

Just got back from the Flea Market thingy...
We decided not to stay in town over night. We're gonna leave again tomorrow morning.

During one point of the whole thing, I went into this little store to buy grandma some Elvis cards :P When I got back, this guy walked over to me and he smiled and said "Thank you so much".... Me---"Um....?" ....Him--"You have no idea what the hell I'm talking about do you???" *shakes head* "I was out of cigarettes so I came over and bummed some from you. Your friend said it would be okay... they'll definately be payed back tomorrow. I should have a pack for you by then" I told him not to worry about it or anything... Diana only gave him 4 of mine so he was smoking them sparingly :P When I got up there to bring him an extra pack I had with me, he turned around and looked at me and said "Holy shit... You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen..." Which made my day, actually :P
I told him not to worry about paying me back or anything for the cigarettes ... he said thanks a million times and gave me 5 dollars for them. He had a coin booth. He would take coins, saw them out and make designs with them ... then he would coat them in gold and stuff. They were SO fucking cool.
Some of his stuff sells for about $250. They're so pretty. But anyway, I found a coin he had made and he was selling it for 5 dollars. It was a quarter sawed in half with a heart and a key through it. You take the halves and put them together to make the quarter again. It's like a jigsaw thinger.
Anyway, I asked him if I could buy if from him and I picked two black leather necklaces with beads for him to put them on. When I went to pay him, he told me to only give him 10 dollars. So not only did I get a major discount, I also got 5 bucks for a pack of cigarettes :P I basically got away free with the stuff. I stayed around and we talked a while ... He's one of those people that's ALWAYS happy and always smiling and everything. He had his two dogs with him ... they were both around 17 years old. He said he didn't have a wife or kids or anything so his dogs travel with him. After we got to talking some, he told me he had gotten married on the beach I went to last weekend. Then, he said he had gotten a divorce a year ago but him and his ex are the best of friends. They divorced because he was always traveling doing his coin thing. (I can see why he loves it so much). But ANYWAY, eventually, we got on the subject of smoking and he said that he started when he was 15, stopped back in January and started up again and now he's worse with cigarettes than he's ever been. He told me I should stop smoking while I was young ... then he said "You're only what... 20??"
"Um.... no. I'm 15". Him---*blank stare* "You're only WHAT? 15? Holy shit...."
I figured he was in his late 20's, early 30's. He's 38. haha...
He said "I'm surprised she (diana) isn't over here kicking my ass. Hell, I should be kicking my ass."
lol :)
I don't see why ... he definatly wasn't being harmful. All he said was that my eyes were pretty.
Anyway, after that he showed me how he did the designs in the coins ... He had a coin that had Washington on it and he sawed a cigarette onto it hanging out of Washington's mouth ;D
It looked so awesome.
I swear, I could hang out over there for days watching people make those stupid coins.
I chose the illinois quarter because it was the year 2003 (When me and brandon got together). He asked me why I chose that one and I told him it was because of the year. He said "Ahhh... The year you and your boyfriend got together?" So we talked about that some ... and then Christina came over and talked to him.
We all liked him really well. He's incredibly nice.
And I've fallen in love with his little old poodle. It will be mine.
But anywho ... Just wanted to share that because it made me so happy :)

It's amazing how one or two things a person says or does can make your whole day so much better.

Things as simple as one comment and two necklaces made me forget about everything else for that little while and even now, I don't have a need to feel so depressed about it all.
...Until tomorrow of course. Happiness will wear off by then.

It's just nice to have it go away for a few hours...

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:: 2004 21 May :: 10.14pm

I wish you'd lay down and fucking DIE.

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