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:: 2021 20 December :: 11.01 pm
:: Mood: sleepy

Still at the same place. Less progress but better at staying awake now. Less progress means I haven't done anything to make a living. I list some things for sale on Etsy. I only sold 2 items. I need more to get sold and live my dream of becoming an artist from home. I pretend to be an entrepreneur because it makes me feel excited. Gonna have to keep making new drawings everyday

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:: 2020 25 December :: 11.30 pm

Life is short. Gotta focus on what really matters.


:: 2020 22 December :: 1.32 am

Running out of ideas for things to do for fun.


:: 2020 15 December :: 12.16 am

I Like Happy Mail
Things are getting better, overall.

I miss getting happy mail but I can't afford to keep paying for stickers and prints from other countries. In the past, it was exciting to be getting happy mails from Budapest, Canada, Portugal, Uk, New Zealand, etc.

If I ever make an income, I can afford prints and stickers again. My new favorites are memo pads, washi tapes, and planner stickers.


:: 2020 2 December :: 1.34 pm


I'm going to start a YouTube channel in a few days. I need to make my first video in these few days!!


:: 2020 28 November :: 12.43 am

My father is ill, and I'm staying home with him because he was told by a doctor he'd die soon, which I don't know if it's 1-3 months or later. Don't know. I already have plans to get a job if I have to be alone. I don't want him to die. Life is better with him but eventually, I have to be alone. Relatives don't care about me. I've never felt so alone in my life.


:: 2020 21 November :: 6.38 pm

Weight Journey
Since I haven't gotten myself a planner. I'll just write about my weight journey here. I think it's day four of eating one meal. I had half of a Subway sandwich and 50% less sugar vanilla milk tea. That's all I'm having today. I drink 2-3 glasses of water for 3 days now. I'm at 128 pounds. I hope to get to 110 pounds. The lowest weight in my life was 101 pounds. My ultimate goal was always 90 pounds or less. But my first goal is 110 to put less pressure on myself.

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