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:: 2015 10 April :: 11.33 pm

I actually tried to update a few days ago on my android but it won't publish. My legs are tired from standing the whole day. I'm glad I'm finally working and having a life of my own.


:: 2015 9 March :: 11.03 am

I migrated from Facebook to Instagram. I rarely post on Facebook now. There are some people on FB that I want to unfriend, but I usually don't unfriend anyone, so I didn't do it. Something that's been getting on my nerves and I couldn't stop getting annoyed. There's this one guy. He's filipino. This was last year. He told me to add him on Facebook and I did. I told him I looked at his Facebook, and he said I was a stalker. He usually writes in english, but after knowing I read some of his stuff, he doesn't really write in english anymore. He wrote mostly in tagalog. He used the term for a split work schedule as broken schedule, and he looked ashamed when I mentioned it.


:: 2015 24 February :: 4.30 pm

I'm trying to lose weight again, but I just finished eating a bag of lay's cheese chips. Now I feel guilty, but I had not eaten anything else other than fried rice. Just some slim coffee. This is my second time eating chips and probably my last time for this year. I try to avoid eating junk foods, but sometimes that's the only thing I crave for the whole day. I don't like eating full meals anymore. I usually like to eat very small portions along with some fruits.


:: 2015 19 February :: 6.18 pm

Plans for the future
My plans that may or may not happen is moving to go work at Pattaya, which is about 1 hour 22 minutes drive from Rayong. I applied for jobs online, but just waiting for an answer from any one of the hotels to call me. If they don't call me, I might have to apply in person next month or end of this month. My family are okay with me staying home and not doing anything for a long time, but I think it's a waste of time and I don't want to waste my life sitting around doing nothing for another year. I don't know if I will succeed at my next job, but I keep on trying until I find that one place that I could stay. If I stay home, I won't meet new people or make new friends and I definitely will not move forward in life or career.


:: 2015 15 February :: 1.00 pm
:: Mood: blank

Happy Valentine's Day. I've been staying home everyday now. I resigned from that last job at Novotel when I knew I wouldn't pass the probation. It was a boring job. I couldn't really stand it. The shirt they let me wear was tight and uncomfortable and I had to wear that everyday before. I had to stand 8 hours everyday for 6 days a week. It was exhausting. There were barely any guests either. The general manager and executive assistant manager was really rude to me also. Mostly, I had a bad experience so I was glad to be out of that place. I have seen so many nice hotel somewhere else, so this one really feels dated and old.


:: 2014 6 December :: 11.09 am

This year is coming to an end so quick! I'm glad. I feel like an intern working at Novotel. I'm just waiting until I work here for a year and get a work certificate then resign. This work place isn't terrible, but some of my co-workers are a bit hostile towards me or am I just imagining it? Somehow I don't seem to do things right in front of this one guy. He always has something to say. I wish I was somewhere where all of co-workers are more friendly and approachable. The end of this year, I'll be complete with 4 months working at Novotel. Then I would know if I will pass the probation period or not.


:: 2014 1 December :: 5.52 pm

Grandpa's funeral
I attend my grandpa's funeral on Saturday and Sunday. It was a buddhist ceremony, but I'm not buddhist though. Last day was Sunday. Before they put him into the oven, they open up his coffin and my relatives and I saw his corpse. Before they took him out, they put him in the coffin freezer. I touched his dead body and it felt hard and cold. I don't know him as much as my cousins, but he's still my grandpa. Most of the ceremony was a drag and was slow. The weather was hot with no wind or breeze. The house felt different without him. He was 90 years old when he died, which was like 3 days ago. My grandma is pretty old too about 86 years old.

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