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:: 2018 20 May :: 2.43am
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: Chelsea Wolfe - Spun

In brief:

I'm in school for HVAC.

I run a smutty art page on Facebook that is slowly gaining in popularity, and gathering a set of new and quirky internet friends from the four corners of the Earth.

I've doubled my dosage of Prozac, and was considering supplementing it with Buspar, but I've since discovered that skullcap (herb) does the same thing, and costs pennies on the dollar.

And, strangely enough, I've integrated my alter ego into my immediate reality, and it has been a boon to my confidence and has had a positive impact on my interactions with strangers. That chap is far more charming than I ever was.

Oh, and I've entered my thirties.



:: 2018 19 May :: 10.43pm

It's a get-fucked-up kinda night.



:: 2018 15 May :: 9.41am

it's a placebo kinda day



:: 2018 11 May :: 9.26am

every night I go to sleep optimistic that I will not wake up

every day I awaken to the same nightmare

the sets and faces change, but the feelings always remain.

worthless. lonely. isolated. absurd. pointless. grey. empty. devastated. crushed.

I'm just so tired, but sleep doesn't seem to rest my soul. do I even have a soul?

all I feel is blood and bone. no heart. no soul.



:: 2018 11 May :: 7.53am

I wish I had someone to talk to

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:: 2018 10 May :: 9.47am

wake up
wake up



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