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User:ladyremy (user# 10015)
Location: Olympia, Washington, United States
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Bio:I am 17 years old, 5'5" and 125lbs. I have curly light brown hair, several inches below my shoulders, which i straighten every day, and blue eyes. I am a cheerleader for football and basketball, and I love freak dancing. I used to race quads (or atv's, depending on where you live), but dodn't have the chance anymore to after I broke my wrist in a freak crash about two years ago. I have about a 3.9 GPA and enjoy school. I am a senior now! yay! only one year left! I'm looking forward to college and being out on my own. I am currently dating a 17 year old guy named Luis. he's a real sweetheart! I love him with all my heart! I think that's pretty much all I have to say about myself.
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Interests:(10) hanging with my friends, being with my man., cheerleading, cuddling, kissing, motocross, running, sand dunes, talking on the phone, tanning
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