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:: 2006 11 January :: 6.14 pm

I've visited all of my classes now.

All of them look to be really good and exciting and envigorating. I can't wait to learn more (don't I sound like such a nerd?).

History will be a bit like last semester (same prof) but we'll have a paper to turn in at the end and will have to lead an in-class discussion at some point. Japanese is going to be extremely easy (as easy as your mom was last night ~_^), mostly review. Which is okay because Sami-sensei isn't doing the most fantastic job of teaching people stuff, but she might get better later on. German is German, Olivia is herself as usual. I met a really cool dude that's lived in Germany for more than a year. Plus he's black, the first black person I've ever had in a German class (this is a good thing, people, cuz he's rockin). Myth and Ritual will be really cool because our prof was an anthropologist in Africa and returns to Africa almost every year. Plus, as soon as he found out that my major was German, he started speaking to me in German. Last but not least, my Literary Interpretation and Analysis class seems to be pretty good. We're reading Oedipus Rex at the moment. Booya.

I have a lot more reading this semester, and will probably be working more on school work than bumselning about on the computer (let's hope). My goal is not to get below a C/B (equivalent to a B-) this semester.

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:: 2006 9 January :: 10.12 pm

I ate dinner with Eric, Jenn, Joel, Blue-Hair boy, Eric's new across the hall neighbor/friend (Jenn has [hopefully] succeeded in freaking him out a bit), Mera, and visits from other aquaintances. My life feels full now thanks to sitting in the caf and listening to our conversations. Conversations at home, sometimes we didn't even talk. But here we talk about anything from Star Wars to music to sex.

And I'm not cute!!!!

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:: 2006 9 January :: 3.59 pm

Happy first day of class, everybody!

I'm a lucky butt and dont' have any classes today, but tomorrow I'm gonna have a butt load.

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:: 2006 7 January :: 9.56 pm

For Tracey and other lovers of The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Here's the site that I found where you can downloaden TNBC songs for free ^_~ Yays!

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:: 2006 7 January :: 7.28 pm

Back in Bronco territory
Yup, I'm back in Kzoo at Western.

Not a lot of people are back yet, Coop's coming back tomorrows (so nothin to do today -_-"). Dad attempted to hook up our D-Link router wireless thingy, but the ethernet hook up outlet thingy is kaputt (Tara's doesn't even work). Yeah, the parental units are letting me have interweb in the room this semester. Mom decided that they'd pay for it when she watched me pay for my books (which cost me part of my spleen). 10 books so far, and verdammt they're heavy.

I'm also rather nervous and scared. I started having cramps today, about a week after Fred left. Mom informed me happily that I was ovulating, which isn't good because that's when my internal bleeding started last time. So I'm afraid that the cramps will get worse and I'll end up going to the hospital and getting cut up again. Right when classes start on Monday (at 4 pm, and I don't have any classes on Monday or Wednesday after 12). Anyways, let's just hope that I'm being a worry-wart and it's nothing. *crosses fingers*

Edit 20:52

The interweb is now working in one of the ethernet ports. Tara's is still dead as a piece of roadkill. I got her to sign up for Western's wireless network though, so at least she'll be able to have access if she brings her computer around campus with her. Now to set up the D-Link...and dad won't tell me what to do ><"

Edit 21:47

Yep, one of our ethernet ports is defnitely not turned on or sommat. I already e-mailed a request to mainenance and will probably both call and e-mail tech support on the morrow (e-mail tonight, I probably should). Well, at least our ethernet cables work! Nothing else to do tonight except get used to not being home again (I miss our lubberly wireless ;_;)

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:: 2006 5 January :: 8.43 pm

The trip to Chicago was nice. Nobody was beaten, stolen from, raped, deserted, or killed. Yay.

On the contrary, all the people we encountered were kind and friendly...if not a little creepy when staring at you (or in my case, me) and grinning and talking to the children surrounding them. For the last time, I'm NOT cute!!!!

I found out that I was the one most adept with directions and maps in the group (although not by much), which is a scary thought. We got back to Kelly's aunt's apartment every night around 10:00pm (her orders) and watched adult swim. Mmm...Futurama...

We found the subway system yesterday, and I fell in love with it once again. I prefer the subway to the bus to begin with, and being back underground smelling the smells, hearing the sounds, and looking at the advertisements was like heaven. I also experienced my first Coldstone ice cream yesterday, which is also like heaven ~_^

All in all, a good trip. Perfect for reminiscing about while I pack and get ready for the new semester.

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:: 2006 1 January :: 10.08 pm

Oh yeah! Booyah!

Totally pumped for Chicago now!!

I'll see you peeps in a few days, and if I don't (which is highly possible) have a great second semester!

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:: 2005 29 December :: 11.33 pm

Obsessive much?
I had a dream with Rammstein in it last night. Till especially. Rawr. *drools*

I'm home!!!! (if any of you care ~_^)

It's great to be back.

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:: 2005 28 December :: 11.09 pm

I'm coming home tomorrows!

Another day full of riding the plane all day then in a car.

California's nice, but home's where I wanna be.

Caitlyn's been "helping" me pack. It's cute.

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:: 2005 25 December :: 5.43 pm
:: Music: Rosenrot-Rammstein

Rosenrot-Rammstein's newest album
1. Benzin-Petrol

This is a fast-paced song, showing Rammstein's love of fire and their need for pyrotechnics. You can catch their music video here. Quicktime required ;p

2. Mann gegen Mann-Man against man

It's fitting for Rammstein to have a song for the gay men after making songs about sex and hermaphrodites. It's got a more serious feel to it as Till sings about "his sex calling him a traitor". Some words to look for in the song are gegen (against), gaygen (to be gay for), and schwullah (gay-ah).

3. Rosenrot-Rose-red

This is an extremely enchanting song, Till telling a story about a boy climbing a mountain to get a rose for a girl that he likes. According to, this song is based (to some extent) on Goethe's Heidenroeslein and the Brothers Grimm's Snow White and Rose Red (but to me, after studying the lyrics for some time, that isn't the case. It's based mostly on Goethe's poem). You can catch the Rosenrot music video here. You need WMV or RM.

4. Spring-Jump

The intro is calm, quiet, beautiful even, then goes onto some deliciously Rammsteiny music worth headbanging to. This song is about a man who stops and is standing at the edge of a bridge, looking at all the beautiful sights. People gather and shout at him to jump. In the end, caught up in all the emotion, he jumps. Although grausam to most, this is one of the most beautiful-sounding pieces I've ever heard.

5. Wo bist du-Where are you

I find this song as more of a "after the break-up" song. You're already broken up, what's said is said and what's done is done. Yet you still are looking for him/her, having second thoughts. There seems to be a tone of despair in the song, one that only those who have felt the way in the song could probably feel.

6. Stirb nicht vor mir//Don't die before I do

This isn't the first time that Rammstein has mixed some English into a song (although I'm much more used to them singing the mother tongue). It's one of their sadder songs, but is also a sort of love song. The female voice they chose for the English part did a good job. It's a softer song, very fitting for the lyrics.

7. Zerstören-Destroy

The song's title matches its content. It is full of destroying, full of passion. The song is about wanting to destroy everything. At the end, however, the song becomes slow and quiet. It is certainly a unique song, and one of my favorites now.

8. Hilf mir-Help me

I've wanted to listen to this song ever since I read that this would be based on Der Struwwelpeter's Die gar trauige Geschichte mit dem Feuerzeug (the quite sad story with the match). The lyrics are from the girl's point of view, which adds an interesting twist. The music is harder, more forboding. Delicious.

9. Te quiero puta!-I love you, whore!

This song is in Spanish. So I have only the lyrics to read and try to decipher. It's...interesting. Spanish suits Rammstein very well. The sound has bit of Mexican twang to it, which is a change. All in all, I loved it. Plus Kyle and Brett can listen to it and understand it for a change ;p

10. Feuer & Wasser-Fire & Water

This is one of Rammstein's more sexual songs (but not like Rein Raus, Rachel ;p). It's about a man noticing a woman and dreaming/fantisizing about her, knowing that she'll never notice him.

11. Ein Lied-A song
The last song of Rammstein's Rosenrot album, this song is the perfect closer. It's quieter than the rest, not grausam at all either. Perhaps it's a tribute to all of Rammstein's fans "we were born for music/we are the servants of your ears/whenever you're sad/we play for you". The melody is soft, yet full of power.


All in all, the Rosenrot album is really very good. I love it and will probably be listening to it constantly for the next week or five.

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:: 2005 25 December :: 4.00 pm

Merry Christmas!!!

Of course, the one day that Caitlyn doesn't get up early is Christmas ^^"

I got my Rammstein CD. ZOMIGOSH is it beautiful. Seriously, there's a certain tone of beauty in their new album. I'll update later with commentary on it (and yes, Tracey, I'll burn a copy for you ~_^).

Andy got the Family Guy movie, which we're about to watch. Le w00t le w00t!

......ich bin eine Kartoffel!

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:: 2005 23 December :: 11.48 pm

German Comp-A
German Convo-A

My grades. Funny how I got good grades in the classes that I liked.

Ended up not going to Disney today, went to Chinese stores and whatnot instead. It was great.

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:: 2005 23 December :: 2.39 am
:: Music: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Today was a good day ^_______^

It started off with my parents waking up very early and waiting outside the NBC studios to get tickets for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (aka The Chin). My uncle drove Andy and I up there and we waited in line to get it. And we did. And we saw The Chin. It was awesome. If any of you all saw the Tonight show tonight, I was in the audience XP

Afterwards dad drove us to Hollywood Blv, where we went to the mall and the Chinese theatre. It was really cool. I got to stand on Johnny Depp's foot prints and compare my hand size with Marilyn Monroe's (mine're smaller). We went into the biggest Hot Topic that I've ever seen. There, on a whim, I checked their CD selection because I'd read on a forum on my Rammstein site that someone had found Rammstein's newest CD there (it's still unavailable in the states except over the interweb, and even then it takes 4 to 6 weeks to ship). Can you believe my luck? I FOUND IT!!!!!!! Dad quickly snatched it away and bought it as a christmas present for me. Squee!

Our last surprise for the evening was also amazing. We went into the Chinese theatre to just "check it out" and find dad some dessertage. Turns out that the parental units had bought special VIP tickets for the new Jim Carrey (Andy's been dying to see it). It was sooo cool!

So yeah, that was my day. Now we're sitting in the family room, watching the Tonight Show. It's kinda weird, knowing that those're our laughs and applause. The Chin is a hell of a lot funnier in person than on the TV.

Tomorrow is Disney Land!!!

And Rachel, I'll remember my camera ~_^

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:: 2005 21 December :: 1.46 am

Another lovely day in Californi-ay.

I slept in until 11, so I'm pretty much used to the time change (sleeping for 12 hours also helps). Parents dragged me and Andy away at 3 to go shopping at the mall and whatnot for Christmas presents. Andy and I found a shop that sold puppies and nobody could tear me away from the windows where I was cooing over the cute lil puppies. Ah wanna puppy!!!!

Caitlyn's starting to warm up to me. Dad gave a good reason; I'm not exactly a kid anymore, I've got this "mature" air about me (mature my big fat ass). But she was quite happy to see me and Andy when we got back. We played ballerina (no, I will not be playing that once I get home ;p), hide-n-seek, and the piano/microphone (she'd turn off the power while I was playing and turn the power on while I was fiddling with the microphone). I'll have some pictures of Caitlyn soon. She's freaking adorable.

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:: 2005 20 December :: 12.31 am

I'm in Calfornia now.

It's really strange seeing palm trees everywhere, oh and the fact that THERE IS NO SNOW. Weird. Plus it's warm. Also weird. I haven't been to California for ten or eleven years, when my uncle and aunt got married.

The uncle and family are doing well. Aunt is teaching my cousin chinese (I forgot which dialect...the one that isn't spoken in China), my cousin is still enamored with Andy and takes a while to warm up to me, the uncle has many gadgets with which to play or watch (he's loaning me The Nightmare Before Christmas).

I spent time on the plane catching up on my reading. I finished reading "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" (electroshock treatment and lobotomies should be against the law, and the Big Nurse should be hanged without a trial), the 6th Harry Potter book (had to try the hardest not to cry near the end when Dumblydore dies and his funeral), and started reading "Dave Barry does Japan" for the kajillionth time

I wish I'd brought my trenchy coat with me ;_;

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