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User:kiwi (user# 3788)
Location: The Burg, New Jersey, United States
Bio:I FINALLY MANAGED TO LOG IN! Since I was like 14 I couldn't log into this god damned account to change this. But Now I'm almost 17 and my computer has decided to love me again (watch it crash in like... two months). So Yea, I'm 16, go to high school, eat, sleep, shit, hook up with boys, fence, and whatnot.
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Interests:(24) colored hair, cookies, craftsterbating, dyed hair, fencing, fighting, hooking up, Johnny Depp, Kevin Smith movies, learning, making fun of people, marching band, Mel Brooks movies, Monty Python movies, Mosh pits, music, no-rules bball, Reading, rock music, sappy movies, sexy librarian glasses, shiny things, witty banter, Writing
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