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Life is like a penis, when it gets hard, Fuck It.

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:: 2005 6 August :: 2.46 pm

hehe...i cant wait!!! It's tomorrow! eeekkk!!!! done...hopefully when I get back I will have some great stories to tell =).

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:: 2005 1 August :: 10.53 pm
:: Music: A happy catchy tune in my head.

=) tonight.
all I can say is...BEST SEX EVER. Ok...thats all I'll say. And that it was wonderful. Hot, sweaty, passoinate, frantic sex. =) Dreams do come true. And they are so much better in reality!
ok...thats all I'll say.


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:: 2005 1 August :: 10.50 pm
:: Music: wonderful silence

The Keys
Well, this wasnt the best trip but it was fun all the same. I got to go dive and what not. in thirty feet of water I saw a seven foot shark swimming twords me. Scary. Got to go to Key West and buy a belly dancing outfit. Woot. Go me. Um...nothing spectacular really happend. ok...bye..

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:: 2005 20 July :: 4.07 pm

Sent out of Paradise Garden for their sins, the first couple stole fruits from every tree they passed on their way to the gate, so as to spite their crator. And outside the Garden, crouched against the wall, they gorged upon the fruits, eating one after the other, until their bodies sickened with the excess of it, and they puked them up. And the seeds of the fruits were spilled in the dirt, and from them came Monsters of the World, who were born in filth, and never knew there was such a thing as love. -CB (from The Holy Book of Fiafeefo)

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:: 2005 20 July :: 4.04 pm
:: Music: Gorrillas-feel good inc.

Doot doot doot
I love this song. Toaster is playing with the mouse on the computer screen, he keeps chasing after it hehe. stupid cat. Awe but I love you don't look sad like that. =) I had to be the stupid salad girl at work last night. grr. I worked my ass off. From now on, im going to be nice to the salad people in the back, its hard work. Ordering chinese food tonight, woot. Crab rangoon! So I have like....4 days until I leave for the keys! yippee!
<3 Felicia

The hour! The hour! upon the hour!
The munkee spits and thickets cower,
And what has become of the Old Man's power
But tears and trepidation?

The hour! The hour! upon the hour!
Mothers' mad and the milk's gone sour,
But yesterday I found a flower
That sang Annunciation

And when the Hours become Day,
And all the Days have passed away,
Weill we not see-yes, you and me-
How sweet and bright the light will be
That comes of our creation?
-CB (song of the Totemix)

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:: 2005 12 July :: 12.26 pm
:: Music: Queen

Welp, I think today is tuesday...yea, it is. I'm getting tan! woohoo! I should be ready to go to the keys in two weeks. I hope it doesnt rain while im their, or actually...I do, i like it when it rains. So when I get back its guna be lobster time! Seafood party at Felicias! Just read a new book, it was good. My throat still hurts like a motherfucker. Saturday night me and Brandie stayed out all night doing dumb, but fun shit. Got a little drunk, a little high, and a little bit o' lovin. Saw Tim with his fucking "water" bottles lol. Kendra was there too kicking ass on ddr as usual lol. Oh...and we had a hurricane that night it was really windy and rainy all night.

-Peace out hommie G dawg skillet in my millet....

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:: 2005 7 July :: 1.19 pm
:: Mood: Sick

Im sick. =( someone go to the store for me and get me some soup or something. That would be a nice thing to do. yes. it would.

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:: 2005 28 June :: 1.46 pm

I'm Back bitches!!!
Bwahahaha! Sorry I took so long to start this thing up again but I needed to find the real me and sort my life out. I am proud to say that I did both. I have all my friends again and made some really good new ones. I realize now how much I missed being my old self. so IM BACK! ::breaks down in dance:: OK, Whats new: well, at the moment I am in Ft. Meyers Florida with my brother (for those of you who don't know, its like a little town on the beach) I havent seen my brother for about two days because he is working and what not. But his girlfriend and me and hanging out and its nice, i like her a lot. Basically I have been drunk since the drive down here lol. I am staying here until the fourth of july. FOURTH OF JULY ON THE BEACH BITCHES! Yesterday me and Lyndsey (my brothers girlfriend) went to this weird outside mall thingy, and bought underwear lol and then went to this great mexican place, had a few beers and some tacos. Then we went back to the condo and rented like five movies and just sat on the couches watching movies and pigging out on stuff. =). I dont really miss winter haven that much, well, I do miss Angie I hope she is feeling better. When I get back, her, Jacob, Mike and me have got to go do something. We will go see a movie or somthing. Ok, im guna go. Peace bitches!

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:: 2005 22 January :: 9.10 am

Perks of being a wallflower poem.
Once on a yellow piece of paper with green lines
he wrote a poem
And he called it "Chops"
because that was the name of his dog
And that's what it was all about
And his teacher gave him an A
and a gold star

And his mother hung it on the kitchen door
and read it to his aunts
That was the year that Father Tracy
took all the kids to the zoo
And he let them sing on the bus
And his little sister was born
with tiny toenails and no hair
And his mother and father kissed a lot
And the girl around the corner sent him a
valentine signed with a row of X's
and he had to ask his father what the X's meant
And his father always tucked him in bed at night
And was always there to do it

Once on a piece of white paper with blue lines
he wrote a poem
And he called it "Autumn"
because that wsa the name of the season
And that's what it was all about
And his teacher gave him an A
and asked him to write more clearly
And his mother never hung it on the kitchen door
because of its new paint
And the kids told him
that Father Tracy smoked cigars
And left butts on the pews
And sometimes they would burn holes
That was the year his sister got glasses
with thick lenses and black frames
And the girl around the corner laughed when he asked her to go see Santa Claus
And the kids told him why
his mother and father kissed a lot
And his father never tucked him in bed at night
And his father got mad when he cried for him to do it.

Once on a paper torn from his notebook
he wrote a poem

And he called it "Innocence: A Question"
because that was the question about his girl
And that's what it was all about
And his professor gave him an A
and a strange steady look
And his mother never hung it on the kitchen door because he never showed her
That was the year that Father Tracy died
And he forgot how the end of the Apostle's Creed went
And he caught his sister making out on the back porch
And his mother and father never kissed or even talked
And the girl around the corner wore too much makeup That made him cough when he kissed her but he kissed her anyway because that was the thing to do
And at three A.M. he tucked himself into bed
his father snoring soundly

That's why on the back of a brown paper bag
he tried another poem
And he called it "Absolutely Nothing"
Because that's what it was really all about
And he gave himself an A
and a slash on each damned wrist
And he hung it on the bathroom door
because this time he didn't think
he could reach the kitchen.

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