Do you like to hurt?Put your fist up and vent your pain.Strong as what I believeI need you to seeI don't wanna be the reason whyThe guitar in the chorus makes me happy.Yay for bonus bonus tracks! I can't help you fix yourself.Life's. Not. Fair.You want commitment?SO much better than the original, IMO.I'll paint it on the walls.Awhoa, awhoa, whoa, whoaohohoh!How can you NOT love a song with a title like that?!YES! YES! YES!Due Tramonti = beautiful. @_@Altogether now...'This neverending road to Calvary...'How could I NOT?!?! O_____OIt's all about that voice. x.X

Yay for looking studious. They're stretchy. They're flattering. They're warm. What more do you want? Redhaired and proud...oooooooh yes...Black - slimming and suits everyone.Not that I need them...but everyone loves heels.W00000t!Doesn't suit me, but I love it all the same.Ah, now this one DOES suit me. Fantastic.What can I say? Jewellery fetish...You Snap The Whip, baby! XD

The funniest kid's programme I've seen in a long time.My love for Fillmore is superceded only by my desire to own Sam's wardrobe.Ah, Sam. Smart, beautiful, impeccable fashion sense - AND a redhead!

Hockey is the new black.Yes, we have hockey over here.So 99% of Gaians are jerks...I've met some of the 1%. ^^No shit, Sherlock.

I ::heart:: Evgeni PlushenkoRacism=bad. Adolf=good, essentially.What can I say, but...SQUEEEE!-drools- Javert...the sexiest policeman in musical theatre.<3 Veko

Tappa tappa tappa! Oh, come on, you know my passion for dancing... AMO LINGUA LATINA!


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