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User:kitsuneko (user# 22329)
Location: JAPAN!!, New Jersey, United States
Information:heh heh just as it says.....bisexual lil'ol me lol well is not a bad thing..i love everybody! <3 so join my community and be truthful about ur feelings!!! "to all the bisexual all a good night.....DONUT!!!!!!!" (kitsune)
Members:(10) animefans, eponine1313, flamingrabbits, kikyou, kitsuneko, kittykittymewmeow, pyrogoddess, watashiwaklaha, yaoifanfic, yukino421
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Interests:(38) .hack, ai yori aoshi, angelic layer, anime, anime, azumanga daioh, bisexual, candy, cats, digi charat, dogs, excel saga, FLCL, foxes, fruits basket, full metal panic, happy lesson, hentai, hot gimmic, inuyasha, kare kano, love hina, maico 2010, mangas, mayuki-chan in wonderland, movies, nOw, one piece, onegai teacher, pita-tan, shichin no nana, steel angel kurumi, tokyo mew mew, wild acts, x-day, yaoi, yuri, zodiac PI
Created:>2004-01-23 10:51:04
Last Update:01 29 2004
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