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:: 2020 2 January :: 1.12pm

Recorded on 12.31.19
POD 22

In which I am joined by Katie <3
We dissect the annual Christmas gauntlet to which she was subjected.

Links to stuff we mentioned:

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:: 2019 28 December :: 11.52pm

don't like feeling anxious

don't like feeling like a fool

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:: 2019 24 December :: 9.26pm

No real spoilers...
But if you don't like personal opinions... Star Wars you say?
Read more..

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:: 2019 13 December :: 12.54pm


just get it into your thick fucking troglodyte skull, self.

you don't matter now and you never will. you insignificant speck of shit.

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:: 2019 15 November :: 10.30pm

rollercoaster today at work... some days I really love what I do and other times it makes me cry and I hate it. I just don't understand why so many people feel compelled to be assholes... like what does it really serve?

I guess everyone had bad days but if every day is a bad day maybe you need to change something..? maybe try a career change first?

I love have been feeling like I want to try to be a manager, but I just love what I do so much... like I would love to be a trainer, I'd love to be a business analyst...

I'd love to be a stay at home mom and active in my community and shit.

I just want to be in a position where we don't have to both work, so maybe we can make more time for fun things. you know... like back in the old days when more parents could afford to have one stay home and shit. TV & tablets raise kinda shitty kids...

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