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User:kermie561 (user# 24131)
Location: Florida, United States
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Bio:yeah its me the one and only. ive had this for a while and never put a bio on here. i figured it was time to do something along those lines. anyways im victor to some. kermie to others. and mr. sir to you lol. no but seriously im a pretty good person to get along with. i miss miss my best friend though i havent seen her in so long but ill see her soon enough( i better ;-). anyways im a senior at lake worth high school. last year im pretty well rounded talent wise anyway. i like to have fun and party so if you got something drop a line!!!
Friends:(5) innocence, livelikejackandsally, moomoo, shea, xxbabiigurlxx
Friend Of:(2) shea, xxbabiigurlxx
Interests:(8) act, and basically have fun. Im a pretty laid back kinda guy kinda lax at times sometimes crazy depends on what time it is so yeah. just hit me up. I'll do almost anythign once!!!, bass, dance, guitar, I like to sing, play piano, trumpet
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