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User:kittyneko (user# 14126)
Location: Lake Worth, Florida, United States
Bio:My name is Michelle. This is my life. I love books and poetry, writing is my life. I am lonely and insecure like the rest of the world, so be nice. Handle with care...
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Interests:(46) adult swim, angel, anime, books, bowling shoes, Brian Jacques, buffy, chocolate milk, christmas, country music, Cowboy Bebop, dance, David Boreanaz, David Boreanaz, Donnie Darko, drunks, fanfics, Full Metal Panic, icy hot patches, Indiana Jones, Inuyasha, Jack off Jill, James Marsters, Labyrinth, Laurell K Hamilton, music, poetry, Portishead, PS2, Rurouni Kenshin, shot glasses, smirnoff, sprite remix, Starbucks, stars, sublime, sunglasses, Sword of Truth, Taco Bell, Terry Goodkind, Trigun, tv, UF, video games, vodka, writing
Created:2003-10-06 22:09:07
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