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User:kurzhaar (user# 6977)
Location: Michigan, Germany
Bio:I like pants...and sometime cheese with the occasional video game and German band thrown in, not to mention doing artsy things like drawing, taking pictures, and crocheting. Right now I'm studying abroad at University Paderborn in Germany.
Friends:(11) 1010101, bladeoverbullet, deloric, ears, Engel, KTHPKC, kurzhaar, miwako-chan, Shinigami, Sike-a-delic_Grasshopper, ThresherShark
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Interests:(61) anime and manga, attempting to sew, being annoyingly happy, Black Sabbath, blowing bubbles, Blutengel, building fires, camping, candles, Cat Stevens, Combichrist, crocheting, CTRL-ALT-DEL, dancing n3kk1d in the moonlight around the Goldsworth Valley pond for pagan purposes., Das ich, Die Aerzte, Die Apokolyptischen Reiter, Die Prinzen, drawing, dyed hair, E Nomine, Eisbrecher, Feindflug, Flaming Lips, Ganz Schoen Feist, Girls With Slingshots, Hanzel und Gretyl, In Extremo, JBO, L'Ame Immortelle, Lacrimosa, Lezte Instanz, Megadeth, Megaherz, Melotron, movie soundtracks, MSI, Nena, NIN, Oomph!, Orgy, pants, Panzer A. G., Penny Arcade, playing (and losing at) video games, Questionable Content, rainbows, Rammstein, reading books, Rob Zombie (and White Zombie too), Something Positive, staying up late and sleeping in late, Subway to Sally, swimming, Tanzwut, Terminal Choice, VG Cats, web comics, Wolfsheim, Wumpscut, xkcd
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