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User:leonardiddy (user# 7638)
Location: Liguria, insanity, Italy
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Bio:i was born and raised until the age of 2 in a slum in Los Angeles, where i frolicked on the beach and determinedly wore my swimsuit backwards. then i moved into a leased house in san anselmo that we shared with a man with a mustache that yelled at my parents because my brother would pee on the ceiling during diaper-changings. i learned to rely on my imagination for entertainment while my dad worked and my mom took care of my brother, and became easily amused, spending time playing with the dirt in the backyard. when my dad was home, after rain, we would go walk up the street and i would save worms from puddles and crawl around in a thicket of blackberry bushes, the Tolgee Woods, that had consumed a neighbor's fence. when we moved to my present home in Ross, my brother was old enough to walk around in our vast, treacherously sloped backyard. we played a game once with the small boulders left over by construction workers and our plastic castle. my brother stood in the top of the castle, while i grabbed rocks and handed them to him. either he had a lose grip or evil intentions, and i ended up with a gash right under my nose after being hit by a particularly large and sharp rock. my father's famous line was "dont worry, it will stop bleeding", perhaps one he had learned in medical school, but fortunately my mother had the sense to take me to a more specialized physician. i ended up getting stitches, not my first either; when i had just learned to walk i ran my head into a chair. after this memory is a big, mostly empty space, in which i began activities that would hopefully turn me into a star. i tried gymnastics but being a large, clumsy child who could not do cartwheels was not to my advantage. i took ballet, where again, i was confronted with the issue of being a large, clumsy child who could not do cartwheels. by the age of six, however, i was excited by the prospect of playing violin and began taking lessons. after a few years i came into the realization that practicing was an excruciatingly boring form of hell, but never gave up entirely. once i reached preschool, i learned how to make friends with people my age (mostly), and do such important activities as painting with my fingers, organizing construction projects with blocks and sand, playing house with plastic vegetables, and gluing dried pasta to pieces of paper. on one particularly enjoyable occasion i remember being read to from the book "we pass gass", and leverybody laughing a lot. then i had to go to real school. and a bunch of excruciatingly painful years later, i am the one and only Austin Danger Leonardini. THE REST IS BORING... BUT ILL ADD SOME MORE LATER.
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