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:: 2018 24 August :: 10.02 pm



:: 2018 23 July :: 1.02 pm


We're getting a real bed. We're getting wine glasses and a mop and hardwood floors. We're getting a basement, and a washer and dryer. We're getting the fuck out of here.

I have so much to do!


:: 2018 20 July :: 10.00 am

I miss having a best friend. T-T

11 days until moving day!


:: 2018 16 July :: 12.51 pm

15 days until moving day.


:: 2018 12 July :: 11.09 am

19 days until moving day.


:: 2018 9 July :: 11.10 am

the Future
Finally, we're starting to talk about it. I couldn't be happier. I'm glad I stuck it out, glad I waited. We looked at rings the other day, and I got a good recommendation for couples therapy from my therapist. My head is finally clear, and I'm ready to move forward.

G is visiting this week, which is nice. He is almost kind of like a brother-in-law figure at this point. We are all going up to Michigan for T's wedding party on Saturday. G's going to help us move into the new apartment at the end of the month, so I guess he's just hanging out between Michigan and Columbus for the next few weeks. It will be interesting.

I cut down drinking again. My body just can't process alcohol like it used to, in really weird ways. If I have a beer after 5pm, even just one, I'll be wide away at 2 a.m., completely robbed of sleep for hours. Can't afford that with my busy lifestyle. It doesn't happen with wine or cocktails, and obviously I sleep best and feel best the next day if I just don't drink at all. So I'm trying to pay more attention to that these days.

Today has been good so far. Trying to finish up this big annoying project for work that is part of the reason I've been stalled out and unproductive for the past week. I went to the library on Saturday and got some new books to read. It's been ages since I did that, got some books and read with my eyes. It feels good to read in the evenings rather than fuck around on the Internet.

22 days until moving day!

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