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:: 2005 20 June :: 8.25 pm
:: Mood: contemplative
:: Music: barber concerto in (D minor? i dont know) for violin

my brother can make a mean banana split, i think that makes up for
the fact that hes a pansy

how to summarize my week? well it was pretty strange, so i wanted to write about it, and then i got bogged down because of a violin concert and my econ class started today. i also wanted to write angrily about my brother because of an incident during a card game.

now almost all of my steam's blow off so im not gonna go into too much detail. 2 problems. when i play a card game with him i cant win, because i either lose, or start getting ahead of him and then he gets pissy and leaves. the second problem is that my dad, who is usually a part of the card game, inevitably sides with him and tries to make me feel like a really evil person who should go to hell. by being an older sibling, most people at least get the benefit of being able to kick ass during card games, but not me. to make a long story shorter, i teach b and d how to play, b doesnt like to listen and does some stupid shit that obviously puts him at a disadvantage, the first round he starts falling behind he decides he doesnt want to play, d realizes the importance of not raising a pissy brat with no character and tells him to stay, we start game over and b again puts himself at a disadvantage, b decides because he is not winning he cant play and starts to storm off, i tell him he is a sore loser, d forgets the importance of not raising a pissy brat with no character and completely coddles him, b leaves, d gives me "well now look what youve done, i hope your happy that youre such a bad person".

4 days later b makes me an ice cream sundae. hmm... that might get him a temporary pardon.

ok now to briefly mention some of the strangeness of last week, one morning i wake up at 5:50 with the noise of a very loud helicopter passing by, i then procede to stare out at the slightly pink sky, think of tuscany and get italysick, then after watching several airplanes going by wonder "is the air always this busy before sunrise?". 2 hours later my mom wakes me up, tells me people are searching for a would-be-convict who escaped and she is going to lock me in the house with bronte while shes out, i sleep for a few hours and start thinking if the convict broke into the house anywhere but the kitchen, bronte wouldnt be able to protect me from him very well. so i let her outside.

another day im eating at the town center with tara and i notice some very upright (i mean, she walked like a cypress, if you can visualize that) lady in high heels with predictable louis bag walked by a few times staring at me all the while. 50s i think, wearing nice makeup, etc. creepy, because of the staring. then tara informed me discreetly that she had sat down at a table behind my back, facing us, and was continuing to stare. then tara whispered that the lady was muttering under her breath, without breaking her stare at me/us. odd, because most crazy ladies dont walk around with stillettos and thousand-dollar bags. minutes later i laugh and feel something come out of my nose. im glad tara is turned away because i know shes not a fan of my insanitary antics and gross stories, and probably wouldnt enjoy having to see something shoot out of my nose. then i realize, oh shit, my nose is bleeding. i walk by some teenagers who stare at me like "woah..." and terrify the man in the "wraps" place enough for him to give me a stack of napkins. well after several minutes of trying to avoid the inevitable, i DO lie down on the public bathroom floor because the flow is just not slowing down and since when have i been a sanitary person? i sorta got a kick out of the women bringing their kids to the bathroom with them and stepping over the sprawled-out-on-the-floor-covered-in-blood-character (plus i was wearing sunglasses so she probably couldnt tell if my eyes were open) while her kids lagged behind to stare at me. she probably thought i was some weird homeless lady who'd lost most of the cartilage in her nose through years of snorting crack. with a nice jacket, from a 30% off storewide sale at guess. then i took my jacket off, prefering to get the bathroom dirt on the cheap shirt that didnt fit me very well that i had already dropped blood on. i pulled away my first batch of napkins with a thick gooey clot of blood on it and set it down on the floor to entertain the spectators. i should add, too, that at this moment tara was doing exactly what i would have wanted her to do- guarding my quesadilla (and purse).

when the excitement of looking like a victim from an intense battle began to fade away, and i remembered again how unpleasant blood pouring down your throat for more than 5 minutes feels, i realized i might not be able to win this battle alone, as brave as i (thought i) looked. i took off my sunglasses to seem less like a homeless crackhead and someone brought me some water. that did make my throat feel bettER, but there was a lot more blood left to be swallowed. it is also difficult to get the water to go in your mouth 100% of the time when you are lying on the ground, so i gradually created a puddle of public-bathroom-sludge around me and on the back of my shirt. when tara came in and saw my condition (not the blood, but where i was lying) i saw by the look on her face she was thinking about how much bacteria i was acquiring and she asked if i could get up. "no, that is definitely the worst thing i could do right now... do you think im gonna start worrying about germs NOW?"

after more than 10 minutes of this shit, my throat hurt like hell, i felt like i was suffocating, and the swamp i was lying in was making me cold. no longer interested in being a hero, my inner pansy kicked in and i cried a little. but once the whole disgusting ordeal was over, and i stood up and tossed my blood-clotted napkins into the trash that were bothering tara, she remarked on how the blood all over me reminded her of kill bill. and then i was again interested in looking like a hero and considered leaving at least the streak of blood down my arm... it was pretty cool, after all

well i returned to my quesadilla which had probably already been spat on by kids and shat on by bugs but (i spared you this part of the story earlier) was REALLY expensive, and only threw out the guacamole because it had blood in it. i also left my mark on the pavement next to the table, which was awesome. but back to the creepy staring lady. there are only 2 possible explanations to my spontaneous major nosebleed. a. she was a witch, and b. she was a voodoo lady. take your pick.

now i still need to say just a leetle about my econ class, but im afraid if i write anymore, my computer is going to explode. so ill save that for later.

p.s. although there are 3 people in the world who care and none of them will ever see this journal, my violin concert went pretty damn well, thank you

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:: 2005 14 June :: 11.26 pm
:: Mood: angry
:: Music: none OH MAH GAWD! cuz im listenin to loveline

a clump of stuff i wanted to say before
"wash out malibu, i move in, buy some cheap property, yaknowmsayin?" -a.c.

i know how much adam corolla loves public safety announcements that go out on the radio and tv, so ever since my mtv crap/stuff at the end of the nba finals game i was watching were interrupted by a tsunami warning i couldnt wait to hear him talk about it on loveline. and he just did- for about 20 seconds. well anyway, the whole ordeal made my day more interesting so i liked it, and until i looked crescent city up on mapquest and realized it was 340 miles away from us i was actually a bit worried (about people on the coast. hehe).

oh yeah and i enjoyed the "disaster" the day before even more. the night before i really needed to take a shower (i had worked out long before) but was still so lazy i put it off to the next day, and its just my luck that i wake up at 10:30 desperate to clean myself and our house had no water. but i was all alone so it was sort of a survival test, which was awesome. so i called the mmwd and said "im wondering why my house doesnt have water" and the guy instantly asked "you live on skyland?". "yes". "we're looking at that right now."

i figured out which resources i could use. we're part of a nearby "club" that is a compromise for our house not having a pool, but i really dont appreciate a bunch of noisy little kids splashing around and staring at me in my bathing suit, so i dont use it often. next to the pool there is a single bathroom, complete with shower. i also had a license, several cars to choose from, and soon packed up a bag with my bathing suit and all my daily grooming stuff. so i planned to leave, and then remembered my boycott of the exploder. this started the SECOND time a spider came down slowly from the ceiling next to me while i was driving (but the first time it was much smaller and didnt bother me). i had to use the 7 series, which i hadnt used before, and because its actually worth something to my dad i would for the first time be nervous about crashing. well then my mom drove home and she said i could take her car (NICE SOUND SYSTEM even though i feel disgusting). i went by the PO and picked up my packages- watches and an italian flag from overstock- and then found no lifeguard or people at all in the pool area at the club so i jumped into the pool, took a long shower, and went home where we then had SOME water. hung the italian flag on the side of the house and tried on the watches. basically i got to do everything i wanted/needed to do because i was able to drive. now i just need to get the exploder cleaned out... possibly fumagated...

P.S. the arrested development party was awesome thanks to everyone who came ESPECIALLY if you brought food, everything worked out way better than i expected and now 3 more people might be watching the new season? it was super fun and needs to be done again, maybe winter break?

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:: 2005 9 June :: 11.21 pm
:: Mood: happier than ive been in... 4 years?
:: Music: omarion and PHARRELL-touch

+ i love my ford exploder

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:: 2005 31 May :: 4.42 pm
:: Mood: sleepy
:: Music: candy shop is stuck in my head INVOLUNTARILY

local crime
ok lemme tell ya bout friday.

aids meals: driving to our clients house, waiting at a red light, im turned around talking to the back seat and hear screeEEEChh*thud* and look and theres 2 pickups stopped, a mercedes trunk area and maybe back seat is smashed up! not sure what happened... no one was hurt tho so dont think im morbid when i say it was the most hilarious noise ive ever heard.
then on the way back from the clients house, i see an idiot driving towards us- slack-jawed, zitfaced, blank-stare, overconfident, ugly, young, loser- and just looking at him i get this feeling of "oh god he shouldnt be driving" and hes driving a little jeep thats been all specialed up with a sport package or something it just looked slightly different. he just looked like he thought he was doing something really cool, and he also probably thought we were amazed by his hotness. again, i just got a bad vibe like he was on drugs or didnt have a license or was a 14 year old taking his brothers car for a spin... and im not sure i am remembering correctly but it seems like he ran through a stop sign without slowing at ALL and that could have been the thing that gave me a vibe. i guess it seemed like he just didnt react to things, like a dog with something over its head running into a wall (yes hahahaha exactly). so as he goes by our car he smacks right into the school-zone-crosswalk sign which is in between his lane and ours, probably way faster than he should have been going, and the fact that he knocked down this sign is proof of how bad a turn it was and how close he came to us (its the last one by ross school before sir francis drake). and i just got so angry... i wanted to go after him and slap him upside the head and yell in his face and maybe kick him too. the logical thing of course, would have been to write down his license plate... call the police and told them to get that muthafucka off the road (something like that).

anyway, what is way more important is that my cell phone was stolen. fortunately i never left the house during the 3 day weekend (finals :) ) so i knew exactly where i left it. in st. johns church, where aids meals cooks the meals, cept we werent cooking this week and we were sorta lazing around then left in a hurry... well anyway my cell phone was not in my backpack when i left. so today once i get home i think "ok its somewhere around this house and i think its on" so i call it. im a little bit surprised when a lady who barely speaks english picks up... she says its marta's (some name like that) phone and martas away right now. so i apologize and think ok some weird thing with the phone line happened this isnt actually my number that i just called. i call back and ask her a little more and get a little more bs and then tell my mom whats going on and try to think. so the third time i call im like "uh this is definitely ####### and thats my number" and she says "uhwhat numba is your lookeen fo?" and while i repeat it she hangs up. great.

my dad was in a horrible mood when i told him what happened, muttering "$1000 worth of phone calls..." as he went upstairs. he then called verizon and had them cancel the phone "subscription" or whatever. unfortunately they, unlike ATT did last time i couldnt find my phone, do not tell you where the last phone call from it was made. so this bitch is just gonna delete all the numbers and pictures from my phone and sell it, ok, but i at least could have gotten a little revenge. i could have sent them pictures of my dogs shit with my brothers camera phone, something like that, and sent messages like "GOOD JOB YOU STOLE A PHONE FROM A CHURCH! SEE YOU IN HELL!" and now i dont have the chance. or since they are probably stupid, i could have called back more and messed with their mind, maybe figured out this "friend" of theirs last name or something like that.

well anyways, just another instance in which sweet revenge will not be had. like the valet parker in LA who takes peoples credit cards out of their car, takes their girlfriend to dinner at a nice taqueria and quickly tosses the card (happened to my mom). this is the only reason id ever want to get involved in law enforcement. stupid fuckers getting away with shit...

oh right my point was if u think you are important enough (lol) that i would want your cell phone number, holla back with it. and i apologize that i just used the word holla.

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:: 2005 26 May :: 8.36 pm
:: Mood: crushed
:: Music: rhcp- pretty little ditty (well i listened to it once and its like 2 minutes of instrumentals)

POATEW = my new favorite uhhhthingy that stands for things
im not gonna deny it. im a horrible sport. and if i set myself up to wanting to be social rep, and start thinking about how awesome it would be the next year to make sure all the stuff i want to happen happens, im gonna become obsessed with that idea. and if i have to wait 2 and a half weeks, im just about gonna die of nervousness. and then when i find out its a close loss, i just really suck at handling that. so right now i dont see anything good in sight for me. what do i have to look forward to, i cant even take the classes i want next year.

well it was exciting finding out that the hook in butterfly (remember that song in middleschool) was from the red hot chili peppers... that is after all the origin of all things good. not really. well that gave me a rush for like 3 minutes but im all out of good things to think about.

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:: 2005 25 May :: 6.02 pm
:: Mood: sleepy
:: Music: my brothers lousy piano... he practices 5 minutes once every week about

today, first time EVER, i left school DEFINITELY early. cristina and i had c free and it was so hot outside that we went to jamba juice halfway thru c block. and i was like "ok i better not see any branson personnel..." and we didnt but we did see scott murphy who said he would snitch on us but was obviously joking. and i forgot for the 1000th time to ask the jj people if i could NOT have my smoothie in a styrofoam cup... i cant stand how theyre all "yay nature, natural food is good for you" and then oh yeah we put everything in styrofoam, we really dont care about the environment although its slightly useful for growing fruit.

im really worried im actually gonna have an in-class final for english, and even more worried that it involves a movie i dont know anything about. gosford park. i watched it when it first came out but it didnt rub off on me at all, plus it was a while ago. so then the first day of watching it in class i was trying to understand what was going on and read the subtitles (since its hard to hear what everyones saying) and my eyes were busted. yes, it was an opalthalmic migraine. so i was going blind and getting a horrible headache and being in incredible pain and couldnt really see/understand what was going on. well the second day my eyes were working so it was ok... but then the 3rd day i went home early and missed it because of another migraine! yeah and i feel like a pussy going home because of migraines but theres really no point at being at school when i cant read and im in pain just trying to look at people.

ok i just checked my email and road runner sports for some reason is constantly sending me offers and news and stuff, after i ordered 2 sports bras from them like more than a year ago? but the last junk they sent me was titled "for serious runners only!" so i deleted it instantly lol.

ohmygawsh its the very beginning of the beginning of nectarine season. my mom got me some crappy ones from united :\ but soon ill have the real deal! from the farmers market! yippee yippe yum yum.




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:: 2005 22 May :: 11.42 am
:: Mood: groggy
:: Music: audioslave- be yourself

so prom was pretty fun... yea at first when we got on i was like what this is the only room for dancing and the the ceiling is sooo low and i got claustrophobic but then i realized there was another floor, and then i realized there was another floor, and then i think one after that. i never really succeeded in making a mental map of it or remembering how to get to places. but it was very fun. im also very glad i brought lizzie. she and tara and i werent invited to anyone elses shiznit so i decided "whateva, we can eat at a REAL italian restaurant in a REAL italian district with REAL ITALIAN WAITERS... biatch". unfortunately the restaurant i reserved (on grant ave!) was pretty secluded it seemed like it was in an alley honestly even tho other parts of grant are a big deal. the food was good tho, and the waiters were so nice (of course) and they got us a cab. my tragedy of the night was realizing like 10 min after we left taras house that one of my earrings had fallen out somewhere around her house so i had no earrings for prom :( i lived tho and had a lot of fun. theres probably a lot more i could say... yeah later tho

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:: 2005 18 May :: 11.29 am
:: Mood: crushed
:: Music: none

i officially hate my mom
i should be going to my 3-person math class right now, but i needed to come home. this has happened to me 3 times before where my eyes wont focus and they really really hurt and i cant read at all. so in english we had a movie with subtitles on because it was hard to hear it and it was dark and i just couldnt read the subtitles at all and unfortunately my eyes kept trying to focus on them and it hurt sooo much. so then i go up to the library after class and call my mom and ask her to pick me up (and i was using my cell phone and chris didnt yell at me but then jani ross did which made me more upset).

so i got some food from the cafeteria and my mom picked me up. we had driven about 20 yards before she started picking on me about how i was missing school (1 class) and how i told her last night i would write the thesis to my essay and i didnt because i was wasting so much time trying to plan prom stuff and that i shouldnt get my hair done or a manicure or anything and that she didnt even want me to go. btw i should mention that last night on the 30th hour of yelling at me about my essay i explained the problem to my dad and he "negotiated" with my mom and i ended up playing russian roulette since i have nothing to lose. the deal WAS she will back off and let me do my work and if i dont get an A on the english essay she will cancel my drivers test and "ground me for the rest of the year". well if i didnt have someone screaming at me constantly i might be able to write the essay well, so i accepted this.

but the fact is she cant keep her teeth out of me for a single day, so here we go again. she woke me up at 7 this morning to remind me for the 278th time that my gpa isnt high enough and i need to write my essay etc etc etc. the more she yaps at me the less i want to do work though, it gets me in a horrible mood and then i waste time fucking around on the computer trying to find something to cheer me up.

so as i said she continues to yell at me... and now complains "so youre wasting our money by not going to school and were gonna take you to a $150 eye appointment *GRRRRR*". how fair is that, i come home crying with a splitting headache and am now just barely able to read and she instantly starts attacking me. its hard to imagine how this could get worse, but if i had gone to dare night it somehow would have.

id probably be chopped up into little pieces in a garbage bag... well except violence isnt really her thing

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:: 2005 17 May :: 7.25 pm
:: Mood: anxious
:: Music: godfather soundtrack- a song you dont know

quick complaint
i dont have time to complain about everything going on in my life this week and specifically today, becuase i have work to get done so i can start an essay eventually. but for your entertainment (if you dont just think this is really cool), here is one of the most disgusting things ive seen this year. this (*)made me almost puke all over my laptop but i turned my head away because i realized what a bitch cleaning the keyboard might be.

on the bright side i think ive decided i can stick with my prom dress. despite what it does to my hips in the back (in reality what my hips do to it). and i think tara and i are gonna eat in north beach if we can like reserve a cab maybe to give us a 10 minute lift to pier 33. i know other people are all meeting together and having fun and stuff but if theyre not gonna invite us then fine, we'll have hotter waiters.

and im not gonna tell this long complicated story but i basically am trying to see if my friend can come if the baseball team ends up not going hence more spots on the boat, and i sent doc an email this morning and (as he often does) 4 minutes later he read it and did not respond. so i just resent him the email. i figure i can keep this up every few hours until he at least responds with "STOP SENDING ME THAT I ALREADY READ IT". i know hes got other things to worry about right now but i need SOME sort of response.

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:: 2005 10 May :: 6.43 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: mexican hat dance its my happy song

NO MORE APS!!! THIS CALLS FOR SOME CELEBRATION- math homework, italian essay, and english reading, and then maybe a fiesta on my own with some agua and musica and gallinas if my mom is in a buen humor. scratch that gallinas means chickens... so maybe spanish is not my thing. (and by the way im so obsessed with arrested development i got confused spelling "maybe"). oh ok GALLETAS. yep

i cant count on that, but i am going to listen to some ranchero music while i do this math. paz fuera.

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:: 2005 7 May :: 8.36 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: the glazonow symphonie we have to play in orchestra

my mom turns on me again
2 aps down, 2 to go.

the whole prom rsvping thing is like the last thing i need right now. i dont have time to go out hunting for random guys to come with me (seriously i was planning on that in north beach but i still dont have my license and it is too far away). so basically im just not going to think about prom until the last possible moment. why put effort into something thats gonna suck (for me). ill deal with it later.

oh and yeah im not going to get my license on day-on-the-green because my mom decided i need another driving lesson! oh boy, that will keep me from not seeing makeshift-stopsigns and getting nervous after my test is delayed 15 minutes because she took the registration out of the car! so now she thinks im a horrible driver after she used to tell me im a good driver because of what happened during the driving tests. both of those mistakes were caused by me being freaked out about external things, in the second instance things that were her fault, and dont really demonstrate my ability at all. i hadnt practiced parking along a curb for 2 weeks (and that was what got me), in fact i barely drove at all cuz i was so busy, i was thinking about aps, then i get their and my dad and i have to spend 10 minutes looking for the registration and realize its not in the car and having to deal with that, then getting shit because theres no license plate on the front of the car, then getting more shit because the parking brake wasnt on (my dad told me there was no point in using it on flat ground), and basically after all those things im so freaked out i cant think. thats not the usual scenario for me. i probably should have just not taken it but i thought whats the worst that could happen if i fuck up. well now i know, my mom thinks im gonna kill people the moment i get on the road.

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:: 2005 5 May :: 6.29 pm
:: Mood: see song below
:: Music: rhcp- under the bridge

i never worry... now that is a lie
i havent done anything fun outside of school for probably a month.
i havent done anything well in the past week (s).
i actually havent done anything right either.
i looked and felt like shit today.
i did not get my license today.
i am not smiling enough, according to my mom.
i am not joining the family dinner right now.
i am not going to do well on the us history ap tomorrow.
i will probably not be able to write anything for the essays on the ap.
i am not going to have fun at prom.
i am going to die alone... plus cats

so as you can see i am in a wonderful mood and am really enjoying my life. basically if i didnt have to cram for the ap tomorrow i would be watching shows about people that died... if cold case was on, and it isnt. i love how my mom gets mad at me for not being happy, as if im simply neglecting to tell myself "i am happy!" and grinning and showing off my delightful crooked teeth. she tells me "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade." well the fact is i dont have any fucking lemons so what do you expect me to do. i know most people get themselves going by telling themselves that something good is about to happen like theyre going to get into a good college, or by reminding themselves of the good things that have happened to them, or for just saying "hey god has a plan for me and im gonna be alright". well from 2nd grade on shit was heading downward so that by the time i hit 8th grade i dont even know how i survived. after that i figured well things cant get worse than that and im owed some good stuff. and things arent that bad but every day when i talk to people i realize "gee good things DO happen to people" and it seems like everyones got something to hang on to to make their life seem worthwhile. i have...um... a stanford sweatshirt which just reminds me that i need to keep working my ass off when i feel miserable. (not the easiest thing.)

i cant help feeling like im owed a little bit of happiness...

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:: 2005 16 April :: 10.21 am
:: Mood: blah
:: Music: un altro ballo!

my week
so i got like 6 history readings to make up (the ones before them im just gonna forget about) and i started them on thursday but didnt really get any done and then yesterday i did like 1 so i gotta do them all today if i want to go to japan town tomorrow. which i do.

but in my pathetic procrastinating mood i set yahoo.it as my homepage and tried to find italian online shoe stores (and i found 1 good one). i just get so sad since now when i go shopping i see all the stuff i wanted to buy in italy this summer and didnt have time, but the knock offs arent as good or theyre just way more. i did get a skirt at gap thats exactly like something i saw in naples, but way more expensive, and i keep thinking about the leather sandals with sequin starfish on them that i saw in capri. and then i get sad and miss italy so much.

anyways, now whenever i sign into my email it says "ciao" and all the news on my home page is italian, so i can just pretend i live in italy and what berlusconi is doing is relevent to me. its also a good source for pictures of their soccer players (i just dont have time to research that now) and theres advertisements for launch in italian and all the top music videos. i decided to watch a milanese boy band one, and its about dancing. theyre in some nice mansion with lots of hoes, except one guy with gross facial hair (but nice eyes) is outside under a tree wearing a jesus t-shirt singing while a girl wearing all denim is grinding on him. the dancing hoes seem less fake than in most BET videos, which surprises me considering the intense trashiness of italian magazines. apparently they are capable of thinking because one girl gets jealous of another one whos advancing on a guy and pushes her away. then she tells the guy off and he gets sad and goes outside to mope.

oh man a flying car just arrived... its steaming and a guy in a radioactivity suit gets out and goes into the mansion. he consults with the guys on something and runs off, meanwhile a girl goes to take care of the moping guy outside and make him feel better. oh i see now where radioactive man from the future went, hes following a girl and jumps into an indoor swimming pool after her. meanwhile the guys steal his flying car. and that concludes this wonderful italian boy band video.

ok i thought i was done but i had to watch another video, and u should see it too... "che idea" by flaminio maphia and its fucking crazy. i will translate some of the italian so u know what theyre saying.

"Max, cosa fara mai quello strano tipo?"
Max, what does that strange guy ever do?
"Perbacco, andiamoglielo a chiedere!"
By jove, lets go ask him.

"Ma tu di corpo vai regolare?"

umm no clue

"Amico mio, hai mai pensato di fare un figlio?"
my friend, have you ever thought of having a child?

"Mi fai male, non ho piu il testosterone di una volta"
you hurt me, i dont have the testosterone i used to
"Ma... sara il buco dell'ozono"
it must be the hole in the ozone layer

"balla" (guy on bicycle says repeatedly)

"I capisaldi: le donne, i soldi"
(i dunno capisaldi but saldi means payments): the women, the money
"e i polipi arriciati"
and curled polyps (i dont really know...)

"Va bene, ci siamo visti"
ok, weve seen ourselves/each other(?)
"Io non ti vedo, ti percepisco"
I dont see you, I perceive you


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:: 2005 2 April :: 12.02 pm
:: Mood: distressed
:: Music: from the musical

woke up at 10:30, went outside cuz my dad wanted to talk to me about the car, came back inside and my mom came home seeing me spending my 15th minute shopping online. SHOOT ME. so she started going into a rant about how i really am the worst student ever, i am so lazy, i would never do my homework on my own, and so much bullshit that i couldnt even refute it. i mean theres no point in discussing things that are so far from the truth. does anyone want to trade parents with me so mine would see how i am completely normal? yeah i know, not a very good offer. then she says "you know when you sign up for the musical that means you spend less time having fun, not less time working". well i dont see how i could spend less time having fun, i didnt watch any tv this week and was barely online, then once i got to the weekend i figured i could spend half an hour shopping. honestly some of the clothes i wear are 2 or 3 years old, and in the past 3 months i bought maybe one shirt. and i probably watch one hour of tv on an average week. and i stay out late 1 or 2 times in a whole MONTH.

well hopefully that cheered some of you up by comparison. i sorta wanted to bring up my easter before, and then i didnt have time, and now i dont have time but now since my mom pissed me off this much i figure its fair to spend some more time. so last week, i spent friday trying to tan, all saturday playing violin, and sunday spending time with relatives. i drove down to my moms parents house first, in atherton. the ride was good, i drove excellently (btw in 2 weeks i might get my license) but i learned that there is something worse than my parents driving and bickering at each other, and that is me driving while my parents bicker at each other AND me. (and a few days ago my mom yelled at me that she hoped i failed my test). so at my grandmas house its all a bunch of little kids, and some aunts and uncles. the adults decided to put all the easter eggs out in plain sight and then wait 2+ hours to have the hunt (great plan for 8 hungry kids.) and i realized a moral dilemna that i had never thought about before while i was inside the pool house around the white couches. of course niether my bragging uncle nor his loves-having-kids wife were watching their ugly 1.5 yr old, and he was wobbling around cracking open easter eggs and dropping the candy on the couches. see i would have done something, but i didnt exactly feel like being their child-care-bitch so i sorta just walked away. yeah i know, im not such a good person, but honestly if you want to have 4 kids TAKE FUCKING CARE OF THEM.

after a while i gave up asking to have the easter egg hunt already, so finally i ask my mom when are we gonna leave. "oh, twenty minutes". great planning. "do you think we should deal with the candy now?" "yeah, go ahead." so after 10 minutes of scrambling for candy it starts raining (it was sunny for 2 hours before this) and we go inside and start emptying out the plastic eggs. and my dad tells me we need to go. "ok, you want me to just leave a pile of plastic eggs and candy and candywrappers in their house?" "uh, yeah."

so on to the next house. mostly good kids, of course theres that one 5 year old who is so screwed up im afraid to ask whats wrong with him. he will do anything for attention, including grabbing guys where he shouldnt and waving a knife around the kitchen.

and uh, i really just dont have time to finish everything. i guess youll never know hear about my random dreams (from this source).

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:: 2005 29 March :: 11.10 pm
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ok THURSDAY NIGHT i WILL update my journal. i really do have stuff i want to talk (write) about, i just... have homework.

so you can get excited, and so i wont forgot what i want to say, these are some topics:

*easter with relatives
*my dads interpretation of music
*ross school traffic
*brother dies
*small dog
*Bronte meets me in city (thats my dog fyi)
*virus fun: "your website cost me $350 to fix it"

uh so now ure confused and u can just wait!

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