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:: 2008 9 January :: 4.30 pm
:: Music: superstar -- lupe fiasco.

i'm having a crisis in my head.



:: 2007 30 December :: 8.15 pm

the best decision i ever made was not waiting for you.



:: 2007 25 December :: 7.49 pm

christmas as a jew.
so much work.
and i can't stay awake for fucking shit lately.

except for last night. which ironically, was the one time i wanted to sleep really badly.

i want back to england, ahora!



:: 2007 15 December :: 9.46 am
:: Music: gold lion -- yeah yeah yeahs.

everything just came to a screeching stop -- and i realized that i have existed for the past 3 months. and all that i've done. and how far away i've been.

and how afraid i am to go back and get comfortable.
but how fucking happy i am to see mom, dad, and my little ezekiel.

oh god this is a weird feeling.

love, lex.

ps. i think this is the first time in at least 5 years that i can't find a song to pinpoint exactly how i'm feeling right now... i'm trying, and failing miserably.


:: 2007 11 December :: 2.32 pm
:: Mood: sad

aside from my family and my dog, what have i really got to go home to?
i don't want to leave.
there's nothing left for me in nj.


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