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:: 2018 7 November :: 1.59pm
:: Mood: confused
:: Music: Dawn golden

Well, I know I'm hard to take
And my bones are calling out your name
While I beat your cold windows
Break the locks on the gate
While I try to forget
I used to be something great
Because you're all that I, all that I want



:: 2018 27 October :: 8.42pm

not gonna lie, I do sometimes regret getting this sleeve

but I mean, what's the point of commitment if not for the follow thru?

I just wish it was always cold outside so I could hide it when I don't feel like being seen.

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:: 2018 15 October :: 9.50pm

"Unfulfilled expectations of others" - the sole source of my unhappiness.



:: 2018 15 October :: 9.40am

I just want to connect with you, but I can't find any words, and I don't know what to say.

I feel like every day I'm drifting further away.

"I'm slipping out of your hand while you'll stay put in mine"

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:: 2018 4 October :: 7.35pm

attempting to bottle things up better like everyone else

it's hard and makes people think there's something wrong with me

maybe eventually they will forget I was ever another way



:: 2018 4 October :: 5.30am

bjorne is the most cuddly first thing in the morning it's the best

this morning he let me rub his head and ears and then cuddled with me. then Dad got him but it was just so sweet

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