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:: 2009 24 November :: 9.18pm
:: Music: nostaligic music

wow so long
so its been forever, havent done these things in so long. It was a trip reading back through all that i have been through. so much that i have shut out. so anyone reading this knows, i actually moved to florida. have been talking to my mom happily. I go to school at florida gulf coast university and i am seriously still as confused as i ever was.

here fgoes nothing, maybe i will keep up with this,....

2 <3//s | [xXx]


:: 2006 13 July :: 11.35pm

sometimes you are granted the privelage of taing a step back and seeing yourself... maybe not literally in you but seeing something that just makes you realize soemthing that youve needed to see forever...and sometimes things can change and can grow and you can learn... because learning is so important... learning how to love and how to care and be with someone... to worry about them and pray for their success...im not sure what im even rambling about... but i know you understand... maybe im reading all the signs wrong... maybe there arent even any signs....whatever the case may be.... i saw myself today... and i saw myself loving you...



:: 2006 1 June :: 10.05pm

so its been a while since ive typed in here

alot of things have changed...

i guess daner and are closer... and went to see my mom in florida... and bonnaroo is in 2 weeks!!!

so me n danas anniversary i guess is officially september 7th haha

hmmmmm its tough trying to catch up on things when so much has changed.

just went camping in the cape with jimmy dana timmy jimmi christina stacie ryann sarah keri lindsey tristan and a bunch of other ppl it was fun lol

hmmmmm well idk right now thats about it

ohgh waitttt

prom! haha daner and i went it was fun i love him



:: 2006 8 March :: 7.22pm
:: Music: Alice in chains- Rooster

wow.. i havent looked at this in so long.. and not liek neone else has hahah.. but yea im goann write in here again mayb.. haha if i remeber.. but yea im so bored.. waiting for james to call kelc back so we can get highhhh.. natick is a shit hole.. mad boring.. never nehting to do butdrugs.. and that requites money.. which i dotn have..

yea so everyhtign suckes.. like always.. still lvoe cj.. he dont love me.. on going story.. mayb one day ill write the whole thing in here so ill remeber.. then again how can i forget.. blahhhh im hungryyyy.. bout to go eat yeaa.. buy



:: 2006 12 January :: 9.50pm

so yeah im cute..

i took dana out yesterday to dinner at a little italian restaurant in newton called appetito it was cute haha a little fancy tho! (i could barely say the names of the food haha)

well i had a good time, and he seemed to as well... i adore him...




:: 2006 1 January :: 11.25am

so i couldnt have spent new years a better way... i had such a good time being with him we just relaxed and played with eachother... i love it i love it when he touches me when he tells me things when he holds me when i fall asleep in his arms.

i love him.. and i know he loves me too..

sarahs party was fun i basically just sat with dana teh whole time but i finally had someone to kiss on new years! my first kiss of 06' horrrayyyyyyyy

well im lazy so ill write more later



:: 2005 28 December :: 1.20am

the best christmas present i could have recieved


the time we have had has been good-shitty. i look at the times when we first hung out and i remember maine too. i wish life was like the week in maine. at times i hate you i want to just leave you on the side of the road and drive off you make me mad at times. i wouldnt trade the times we have even though i hate the bad times. i like you and i cant hide it, but i'm just scared to "commit" to you. i care too much to take you, and then hurt you. but i never would do that to you. lol you told me to write that i care about you. lol no but really i do, and when your out with ppl i guess i am jealous. but when your with those kids i hate it. i get really jealous and i cant stand it, but who am i to say anything. i dont know anymore to say ive said alot. im sorry :( but i <3 you

<3~ Dana



:: 2005 28 December :: 1.20am

i love him.....
uhhh i probably shouldnt but i do...
and i somehow think he might love me too?

crazy huh...



:: 2005 7 November :: 7.57am





:: 2005 5 November :: 9.44am

so shits kinda fucked...

im sick of people... and im sick of my emotions i wish i could hate you.. i wish i could get you out of my head i wish you werent all i think about i wish that you would treat me rigth and i wish we coudl be happy together...

well last night we went to the BU hockey game it was funnnnnnnnnn <3 ah...


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