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:: 2006 17 March :: 12.08 pm

Yay for following the crowd!

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:: 2006 15 March :: 12.08 am

Torture is trying to write the last two pages of an already unmotivated paper.

Effing, if I hafta write another 8 page paper anytime soon I'm totally gonna write it all in German.

Edit 1:55 a.m.

[insert something witty but i forgot what i was gonna say here]

Just about finished with Jenn's D&D character drawing. Two down, four more to go! w00ts!

Oh yeah, what do you get when you put a gay man and a lesbian together at the same table for D&D? Insults about each other's genitals! Seriously though folks, I love Al and Josh. And they're hilarious when put together XD

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:: 2006 13 March :: 4.10 pm
:: Mood: happy

Today's such a lovely day! So....

What: a picnic!
When: today of course! 5:30 we'll be meeting down in the Bigelowe take-out area to get foods
Where: the Sprau Tower area
Why: cuz it's so fecking awesome today!

Hee, the weather makes me happy ^___________^

Edit 21.01

No picnic =_=

As soon as I got outside I noticed that the temp had dropped more than 10 degrees. STUPID MICHIGAN!

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:: 2006 13 March :: 4.01 am

Well, I can't sleep.

I may love thunderstorms, but I can't handle them at night when I'm trying to sleep. Especially when I'm all alone.

Blargh. I think too much.

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:: 2006 9 March :: 3.52 pm

Hey Tracey, this is for you ^____^

Ugh, it rained last night and I got to walk home in it. Now my body is rebelling against me by feeling like ickiness.

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:: 2006 4 March :: 8.55 pm

Well dad's flight got cancelled for pretty much a whole day. So he'll be back on Monday or Tuesday. T3h sux0r if'n you ask me.

Ah well...nothin else has really happened.

Oh yeah, I finished another drawing/coloring today. Yay.

Edit Sunday 9:10 a.m.

Looks like dad might be stranded in "starts with an 'm' city" in India for another day/night/whatever (it's so confusing when thinking about India's time and then our's night over there now...yes). How aggravating. Yes, he does have the worst flight luck. Except when we fly with him.

*yawn* Sleepy. I decided to be a dumbass and read a new webcomic rather than sleep for a couple more hours.

Edit 13.19

Holy shite, so dad's delayed until Tuesday night (in India) now. Holy fuckin shit. Damn airline...*shakes fist* And they won't let him get his luggage where he can get his clothing and meds (high bloodpressure meds, gots ter take 'em every day).

So right now I'm extremely pissed off. NEVER fly Northwest, stick with British Air or Lufthansa. [/reccomendation]

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:: 2006 3 March :: 7.28 pm
:: Music: Flogging Molly

Dad just called. He's leaving India for home today, but he won't get back until Sunday evening when I'm in Kzoo.

Can you believe that it's already tomorrow for him? Kinda weird/creepy if you ask me. But cool.

M'friend Brit cut me hairs today. It's much better now ^_^

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:: 2006 1 March :: 8.13 pm

[insert rant about homophobes and how it's people like them that are making the world go to hell in a handbasket here]

I'm at church. It's weird how before people never noticed me and now they're all "Katie, how are you? Katie, how long is your spring break?"

Total weird.

In other news, I think I really want to go to Italy next. And learn Italian. And ride around on the back of a hot Italian man's scooter ~_^ No seriously, I'll ride around on my own scooter thank you very much.

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:: 2006 28 February :: 9.18 pm

Day number something of Spring Break...

I've gone stir-crazy.

Time to find a project, art project, of some sorts.

Any suggestions?


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:: 2006 27 February :: 11.10 pm

So my dad called this evening from India, it's already tomorrow over there.

Oh yeah, for those of you who didn't know, my dad's in India on Microsoft business. He left on the 17th or the 18th and is coming back this Sunday.

He's doing well, told me that I'd love the food because it's all vegetarian-like. Mmm...vegetarian-like *drools*

Today he told us a funny story. India is populated with vervet monkeys as well as people (those things are like squirrels, seriously. Zambia has its fair share of them as well). Well this woman was walking, carrying a plastic bag full of stuff. And a monkey decided to climb up her sari, grab the bag, and start looking through it like it was Christmas morning. It found a banana and ate it. And dad (and others), being typical American tourists, didn't help the woman but instead took out their cameras. While the Indians stood and laughed.

Mann, I'm so jealous that dad got to go to India. I've always wanted to go there. And I'd still give my left spleen (or another organ that has a duplicate) to go.

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:: 2006 24 February :: 7.38 pm

Well kids, today I found out that I became a big cousin again on February 2nd.

My hormones and other female organs are screaming "baby!" at me and demanding that I have one immediatly. My brain is lecturing those shrieking things about how it's highly improbably that I'll be the next virgin to give birth. That only comes once every Messiah, I'm sure.

Oh yeah, and I'm back in good ol' Rockford for the next week or so ;p Bwahahaha!

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:: 2006 23 February :: 2.01 pm
:: Mood: exhausted


Only got about 2 hours of sleep last night.

Totally skipping my last two classes because I can't function anymore.

I hate skipping classese but this is a matter of passing out or falling asleep on the spot.

Saddest thing is that I'm forcing myself not to run today until I get some much-needec sleep.

I'm coming home tomorrow in the morning.

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:: 2006 20 February :: 9.52 pm
:: Mood: bleh
:: Music: Nena

Coopsie's roomie went MIA for a little while. We were all worried because she hasn't been the of late. Gott sei dank we know where she is now.

In other news I ran again today. I think two miles. Which is good cuz I coulda skipped today cuz I took a nap and slept through dinner...again ^^" Ach, mein calves hurt.

Oh, and I'm coming home on Friday. Yay for Spring Break!

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:: 2006 19 February :: 4.19 pm

Well folks, I've managed to screw up my sleeping times again. Either insomnia or nocturnalness is going to kill me someday, I just know it.

Mann this room is boring at cheese. I really need to find some way to spice it up, make it more live-able. And I should also think about getting breakfast/lunch/dinner at some point in time today. Maybe.

Ah well, five more days and then Spring Break!

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:: 2006 18 February :: 5.22 pm

Blah, homework. And studying. Yay for having a couple of midterms, not to mention an easy as cheese Japanese test, this upcoming week (T_T)

Yesterday was anime day and single's awareness day for the "Collective" (what Jenn likes to call us). We watched Tokyo Babylon, Ranma 1/2 the movie: Nihao My Concubine (Amanda and I were the only one's who had seen/read any Ranma before...and had seen the movie before, so we had to explain why people were turning into animals and different sexes), Dead Leaves (the only thing that comes to mind when watching that is WTF), Trouble Chocolate (crazy yet funny, they were on drugs when they made it), and Dogma (I know I know, not an anime but moo on you).

I got back to my room around 5 and fell asleep near 6, so I have a good reason for sleeping in late today ;p

But now I must do Japanese homework, go over the skinhead stuff I found for German, look over history and read notes from Myth & Ritual. Blegh. Plus read another short story for English. Oh shite, and post comments for English. So much to do.....;_;

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