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:: 2003 11 March :: 9.34 pm
:: Mood: Suspisious (yeah, thanks to you Nate! @_@)
:: Music: That song that Nate is gonna have me listen to

I'm gonna sing the doom song now-doomdydoomdoomdoom...
Heyhowdyhey! I am bored. I've written a lot in my story (and still have not come up with a decent title). Kallie STILL has not had her foal (but her due date is actually tomorrow, so we will see if she is on time). Its really cool that Nate and I are friends again. I can feel that we are begining to have that connection again that we have been struggling to achieve for over a year now. So I thank God for that. All and all, life is really good. (Especially since I just found out that we had a half-day tomorrow, yeah I was clueless and didn't know. Don't hate me, I'm a blonde.) Anyway, I have nothing else to say I suppose, so I will chat with ya all later!

Harley the major Christian Punk

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:: 2003 7 March :: 8.55 pm

Heehee, sorry guys for the past few entries. I won't bore you with any more long entries on my story that you don't know about. (unless you really want me to share some more).

But anyway, I'm bored. I just got back from work, where it was very hard to concintrate because (get this) I kept getting story ideas and wanting to work them out in my head while handing food out in drive through (which really doesn't work). Oh yeah, Nick is convinced I have multiple personalities because of all the perenthases I always add (I told him, well of course, there's me, Sparky, Harley, and Shina, plus I think there's one in there that I haven't quite discovered yet). Oh wait, I just used parenthasese again, oppps, guess I proved him right.
Callie still hasnt' dropped her foal (bummer) but we are hopeful. Well anyway, I've run out of things to say for the moment (that's a first) so I will talk to ya all later!


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:: 2003 6 March :: 9.03 pm
:: Mood: Explainitory
:: Music: Only Hope- Mandy Moore

2nd session, and action!
Okay, I forgot to explain what "the voyage" was. Its a novel that I am writing, that was just one segement. Yes, Esther, the story does revolve around Abigail (or "Abe") finding her father, but no her and Max to not fall in love. (Sorry to disapoint you, but I believe you will like my idea better). His name? Captain Jaydon Grey of the "Refuge". He is 23 years old, and out to prove that daddy's little rich boy knows how to sail a ship. Max, is his loyal first mate, and best friend. You must keep in mind that Jaydon has no idea that Abe is actually an eighteen year old girl (though he does end up finding out that she is in search of her father who never returned from his last voyage, but what he doesn't find out is that he is Jonathan Boston of the "Lady Andrenia") So let me give you a small peak at how things start off with Abigail and Captain Grey....

~Abigail has been on the ship for about a week now, most of the men accept her as a fifteen year old boy, not even Max's suspision has been voiced in this stage).

A northernly wind picked up and Jaydon looked to the sky. Sure enough heavy black clouds loomed ahead of them, making their intentions ommunesently clear.
"Ready the ship, Max." Jaydon told his first mate, still watching the enormous thunderclouds that seemed to have appeared from no where. "It looks as if this storm is coming fast." Max nodded and hurried down to the deck, barking orders for any man to hear. Jaydon watched for a moment before Abe caught his eye. He was amazed at the boy's lightning fast speed and ability to be able to accomplish a task without ever being told. Men that have been with them for years still had yet to learn that. A commanding thunder gave warning and Jaydon hurried down to his men, they needed to work quickly or else the "Refuge" would be in need of serious repair after the storm left.
It hit quickly and forcefully, rain pouring onto the crew like pelting ice.
"Secure that mainsail!" Jaydon yelled over the pounding downpour. Thunder rolled and lightning flashed, illuminating the sky for a brief moment. Jaydon stopped in his tracks, forgetful of the rain, staring at what mother nature had just revealed to him. With movements as fast as the lightning had just been he was down by the mainmast, not believing what his eyes had just seen.
But it was true, as the lightning flashed, Jaydon had seen Abe Bost leap onto the rigging and start asending toward the top of the mainsail.
Jaydon realized that Max was standing next to him, the same dumbfounded expression on his face.
"What in blazes is going on up there?" He yelled, partly out of his frustration, and partly to be heard over the raging seas.
"I don't know." Max honestly yelled back. "All I know is that I had said that the mainsail must be tangled at the top of the mast. The next thing I knew, he was gone!"
If it was possible, Jaydon's gaze turned even darker as it shifted back to the boy scaling the side of the rigging. He was already over half-way there, and even with the darkening storm and the distance, Jaydon could tell that Abe climbed with the same natural skill that he had on the ground. He climbed easily, as if it was a cloudless sunny day, not as if it seemed the winds were going to rip the mast right from the ship.
Every man held their breath as they all looked up against the falling rain towards the boy who had jumped up without a second thought. Finally, after what seemed like years, but was only just a few moments, the ropes slackened in the men's hands and they pulled the sail gracefully to its resting place.
Abe climbed down as easily as he had climbed up and Jaydon watched him crude amazement. No sooner did the boy hit the ground that he was over helping the other men secure the sail. Never in all his life did Jaydon ever see such reckless behavior. He sighed in frustration, before returning to the task at hand. He could deal with the boy later, right now he had a ship to take care of....

This scene probable best protrays Jaydon Grey. He is stubborn, stern, and seems almost mean. I mean think about it, Abe just risked his life to save the ship. And how does Jaydon feel? Angered, very very ticked. But what you don't realize is his reason behind his feelings (and in all actuallity, Jaydon doesn't really want to admit to it either) but he has come to like Abe (as his cabin boy remember) and it worried him (very greatly) to see him climbing up to the top of the mainmast just to secure the sail. You find out later in the confrontation between Jaydon and Abe that (and as he states) "It is my duty as Captain of this vessel to look out for the well being of my men, and I can't very well do that when your fifty feet in the air during the middle of a storm now can I?" So, Jaydon does admit (in a very formal way) that he does care for his men, in fact, while a person reads the entire story, they realize that they are like his family, and he really isn't as harsh as he first appears.


Still being a Christian Girl.

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:: 2003 5 March :: 9.57 pm
:: Mood: Mysticalish
:: Music: Only You_ Mandy Moore

Another scene from "the voyage" I need a different title-BRIANNA HELP!
Abe walked up next to Max and leaned over the railing of the ship. The first mate was carving the makings of a seagull in flight out of a peice of birch wood. Abe had seen many sailors do this before, but none with the skill and grace like Max.
"Do you know that I wasn't always with Captain Grey?" Max asked without looking up from his carving.
"I guess I never really gave it much thought." Abe answered honestly, wondering what brought the comment on.
"I was with this other captain, named Jonathan Boston. He was a remarkable man. Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting him?" Max questioned, now glancing up at the young boy.
"I believe so." Abe said, not wanting to lie.
"Well, I would think that it would be more then just an 'I believe so' when the man is your father." Max said, now turning to Abe to see his reaction.
Abe tried to look confused by Max's comment, but felt panic rising up in her chest.
"Don't think I haven't figured it out, Abigial Boston. I was on your father's crew two years ago. On your fifteenth birthday. I remember you coming along and, who was it? Samuel?" Abigail nodded reluctantly. "Yes, he watched me like a hawk that voyage." Max confessed with a smile. "I didn't realize who you were, though I knew you looked familar. But when you climbed that rigging during the storm things started to come together."
Abigail sighed. "So what are you going to do?" She asked him quietly.
Max studied her for a moment before answering. "Well, first tell me why in the world your on this ship, then we can decide what to do."
Abigail nodded and then spoke, her voice subdued and distressed. "My father is missing. He has been for the past four months now. I want to find out what happened to him."
Max stared at her in astonishment. She went off on her own, dressed as a boy, to go find her father? He couldn't believe it, but then, as he remembered the girl from the voyage two years prior, and what he had seen in the past month, he realized that she would, and could do such an act without a second thought.
"That is the reason you deceved both the crew and the captain of this ship? To save your father?" Abigail nodded slowly, unable to meet his eyes. Max stood there in thought for a moment, his carving forgotten. "Well that seems like a nobel enough quest to me." He told her with a smile. "I think that its a good enough excuse as any to be out on the high seas. But," He said lowering his voice. "Let's just keep this between you and me, I can't help you if the other men find out, or Captain Grey."
Abigial nodded again, and smiled. "Thank you so much, Max. You have no idea what it means to me." She said softly.
"Your welcome. But I'm warning you, if you get discovered. I never knew a thing about it." He warned.
Abigail laughed, it was rich and beautiful, like Max imagined she would be, out of her boyish sailor cloths, and with longer hair. But then, he would never see her like that, most likely, so he could only imagine....

What do you think?

Harley, the Christian Punk.

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:: 2003 4 March :: 8.33 pm
:: Mood: Well, I would say silly in a mischevious, odd, me
:: Music: Chrome-Trace Adkins

Oh...there's really not much to tell
Well, Callie still hasn't dropped her foal (for those of you who don't know horse talk, that means that she hasn't had her baby yet). Bummer. I left a comment on Nate's journal, lets hope it gets a better reply then the last few times. *shrugs* Oh well. I had to skip school again today (sorry guys) but we weren't sure about Callie (yeah that has been the topic of discussion around my house for the past two days). Farm life. Go figure. I'm slightly bored. Jackie didn't email me back, so Bob and I are throughouly (sp) disapointed. (He is crying Jackie, completely devistated) @_@ Anyway, I have a feeling some things are going to get very interesting here in a little bit, maybe I'll fill you guys in....*smiles mischeviously* but then again, maybe not.

Ever Harleyish,

I'm a Jesus Girl: Remember Strength.

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:: 2003 1 March :: 9.47 pm
:: Mood: Just plan me
:: Music: Raining on Sunday-Keith Urban

Its good to be back
Wow, some time away was really what I needed. (I meant to post this yesterday when I got back, but I was really tired). God really showed me somethings while I was gone, and I got closer to my mom too (if that is even possible) I let her in on my writting, which was a big gap between us, and she really likes my ideas. *big grins* But that's not really why I feel more like myself. I suppose its because I have the reassurance from God that things are going to get better, even if they seem like they are just going to get worse. Yes, I may be getting used by my friends, but hey, that's what I'm there for, and yes, I may be hated by a few, but I am also loved by so many more. So thank you everyone by sticking by my side, through all of this, and what is to come, because I know that while I have my trails, you will be there for me to help me stand, just like I always hope to be there for you for however long you need me. (And Nate, that still goes for you even if you don't want to hear it. I love you, and I still concider you my friend, no matter what stones you throw. :) If you ever need this silly tall clown, I'm here. :) And I mean that with no disrespect. And Nick, I don't care what everyone else says, you do what you feel God is telling you to do. He is the one that you need to listen to. K? ;) I love ya too buddy.

With as much love as I can humanly muster,
Harley (yeah, and I can be Kate too ^_^)

I'm a Jesus Girl (and ya know, there's Jesus Guys too ^_-)

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:: 2003 23 February :: 10.36 pm
:: Mood: Unattentive (I'm not even sure what that really me
:: Music: Well right now I'm listening to "She's my kinda rain" But I feel more like "Chrome"

What is up with all this?
I have been having trouble updating my journal lately, not because I don't want to write in it, its just that my thoughts have been so random and dispersed (yes unlike many of you believe, I actually do think beyond my happy outer appereance). Like my last entry, those were all just thoughts that came one after another, I didn't even stop, just stared at the wall while I was typing. (which was a new way to do things for me). So now I'm wondering what would happen if I tried that again, what would I see? The same dark room? Who knows. I might do it-oh, "Who are 'they'"-Tim McGraw-"Don't pray in school but have safe sex- yeah that's what they say" hahahaha, I like that song. Sorry, it just changed. Its kinda my song, to say I don't care who "they" are, I am going to do what I think is right. I like that. Then it doesn't matter if someone is yelling at me telling me that I'm worthless and can't be a good friend and they hate me, that's kinda pointless, all because I won't follow "they". And honestly, I'm happy that I don't. But hey, I know how stupid it is to actually be your own person. ;) Well, I guess this is just another wierd entry with no point except to confuse you guys. go figure.

Harley-still, and happy about it.

I'm still a Jesus Girl, anyone want to be one too?

God Bless you, and may you treasure them always.

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:: 2003 21 February :: 10.15 pm
:: Mood: Still betrayed

Into the mind-
Silence in the dark room-one light shines alone. Shining on the girl who knows nothing of herself-her friends-her dreams- She is alone-this light- It shines to show her- to humilate her- to shine off her flaws for all others to see- yes they are there- in the darkness- happily content in the dark- they are not alone- but she does not want their company- wait- she does- no- their company- what they have- is nothing- it is no use to her- what she wants- yes she wants their company-no she needs her own- the light- mocking- shining- hating- she hates herself- no she doesn't- she hates what she has to do in this ligt- what she must stand agianst- yes- she does hate herslef- she has to be alone- she hates being alone-so she doesn't hate herself- just being alone- the dark- they are in the dark-together-not alone- but not what she wants for company- they have company- she doesn't- but the company they have she doesn't want- no company- but she wants company-----

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:: 2003 21 February :: 9.42 pm
:: Mood: Actually really Betrayed
:: Music: Goodbye Earl- Dixie Chicks

I am almost to that point.
Man, I feel really betrayed, and it just really occured to me how much of a doormat I was for this person, and it really bugs me. Not that I can say anything-I'm her doormat- that just wouldn't be what I do for her. Its like, I almost completely lost two of my closest friends for her, and now, when I need her support, she does nothing, except talk about herself. Grr....I am getting really annoyed with a lot of people. And its really not good, because I know that if I do get to "that point" then a lot of stuff is going to happen that I am going to regret. But right now, it is sounding like a REALLY good idea. Besides, I've had way to many people tell me that I sugar coat to many things and don't say what needs to be said. So Nick, Jackie, pray for me- PLEASE! Things are going to get real heated in a while. And yes Connie, I did say JACKIE- I don't care either. And Nick, if I do explode, I'm sorry for the trouble you will probably get thrown in, I really am. Well, bye for now.

Harley....I hope.

Be a Jesus Girl Kate, be a Jesus Girl.

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:: 2003 20 February :: 2.04 pm
:: Mood: Giggles, Harley Giggles
:: Music: Mission impossible

oh yeah
*bum bum ba da dum da du da dum* (mission impossible music-duh) I just escaped from Government, cleverly disguised (okay, yeah I know I probably didn't spell that right, but I escaped! I don't have time for spellcheck!) as a girly girl (yeah that's right, full prep jean skirt and everything) when wouldn't ya know? Nick shows up! (Bum bum bum-bad guy music-duh!^_^) yeah so he saw through my disguise (mega bummer). It pry didn't help that I had my last hour with him.....yeah, that pry didn't really give me an advantage at all. Wait, what was that? Oh! His cover was just blown! Seems he was late for his own mission (Algebra II) Hahaha! I win! Let's play again! (Now I'm gonna go get out of these stupid shoes! Whoever created dress shoes needs to be shot- sneakers are so way cooler-or flipflops) Later days!


I'm a Jesus Girl- Oh yeah!

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:: 2003 19 February :: 8.25 am
:: Mood: mischievous
:: Music: Who are "they"?_Tim McGraw

I'm gonna get in trouble! I'm gonna get in trouble!!! And ya know what?!?! I DON'T CARE!!! Muahahahahha!


P.S. Tanxz for the stuff Jack!

I'm a Jesus Girl! YAY!

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:: 2003 15 February :: 9.47 pm
:: Mood: Wishful
:: Music: Who are

Wishful thinking
I wish people would learn to open their eyes. Sometime what they want is right in front of them, but they are blind to it because their lids are closed.

I wish that people could let things go. Bitterness is not something that should be harbored against others. It only develops to hatred in general.

I wish that people would understand that God loves everyone, not just those that obey Him, because if that was true, it would be a very short list.

I wish that love would be as popular as hate. Then the world would be so much more interesting.

I wish that I could be a friend to everyone that needs it. But not everyone wants a friend.

I wish that people were more interested in making friends then enemies.

I wish that....I...I...wish I knew how to get everyone to understand....but I can't. So God Bless, He really does love you.

Harley, Kylie, Kate, and Shina.

Jesus Girls: Hope, Strength, and Love. You can find it all in Him.

God give you peace, and may you treasure it forever.

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:: 2003 12 February :: 9.59 pm
:: Mood: Sadly Frusterated
:: Music: I wish I were the Rain-SheDaisy/One Girl Revolution-SuperChic[k]

I wish she knew
I wish she knew how I felt,
The hurt and betrayl I suffer.
But no,
Her world is her own,
For me to play the Jester.

I am no Jester.

I am a servant of the Lord God Almighty.
I wish that she liked it that way,
But to her, its all a game.
But I will tell her,
I will.
That this is one game,
She does not want to loose.
The demons come,
The steal a soul,
And one more pawn falls off the table.
Do you want to be that pawn?
God help you if you do.
In this game, the King is all powerful,
And let's hope your on His side,

I pray she is on His side.

I often wonder how a person can sleep when they don't know whether they are going to heaven or hell. I also wonder how they can live knowing that the answer is for the worst.

God give you peace, and be with Jesus.

Jesus Girls: Hope, strength, and love. We can do it Blade.

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:: 2003 9 February :: 10.02 pm
:: Mood: Almost frightened but knowing God is with me
:: Music: One Girl Revolution-SuperChic[k]

I suppose this is a new approach to Shina
*Sigh and retrieves final glove* I believe that it is time for Shina to take form again, though you will hardly like the acomplishments. Sorry dear Vixen, and my dear Cipher, but there are things that need to be said, that neither of you are understanding. *Sighs again with great pain and desperation* First off I must say a little something I thought of while I was away this evening. "If I can not anger myself over the words said, then they hold little truth, if any. But if I answer with spite and hurtful words then I must examine myself more closely, because when a fault is justly seen within a person our defenses seem to come up to quickly." Now I must ask you, whose defenses have been raised quickly? I am not condeming any of you. I would never want to do that. You must understand that I am coming to you as one Christian to another. And I must say that their is little love between any of you. Brianna, yes, she said some very harsh things (and I stress very) but I must admit that I do not completely condem her for it, just how she said it. She had a right to Nick, Connie had hurt her deeply, and unlike you believe, she has known Connie since the 8th grade. And I believe that she also made amends with her, so you have no right for attacking her like you did. (again, I am not yelling at you, just calming pointing a few things out). And yes Connie, I just said that some of Brianna's actions were justified. No, you did not just loose your best friend, unless you choose it to be that way. But your actions have become inexcusable. They have gone from harmless fun to dangerous poison. You hurt Brianna greatly, even after both she and I warned you agianst it. You didn't care, and I am now wondering when it will be my time for you to brush off my feelings for your own enjoyment. That is what Brianna meant by you acting like Jackie (I mean no disrespect dear Shinigami, just trying to correct furture mistakes with past ones). You did not even concider her feelings when you were flirting with Steve, you were selfish in your actions and disregarded everything else save what you wanted. I also believe that those actions in themselves are not very Christianly at all. You flaunt yourself, and hold no respect in yourself or your body. That is wrong and not how God intended women to act. I'm sorry that I have to say this, but it seems that whenever I try you just tell me that they are my "beliefs, not yours". I'm sorry that I don't understand when God made up special rules for each person. You are using yourself in a sexual way that is wrong, no matter what Nick says. It is opening doors for temptation (and if I've said it once, I will say it again, sin is fun dear Vixen, if it wasn't, then we wouldn't do it). Nick, I understand that you think that this is all harmless fun, you're a guy, that is the easiest thing for you to think, especially in this time of your life. Your sexual drive is strong, and you have no one to aim it at (oh yeah you did love someone with no tact by the way...me;P) so you went for the first available girl to flirt with, which was of course, Connie. But you must also understand, that you are a Christain, and yes, I know more then anyone else that you are not perfect, so please do not lecture me about it. That can not be your excuse your entire life. But you also must set certain levels for yourself, controlling that drive is one of them. Now I am not yelling at you for trying to make Connie feel better. I understand that she has been sick, I myself have been feeling a bit under the weather. But do you really think that was the most proper way to go about it? Do you really think that it set the best example for all of the other men in the class? You again have been blinded by your own thinking, by twisting your wrongdoings into rights, and I don't want to fight you to convince you of such things. But I think that you should concider how your own christianity appears before casting a stone at someone else. And Connie, you need to deal with these problems instead of ignoring them, this will not just blow over, if anything it is growing bigger, and I'm afraid that things have already gotten out of our control.

A new type of Shina

P.S. Brianna did not spread any rumors about you and Becca. In fact, if anyone started that idea, it was me. Connie and I were talking about your "mystery girl" when she walked past and I asked Connie if it could be her. So I was the one that planted the seed for that idea, after that I don't know exactly where it went, but I know that the only person I shared that idea with was Connie. So please do not blame Brianna for something she did not do.

Be a Jesus Girl, hope, strength, and love, we can do it Blade.

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:: 2003 7 February :: 2.13 pm
:: Mood: Deathly Annoyed unervingly calm
:: Music: I wish I were the rain-Shedaisy

Here it comes again *sigh and rolls eyes*
*Slowly reaches for cloak and gloves* I really hate to want to do this agian, but I am really tiring of some of the games that are being played. I hope that it will not come to this, I really do. But if it does, no hard feelings of course.


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