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:: 2005 6 February :: 11.33 am
:: Mood: sick

el weekend
friday was nataliaz birthday was fun..natalia looked so0 n van just talked....n yeah...saturday i this time..i felt so0 sick.sore throat..stuffy nose..u kno da deal lol..n 2day i feel worse..ugh.n im drinkin galllons of water so i can get better.n ive just been peein every 3 i mussst get better b4 saturday..its the bigg day lol..but yeah.i hav no just doin laundry..yay....well imma go..happy superbowl

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:: 2005 31 January :: 2.00 pm
:: Mood: pissed off

i wunnnna cryyyy !!
so0 im in 2nd hr..n yadda yadda..i happen to look at my coach purse..n i see this burn mark on da side of an actual hole..n burnt.n brown..n omg i wanted to cry..i spent alot of money on dat damn fuken purse.n itz ruinnned..n i like spent all of 2nd hr text'n eric..n cryin to him..he made me feel better..but im still so0 madd.. =( sighh..wen eric gets home were guna try to go to coach n have dem fix it or sumthin idk.. =/ but yeah.den i went to art..n i just was gay..mattlin wud not stop fukin hittin me.n i was not in da mo0d.i already have a bruise from i take my pant brush n painted his whole arm..n he tried to rub it on my white pants..ugh.w/e lol den i went to english..n me n yeli just talked..den i went to lunch..n brian started callin me a potsmoker..cuz of my i love timmy hez so0 funny..hez like my bestest frend..i walk outside.n him n matt are just pointin at me.n im like uhhh lol sumthin to say..n tims matt.on a scale from 1 to wud u rate melissa..n im like..o0h god..n der like oh yeah definitly a negative 2..i was like..yeah i kno..n der like no no i mean her body..i was like .ahh stop lol..n der like..i guess a 8.9...i was like wow 8.9 eh..n tims like..well ur like the sweetest person i that automatically gives u a since ur goin out with eric..thats like negative i was like ok..if i wasnt.n hez like if u werent..prolly a 11.6..i was like hmm interesting..n den we were talkin about how we hate da this kid is so0 funny..den i went to math..she changed every1's seat..but i still sit next to yeli !!! no1 can separate jess sits so0 far.n same with my mom came n picked me up..n shes like..o0 while i was waitin der..dustin came up to me.n started to point at me..n my mom was like uhh..n dustins like..i knoooooo u....your melissa's mom..n she started pointin at him.n goes..o0..and ur dustin! lol..oddd..but yeah..sigh im still upset..well imma go ..byeeez

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:: 2005 30 January :: 1.54 pm
:: Mood: cold
:: Music: the darkness - i believe in a thing called love

cant explain all the feelings that ur makin me hearts in overdrive.n ur behind the steering wheel..touching u...touching meee..touching u..goddd ur touching mee..i believe in a thing called love..just listen to the rhythm of my heart..theres a chance we cud make it now..we'll be rockin till the sun goes down..i believe in a thing called love...i wunna kiss u every minute.every hour..every got me in a spin.but everythin is a.ok

ahh i love that song..newhoooz..this weekend was very eventful..u could say..[ friday ] me n eric drove all around went to jamba juice..o0o0h yeahh..its so0 orgasmic lol..yeah idk..we just drove around lol... [ saturday ] cleaned..made 20 ready n went to that weddin i didnt wuna go to..idk it was fun cuz i saw my lil paige'y ..awww shes so0o cuteeeee..n adam..ah it was worth it..i mean we had fun.i didnt get home till like 1 ..den today [ sunday ] i woke up late...did da laundry.finished my hw..yo my whole family abodanded me..der still not home..oh wellz..i like the peace..but imma go..n do stuff..peaceeeeee out !!!

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:: 2005 26 January :: 9.04 pm
:: Mood: loved

ahh my baby is so0 cuteeee!!!
so0o my mom picks me up 2dai..n shes like..o0 derz a surprise for ur ro0m..n im like..surprise? u bought me sumthing..uh is it a new dog or n shes like no.n im like den wha..n shes like u'll see.so0 i get home..i go to my ro0m.n on the dresser was a dozen yellow roses..i was like omg...n i read the lil card that was on it..n it was like... '' just because its wednesday love eric '' i was like.awwwwww !!!!!! =D ( even tho he jacked that idea from juwunna man ) lol it was still so0o cute..n made me so0 babys so0o adorable i love him..n im gettin everything ready for that biggg valentine / half year anni weekend lol..but um 2dai at skoo was go0od..but i dun feel like talkin about eyes hurt i am so0oo0 sore from workin out..ow..but um i think imma bounce..peace cuh x0ox0

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:: 2005 21 January :: 4.26 pm
:: Mood: energetic
:: Music: pretti rickie - grind on me

2dai was so0 much fun..skoo was an absoult hr..talked with van..n timmay..muy fun..den went to chem..did a lab..omg i love alex micheal fonte..he is da potsmoker i kno lol..n we were talkin..n crackinnn up so0 hard..den i went to 5th..den me yeli n tim skipped went to lunch..den walked around da skoo..so0 fun..found mattlin n fonte...den lunch came..n mattlin bit my arm..omg it hurt so0 badd..den i went to it was ok..den i was walkin cinthia to her bus..wen i hear...melissssssa arguellooo is the biggest of my lifeeee...i was like ? lol..yea it was i was what? n he like gave me the longest hug ever..hez like i love u soo like are u high? n hez like no..buttt this weeekend..wooo yea..were so0 guna get crunkk...u to0..rite rite...u haveeee to come with me..n im like only if u can get cinthia to come..n hez like.ok cinthiaaa..wuna toke..n shes like uhhh? yea.n he started crackin up..omg he was soo off his was hilarious..i absoultly love that kid...den eric picked me up..n we were chillin outside my house..n we had another crazy silly momentos..i locked him out of his car agen..n im like crackin up..den ah he broke in.i didnt kno da back door was i was like.o0 look ur wallet..n i got out of da car..n threw his wallet far away.n he ran after it.n i locked him out agen..all da doors was so0 idk wut im doin 2nite.eric wants to party..hmm idk..we'll see..but im guna go n eat sumthin..byeez x0ox

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:: 2005 20 January :: 7.55 pm
:: Mood: full
:: Music: luda - blueberry yum yum

funnnn dayy
lets see..skoo was was fun..cant complain...eric picked me up..den we spent 4ever in da front of my driveway..talking..mostly..all about club times..god it was embaressin..he wanted to know everythin that went down in da told him..idk we were just crackin up..den we finally decided to go inside..n me monique n eric were baby is so0o funny..n i took off his hat.n he was sayin he had bad was all bad.n he didnt want me to take off his hat.. ( okaaay u cudnt even tell it was ''messed up'' but to him he hated t) so i rannn to my ro0m..n grabbed a comb..n started combin his like u have officially embaressed me 2dai..ive never felt so embaressed..u'll prolly do it i was sooooo hyperrr..den he had to go get gas..n hez like eh ill brb..i dun wuna go over der we get outside.n i was sayin bye n alla that junk..den idk..i got even more hyper..n like skipped over to da van..n infront of my window..n i was like we were spyin on monique in my ro0m.n she saw us...n den we were like just playin around n n eric started playin i wud fall bak.n i i jumped on ericz have a piggyback ride.n we almost fell..hah..n mo's in da window crackin up at me..n we were vogue' mo came out..n we were all like runnin around da was soo like a reunion of our childhood'ness..i miss playin outside..n climbin trees..den were like playin hand clap i was like ok u gota me n monique joined arms..n marched into da house..cuz we left in a rude way..den we quietly tipped toe'd bak..n he was like tip toe'in to find it was so0 funn..den were like ok were we pretended we were goin inside..n he was like ''followin us'' so wut do i do..i see that he left his car door open...i effin dashed to his car..n locked him out..den he was like what..n mo dashed from da other side..n got into his car..n we totally locked him out..lmao..i was like on da floor it was so0 funny.n hez here tryin to open it.cuz he did have his den he was like ahhh so0 he eventually broke hez like o0o0o yeah ur so guna get it now..n im like..bring it onnnn!!!!! so he tried to pull me out of his car..n like tickle me at da same time.n i cant stand i like freak out.n slap he went foward or w/e n we head butted have a hugeeee lumppppp on my he like got into da car with all of us..but in da back..n were like w/e..n were like goin thru his wallet.n stuff..n den me n mo were like o0 wutz in here..n u see a whole bunch of gum wrappers .n a calculator..n a lil box of mints..n im like o0o0o!!!!! these are my fav..n he starts to flip out..n hez like dun open it..n of course.that makes u wuna do it had to fite it for had a bunch of condoms in it..hahahaha..omg i was dyin..i was like least ur plannin to be safe with hez like..yeah..once agen..u've embaressed it was so0 funny..den yadda yadda.he left mo here..full..n i got lotz of hw to do lol..lataaaaaaaaa homiez x0o

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:: 2005 19 January :: 9.49 am
:: Mood: blah
:: Music: usher - caught up

well im not at skoo..cuz i had no ride.n my parents were like..dont go to im like ok...cuz eric cudnt take me..den 20 minz later..hez like i can take u..den zac n yeli were like we'll take u..n i got all these invites..but nieh..skoo or stay home? yeah lol but im just here chillen..just had breakfast..scrammbled eggs with cheese n hotdogs with i fukennnn hate dumb effin sluts..wowow goddd..i cant stand herrrrrrr...i told eric wut she sed..he got all madd..n hez like..ok shes pissssin me guna go online.n just go..u kno what ur so0o fucking dumb.did u knoooooo didnt tho..but umm..newho..v-day is commin is a buncha stuff..what to get eric? hmmm i have an idea..but i wuna get him that for da year anni..n ill sooo kill him if he gets it b4 da skoo or w/e i gota go to hialeah..with monique her mom..n get sum shoes for moniques maybe lol... =[ it suksz how eric doesnt have his cell..i hardly get to talk to saddens me..he better fix it so0n..well i gotz nutten to say.ima just lie in my ro0m..n watch television...bye love you's

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:: 2005 15 January :: 12.32 pm
:: Mood: full
:: Music: monica - for u i will

i love my baby
so0o on thrusday is was me n ericz 5 months anni...he gave me this cute love card..n he made this lil heart booklet..that sed...5 reasons why im the luckiest guy in the world to be with a girl like u...n yeah it was so0o cutee...den we went to get sum icecream..den came bak to my house n just watched tv..den last nite..we went out to da beach..n just walked along da beach..n hung was great.i love him..sigh..newho..2dai i went out to breakfast with da family.n we rented napoleon dinomite imma watch it agen so0n...n 2dai.idk if i can go fasha is bein a lil a-hole bout me goin out..but 2morro i wunnnnna go to paladium..we'll see.n monday..beach? maybe?...hmm idk..iight imma go.lovee u'z

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:: 2005 12 January :: 9.23 pm
:: Mood: exhausted
:: Music: nb ridaz - wishin

havent updated in awhile
so0 yeahh skoos back..umm all my classes are the same cept law i have pysch 2..n omg i loveee that class..everyyyyyy1 is in my one n only lover van =] ah itz the 1st class 2getha since freshman year..ive been so0 deprived lol..n my timmmmmy is in der..ahh lol n zac n courtneee n steph..itz so0o str8..we've been watchin donny darko in class..umm..other den that yea..2dai in b4 da break..we had to write sumthin about every1 in the class that was kno..adam that sits up front..write hez nice u kno...n u didnt have to put ur name..newho...we got a paper back..with all the things that ur classmate rote about u..n think about u..all on a piece of paper...mine went sumthing like this..... *cute,funny,kind,sense of humor, really nice, fun, co0ol, nice smile, nice hair, go0d frend, very nice, nicest person in the world ( that was from fonte lol ) , she is a go0d frend, nice personality, pretty smile, nice frend and veryy pretty, interesting and smart, quiet but helps wen u need it ( ? ) , quiet and kind, funny, she is smart, nice personality, funny, go0d lab partner, hard workin, n co0ol personality * yupp thats wut ppl think about me lol...n yeah...o0h i am so0o0o0o glad that kaila is havin a great time in OH..what a relief for ummm o0h yeah 2morro is a very special day..itz vannnn's bday!!!! and itz me n erics 5 months anniversary =D so0o happy ahhh lol..but um i g2g..n wash my face n u byee

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:: 2005 8 January :: 10.27 am
:: Mood: blah

*yawnn* go0d mornin
man im still so tired.n i slept a go0d 10 guna die wen skoo starts...well last nite was alot of eric n kailaa..went to muvico..n saw white noise..ahhh lol it was so0ooo0o0 it def made up for the past non-scary movies that ive was def creepy..n surprising we got tix n seats really fast n easy..mayb itz cuz we saw a 7:30 movie..hmm idk..den after da movies my baby got me taco bell..cuz i was seriously guna die..if i didnt eat sumthin lol..but yeah..2day..idk omar wanted to go to da beach ( i didnt ) but i think he just went to da pool without me..oh well..i dun care..even tho i need a tan.i wuna loose weight b4 i get into a bathin suit...god im tired..iight imma go..byeeeeez x0ox

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:: 2005 6 January :: 4.34 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: gemini - crazy for u

yadda yadda yadda
newho..umm..2dai was a whatever day..woke up late..ate breakfast/lunch..took off my nails..which took exactly 3 hourz..godd..but at least der off i feel better..ill prolly get em done at da end of da month..cuz i have this wedding to go to..umm..lets see yesterday was a go0d n eric went job searchin..we went to sports authority [him] den tj max [him] booksamillion [him] then party city [meee] lol..den we had cici's pizza.yummmmmm...oh man..i havent had that in ages..i was stuffed...n i love my baby..he is so0 hottt..i love him so0o0o much <33...he workz 2dai..blah..o0h im like gettin over my cold i feel 89% better..which is im eatin tostitos with salsa..mmm..2morro is friday..i duno wut imma do..n =[ so0n skoo will start...umm monique's quince is so0n..well in june..but still lol..i heard her dress is so0o0 pretty.n dress she got for me for the court is pretty to0..itz lavender..ive never had nethin lavender..o0h well..ders a 1st time for everything..wOw i have to pee agen..iight imma go lol..byeeeez x0xo0ox

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:: 2005 3 January :: 4.11 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: nb ridaz ; pretty girl

can i run away with u.i wuna get lost in love baby
wussssup..nuthin much..i feel like im gettin sick..not a go0d thing..umm last nite was str8..i saw da fockers with my baby..but yo ppl sell out like was suppose to be us ricki amir n ericz frend dale..every1 sold out..but w/e it was all go0d..da movie is so0o funny..n ummm..i dunno wut else to say im bored..ahhhhh..umm eric is out playin ball..n im here listenin to nb ridaz..funnnnnnnn...yeahh..ok i think imma go lol..byeeez x0ox

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:: 2005 1 January :: 12.49 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: africando- yay boy

happy new year !!!!
2004 is was a really great year..half of this year was so0 great cuz i started talkin/goin out with eric..n i cudnt ask for a better bf then him.hehe..i met alot of new frendz..hung out with all my frenz.goin out havin a go0d ol time..learned that ppl are so0 gay..but its all ok lol..n i just hope 2005 is guna be even better!

but yeah my new years was greaaat! lol the party here was a success..eric met da family..n every1 was koo..thank i looked so0 hott that nite lol..god how i love that shirt i bought lol..we all watched family guy..den we all played poker..hehe..i only won one biggg hand the whole nite lol..but it was still fun..but yeah it was a really great nite.n yo we got left overs like a yeah imma go..byeeeeez x0ox

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:: 2004 30 December :: 10.06 am
:: Mood: thirsty
:: Music: luda - number one spot

christmas is over, but new years is here =]
lemme see these past days have been go0d on da 28th tuesday it was my dadddyz birthday...hez 46/47 nobody really knoz his actual age but w/e n we were goin to da cheesecake factory..n der was a 3 hr wait..n den we were on a search for a restuant..n every place was like a 2 hour wait.n were like yo itz a effin tuesday we finally ended up at this italian resturant by the beach called amante's..really go0d food..we've been der b4..n dey sang happy bday to my fasha.hehe it was fun..n earlier that day i went to sawgrass with mo omar n my dad..i got the prettiest new years shirt.ahh i cant wait to wear it lol..n i got 2 belts..den n eric went to da boyton mall..n my baby bought me 2 sandels pink n light pink ones..der so0o i felt bad.i hate wen ppl buy me stuff u kno..but he like wut was i guna do lol..n hez like yeah netime u want.just ask me.ill get u w/e..n im like baby..i wud take that back if i were but w/e den i bought a hot pink purse.n these hot black sandels from AE..den we left der around 6ish.n we were starved..n we saw a steak n shake..we were like o0hhh i got cheese fries with a very very strawberry shake..omg it was to die for lol..den i came home..den quickly went out agen with my madre to get stuff for our big new year bash..our house is guna b so0o pimp..ahh..but yeah.n 2day i spent all mornin takin down da xmas tree..n lata 2nite imma go get my nails done..yayay.well imma go jam out to sum jams..peacee x0ox


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:: 2004 25 December :: 6.36 pm
:: Mood: cheerful

merrrrrry christmas !!!!!
ahhh itz finally christmas..yo this xmas was so0 greaaaat..i thot i wasnt guna get nething..since that camera was like my life u kno lol..but i got...3 really pretty bracelets..curb ur enthusiasm series 1 dvd, 50$, a hat rack ( even tho i hav like wha 2 hats lol ) the boardgame clue..simpson version..hell yeahh lol..n den we went to breakfast.den eric came over so we cud exchange our gifts..hehe he loveed wha i got so0 happy/relived....n eric got me..theeeee cutest pink sandels..omg..i love em..a white kangol ( those kinda golfer hats ) ahhh i wanted one so0 baddd lol..hehe..n those faith hope love bands the pink one.cuz i wanted one so0 bad too lol..den he gave me the prettiest necklace n earrings..der silver.with like pink stones or w/e..omg i love him..hehe my baby has go0d taste..n yo it was so0 awkard.cuz.while were openin mom is like o0 ricardas outside she wants to say hi to u..i was like..but i was like eric.u stay by me the whole time..god it was so0 awkard..w/e lol..den my grandma came over..n yeahhh she finally met my grandma gav me a really pretty red sweater..with these really pretty platinum settin ruby earrings n the other gold ruby necklace.n matchin earrings..pluss a $100 gift certificate to sawgrass..SHOPPING TIME !!! hehe..newho..den me n eric tried watchin dodgeball.but tha dvd in da livin ro0m is bein all gay.n goes we decided to play poker..i was winnin at 1st.but eric won..goddamnit lol..n yeah it was really great.i love my baby..i love christmas =] n umm now im guna go to my aunts house to meet her bfs whole entire family from not quite..but w/e..derz guna b a bbq der..thatz da only reason im goin.but yeah i shud go now..loveeeee u byeeeez

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:: 2004 23 December :: 10.17 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic

yo how pimpppp was 2nite
ahh i just got bak from da west boca vs boca high game..oh my was i thot i wasnt goin newhere 2nite..den my lover van callz me up..n invites i went..n der were so0o many pplz der.n yo there was this superrrr hot ass kid amanda jenn n van were like eyein him da whole nite lol.but yo da game was craziiiiii..n who won..hell fuken yeahhh we mattlin was goin insane he like lost his voice..i almost lost mine..den u hav like dustin pushin pplz like me..ehm..bitch lol omg it was fun..dennn we were outside waitin for justin to come out..n ewwww we got hit by the sprinklers lol n der was guna b a rumble out der..hmm den i saw erics cuzin jj..umm den we were all guna go to taco bell..but i had no money..but justin dropped me was so0 much fun..i love van..shez so0 funny..o0h n my ricki called me..tellin me she was guna see da fockers =/ dammmmnit i wanted to gooo lol..n ahh she talked to fonte...'s dad lol..hey at least she tried lol..but yeah..imma go..n watch whos line is it newayssz..loveeeee youuuuu mwaz*

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:: 2004 23 December :: 12.45 pm
:: Mood: sigh
:: Music: puddle of mudd - she fuken hates me

sigh.. im bored.eric ditched me to go to da mall w. amir..n den he'll b workin till midnite..w/e ..sigh..but i wunna go see da fockers 2nite..but my day was go0d 2daii..every1 exchanged gifts..cinthia got me da cutest xoxo red purse.i love it.n i neeeeded a red purse like crazii...n den yeli gave me this cute white shirt from delias..n really cute spankie undies from victoria secret pink..loveeee it..hehe..n da other day.kaila came by with her gift..dodgeball on dvddddd.. hehe..n a cute picture in a frame of us from homecommin..lotion n candy..so0 cutee..spanksz kaila..n my exams were easy twas a go0d day..2morroz xmas eve..we gota go to miami..for our xmas party..n gettin gifts..den saturday is christmassss =D lets hope i get go0d gifts..sigh..alrighty den imma go do nutten sumwhere else. x0ox

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:: 2004 11 December :: 10.39 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: luda- get back

weekend so0 far
so0 lets see...umm friday..well afterskoo eric picked me up.den he just chilled at my house till 7..n me him n monique were playin this disney trivial uh.. he left..n my parents went out for der we just stay'd home..doin nadaz.den 2dai..saturday..umm woke up at 9..den took a shower..went out for breakfast..den we went to coral square..i bought presents for pplz n sum stuff for me..o0 i had an embaressin momento goin to da we went to a couple of stores after that..den i got home.so0 tired.n my mom is like..LeTs gO get our naiLs dOnE !!!! i was like..hmm kk!! we went to walmart n got em done der..dey came out pretty go0d..den i rushed home.n got ready to go out with eric..for our 4 months anniversary (even tho itz on monday.we wanted to kinda celebrate it 2nite ) we went to wings was go0od.ate alot..den were just drivin like the target plaza.n i see sum guy in a purple shirt..n i was like..o0 shit thats da 1st time we just drove by him.but i made eric stopp..n reverse it bak to i yell..fonteeeee..n hez like wtf whoz that..den he realized it was me.n was like..o0h man i saw that car bak up.i was like wtf..who backs up like that he was all deck out for team man i love that we drove around..yadda yadda.n now im back hard to type with nails..iight but imma go n wash my face n stuff..byeeeez x0ox

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:: 2004 5 December :: 7.23 pm
:: Mood: exhausted
:: Music: mi burrito sabanero =]

wow im so0o tirrrrred weekend was go0od...friday..was sams surprise was fun.hehe.i love surpriseee parties..i had fun..but fjisdfujos i was about to kill my parents that nite..dey were bein so0 made come home at gay is that.but i hadd funn =]....den saturday..umm early in da mornin i had to go to church.n do this lil mothers day out dun ask..from 8 till 1..i was so0 exhausted..i came home n took a nap..n i was suppose to go to da mall..but my mom made me go to miami with her..n i didnt wuna go alone..n natalia wudnt answer her fone..n eric..was givin me shit bout it too..i was so0 pissed off..but eric like gave in..after like 20 minz of me not speakin to so he tagged along with me n da fam..n we went to mindyz house.n den westland was home around 12'ish...den 2dai.sunday..just been doin hw.n cleanin..n still not done.but eff guna go take a long shower.n str8en my hair..which i shud do now..iight lol byeeeeeez x0ox

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:: 2004 30 November :: 5.23 pm
:: Mood: hmmm

to gym..or not to gym..that is the question
hmm..i duno if i shud work out...i want to really bad.but now my mom is offerin to take me to buy me stuff..hmm..but i really was dedikated to my workin out this week..hmm we'll see lol..newho..2dai was a go0d day..1st hr.just went over our cases.n dustin was bein really nice to me..not like all fjisofhs to me lol..that was weird..den 3rd took a was easssy..den went to was gay.we did nutten but talk..den i went to lunch..which i alwayz hav fun in.den 7th..n it was just another episode of gayness lol..den i came was with me.we had a go0d talk about was fun err..guess who called me so0 random on his mo0ds or w/e.2day is nice.2morro he'll prolly b an ass to me.but w/e lol..fonte sed i looked sexy with my new hair cut..hehehe..hmm i need to talk to eric..need to ask him sum questions..hmm...i cant wait till the weekend..o0h n i cant wait till christmass..ahh lol iight imma go now byeeeeeez x0ox

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:: 2004 27 November :: 5.30 pm
:: Mood: sleepy

ok lets take this back a bit

wednesday - umm didnt get to hang with natalia..monique was here..n we were singin christmas songs..n elementary songs.hehe it was so0 much fun..den at nite..eric came over..n just chilled here

thrusday - turkeyy day!!! woo did i eat seriously looked like i was damn..n ive been havin thanksgivin leftovers like non stop here lol

friday - woke up early..den went to da sawgrass..cinthia cudnt come..she actually did go.but came wen we were leavin.so0..but was just me mo dad n omar..i got the cutesssst hat..that sez my name on it..with spray paint u kno..w/e lol..itz so0 cute..n i got a pink belt.n a xmas gift for eric..n thatz was so0 packed was unbelievable..but we survived..den nite time rollz around..n it was suppose to be me ricki eric n don carters to play pool..but ricki canceled on it was just me eric n amir.den leon n pretam showed was funn..i didnt beat eric tho..but i did beat amir..lolden wen were leavin.ricki callz me..n tellz me..shez on her way der..i was like..omg i hate i didnt get to see her..oh wellz..another time

saturday - did nothing..just chilled..i just woke up from a but thatz really it..imma go..n watch ever after now..byeeeez x0ox

o0h by the wayy..i cut my hairrrrrrrrrr !!!! =D itz so0o super short..but so0 super cute..i lovee it so0 much hehe

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:: 2004 23 November :: 11.26 pm
:: Mood: geeky
:: Music: mario-let me love u

no0o skoo 2morro
yayay..startin my vay-cay a lil early..2day was fun..umm i dunno what i did in skoo..den after skoo..i went to dat key club coldstone was funn..we cudnt scoop tho =[ but i saw kailaa der..ah lol..n all my vannn..n merve was der..n yeli..ahh lol..n most of all sexayyyy mr i was with cinthia n steph..we went around beggin for money..den eric showed up a lil later..n he helped me get more money.den got an icecream.den natalia came for a lil..den she left..den we left afterwords..n were drivin out of missionbay..n we see da car..goin da other we like speed chase runnin over we finally caught up with him..n we were talkin..den we drove around for a bit.den went bak to my house..n me n eric just chilled here..n he just left 5 minz ago..so0 yeah it was a funn nite..n guna hang wid natalia durin da day.yay..den at nite..congas...den thrusday turkeyyyyyyyyy dayy =D cant wait..friday..hell effin yeah im hittin up da mall.cuz of da after thankgivin n cinthia are def goin to sawgrass..den at nite..eric wants to go poolin..but he wants to go wid sum of his i mite say..u str8..i need my beauty sleep..den saturday..i really really wuna go to da broward county fair.but we'll see..depends on how go0d of a mo0d my dad is in..n if he loves yeah thatz my vay-cay outline'll see wut really goes im out loveeee youuuuu x0oxo

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:: 2004 20 November :: 7.32 pm
:: Mood: exhausted
:: Music: lovers and friends

cuz cleaning out my closet...
lets see recap of da was so0o much fun..well ericz parents went out of town we were just guna chill der..n i told my mom i was guna see another "movie" n this time they actually trusted me to go in da car wid eric..but ericz parents were still we went to sum random publix ive never seen b4 lol.cuz i didnt wuna run into ne1..that knew my parents u we went in to get coke..n i walk in.n i see nelsonnnn..omg i havent seen him in 4ever..hez a cashier..n we were talkin..i missed that we got our coke went bak to nelsons line lol..den all of a sudden i hear..MELISSSSA..i was like was stephanie buckk..i was like ahh! lol..omg i miss her so much too lol..damn so that was all fun..den we went bak to da car.eric was gettin mad at me.cuz i kept sayin how i wud do ludacris..what? itz da we went bak to his house..n den da drinks started made a coke..with captain morgan red rum shit..n den added sum tangerine was sum go0d made me such a effin large glass too..i got real messed so much fun such a drunk..n we didnt hav just had fun to 2dai...saturday.ive been cleanin out my closet all mornin..i took out that big ass treasure chest of a drawer i had in my i cud hav more closet space..ive been doin that since 12..till so0o0 tirred..but my closet is so0 much better now..n ah u just hav to see umm i finallllly got to talk to my ricki..i missed that gurl so0o0o much..she went to da pitbull concert too..every1 went cept me =[ lol oh wellz..but yeah imma leave u off with a short piece of me n rickis convo lol..x0ox

ricki: ahah aww
ricki: i wanan come visit u at school one day.. like spend a day there..
me: omgg that wud b so0 awesomee..can u do that tho
ricki: i doubt it
ricki i would if i could tho
ricki: print myself out a fake schedule
ricki: fake name..
ricki: be like hi im michelle rodriguez..
ricki: i just floated over from cuba
me: lmaoo

hahaha god shes so funny lol

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:: 2004 18 November :: 9.32 pm
:: Mood: sore
:: Music: 1,2 step

here chillennnn wid eric
ay0o wutz go0od....ummm 2dai was a go0d day..skoo was went by fast and alla that crap..den eric picked me up..den ummmm i just chilled around da house..den i got into a fight with was a pretend fight felt bad tho =[ lol but things are all gravey now..dennn umm we went to da gym..had fun workin out.yeah im so0o0o guna b sore 2morro itz nah guna b funny..n now im jusz here..chillen..readin sum bolt scopes..umm..2morro is friday wo0t wo0t..but i kinda dun wuna go to skoo..but i have to..but friday nite shud b guna chill at ericz house..his parents are goin out of town for da u kno what that just guna chill..shud b fun.but yeah im guna go.ericz starin at me typin..itz makin me im guna go.byeeeeeeez x0ox

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:: 2004 14 November :: 6.20 pm
:: Mood: loved
:: Music: boys2men - on bended knees

go0d ass weekend
friday _ ummm..da whole day i was feelin so crappy..i had major bi'polarness..i didnt hang out wid van.but i went to mattlin's party wasnt a party it was like a n eric went..i drank a a lil tipsy.hehe.brian got waisteddd wow..we had to drive him home early

saturday _ it was me n eric's 3 months anniversary..so0 u kno how he was plannin a big thing.n i didnt kno nething about it.yeah yeah..kk..so0o..nite time..we told my parents we were guna go see ray..n since my parents dun trust me.n they think i wont make it to da movies ( wow der one smart parents ) my mom took me to muvico..n i met up wid eric.after she left..we drivin..n im like babe where are u takinnn me..n hez like u'll see..so0 im like hmm u after awhile i see were headed towards the yeahh..den we parked da car..but den hez like...iight..stay da car..ill be bak..n im like lol kk...hmm lol...den 5 minz lata..he comez bak..n hez like alright lets were walkin..den he took me to this spot..n hez like ok..just look at da ocean..n ill b bak agen..dun turn around i was like another 5 minz lata..he comez bak..n hez like..alrite..close ur eyes..dun open dem..n follow hez leadin me sumwhere..n i was so0o scared..cuz i hate walkin like blindfolded u kno lol..den we stop ..n he turnz me around..n hez like wen i say open ur eyes..u can turn around..i was like okayz...den all of a sudden i hear..our song..spend my life with u come on..n hez like iight open..n i turnt around..n he had a picnic table der.with a red table cloth over it..3 candles ( for 3 months ) a picture frame of us from homecommin...n chinesse fo0d ( cuz ive been cravin it for like everrr lol ) n my favorite soda..root beer..i was like =D i loveeee u..u are to0o0o cuteee is that..i was just like wowow lol den we had chinesse fo0d under da was really romantic..n my gift to him was a card..n i made a lil envelope in da a pouch..on da card i our 3 months anniversary..i wunna give u my heart..n in da pouch..was my necklace that had a gold heart pendant..he was like wow..this is so amazin.ive never gottin nething like this ever..awww

sunday _ did nothing at all..bored..cold.yeah...aww brian is so0o cute.he just IMed me sayin..if u took 11 roses and stood in front of a mirror ud see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world..aww..i love this kid..well imma go now peaceeee

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:: 2004 13 November :: 2.28 pm
:: Mood: geeky

veryyyyy bored...dave chappelle sesame skit
i turn on sesame street.n i said oh woo sesame street this is much better..cuz now i can learn how to count n spell..but now im watchin it now as an adult..n i realize that sesame street teaches kids other teaches kids how to judge ppl.n label ppl..thatz rite..they hav a character on der named oscar..they treat this guy like shit..the entire show..they judge him right in his face..oscar u are soo mean..isnt he kids..yeah oscar..ur a grouch..its like..bitch i live in a fuken trash da poorest muthafuker on sesame street..nobodyz helpin me..n u wonder why ur kids roll up n stepp over homeless ppl..get it 2getha grouch..get a job dun even tell me how to get to sesame street..that is a terrible place.i wudnt go der.if i knew da way..who wud wuna live in a neighborhood like that..fuken 6 foot pigeons walkin a elephant thats a junkie..hi bert...yeah thats rite...snuffie..hi sick ..i neeed sum smack bert..n cookie monster with his eyes poppin out of his head..screamin..cookie cookie cookie..its like er what kind of cookies u talkin bout..chocolate chips over der..den they had da nerve to put a pimp on der..dey didnt come out n say he was a pimp..but i kno a pimp wen i see one..they called him da count.he had a cape n everything.u can see him pimpin...bitch where is my money.u've been late 4 times..ive been many times must i smack u.b4 u act right.....1, 2 ....two smacks..ahahah

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:: 2004 12 November :: 3.49 pm
:: Mood: exhausted
:: Music: mi todo

im so0o0o tirred.neways..wussup..lets see..umm..i miss chris so0 much..i wuna see him = was alrite..ummm..2nite..derz this party..mattlins party.i wuna go to it so0 bad..but im guna go to vanz house to hav sum wings lol..but mayb we'll drop over der for awhile..but yeah..n den 2morro is me n ericz 3 months anniversary =] <33 n hez like plannin this whole biggg thing..n he spent all day thrusday n 2day gettin ready for it.. lol..ahh i wuna kno bad.the suspense is killin me..he told me to tell my parents were guna see ray itz like 3 hourz hez guna take me sumwhere i wuna kno..but yeah..ill fill u in..about 2nite n 2morro....2morro..or sunday or sumthin lol..yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..idk..things wid me n amir are str8 agen.thatz always go0d..well imma go n take a nap and or yah x0ox

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:: 2004 6 November :: 5.27 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: ciara - 1,2 step

pink starbursts are the best
newho..umm..let me see yesterday..friday was a go0d day..omg me n yelitza were such didnt wuna go to 5th we went to lunch A..den wen da bell rang we hid in da der were these annoyin skippin too in der..crackin up..sayin..omg were skippin hahaha..dey were about to get us caughted..n me yeli n this gurl were like shut the fuckk up lol..den we heard sum administrators commin.n derz only 3 stalls in da this gurl took da big one..n me n yeli went into da small one..haha..n yelitza was like standin on top of da toliet seat.n im sittin on it..lmao..omg we wanted to crack up sooo bad was one of those situations that if sum1 saw us..dey'd b like wtf lol den umm friday nite went to da moviez wid mr eric saw grudge..so0 scary..i screamed..n now im just parentz wudnt let me go out with van to stir crazy =[ fukerz.. but next week..were guna hav a sleeeeep over..n were guna order wings plus love my hero...den yeah im just guna stay in 2nite.mayb my parentz will let eric come we can watch casino..or sumthin..n goin to parrot jungleee..wo0t wo0t lol..iight well ima go.peaceeee x0ox

herez a piece of a convo wid me n my hero

me : what.alaska?
van : yeah
van : lol
van : its like..nebraska
van : who has ever heard of nebraska
van : lol
van : is that a city??
van : or a store
me : hahaha..4real
me : itz like the biggest news that happened der..was 2 cows got tipped over
van : hahahahaha
me : my dad wantz to move to montana
me: i was ppl even live der
van : my dad wanted to move to NEW MEXICO
van : wtf?
van : montana?
me : new mexico?
van : is that a state also?
me : hahah..yeah
van : what do ppl do for fun there
me: is der mexicans in new mexico
van : tip cows?
me : yeahhhhh
van : i duno?
me : they do lol
van : omg i would kill myself lol
me : n ppl up der like dun wear makeup
me : if i went b like the village slut..cuz i wore eyeliner
van : hahahaha
van : thats so great
van : ur my fukin role model
me : hahhaha..ur my heroo..no1 can top u

lol..n i am now melissa tia arguello to van lol..whata dork lol x0ox

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:: 2004 1 November :: 8.25 am
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: songs from annie

last nite was 1st costume was guna b a nudist on strike..i made da sign..den i was like ah but i kinda wuna dress i found this 1960's gogo outfit..n i had that on for awhile..den i was like..umm..den i was lookin at agen.n i found this french maid i was like imma b this..den like 20 minz like no i dun wuna be my final n last outfit was a put on my jerz..sum white shorts..high socks..n my nba bakpak lol..every door we knocked on..was like awww u look so0oo0o cute..i was put white..white white paint all over his face.lips.eyes..den wore black sunglasses..n this hugeee was ''micheal jackson'' lol every house that we went to..was like crackin up..laughin der ass off at my bf lol it was funny..n we were all u better watch out..this is MJ n one lil kid was like dun worry im wearing a cup right now lol..we tricked or treated in palmetto pines 1st...den we walked to our ho0d...tricked n treated der..den we went to boca springs..den home was fun..i got alot of candyy...n my mom sed i didnt hav to go to skoo 2day..cuz omarz not goin..cuz itz senior skip i was like screw im just chillin...but imma go now x0o

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:: 2004 31 October :: 4.41 pm
:: Mood: melancholy
:: Music: avant - makin go0d love

homecommmmin 'o4
ahhh last nite was so0 muchhh love dancing..i still think SR's was better..but eh w/e was all celebrity carpet n all was me eric kailaa cinthia..n alexis sylvanna melissa..yelitzaa merve..ah lol..even tho eric was ditchin me alot of his was all go0d lol..n the babaloo bad boy was n cinthia went up to him..n we were like..ok u gota play salsaa merengue..okay lol..n hez like ah mami's u kno0 it..hez like imma keep it fresh wid alla cubannn u kno..i was like ahh meee like..4real!!! awesomee..ill only play if u guyz promise to dance sexy..loln lata on in da nite me n kaila got a pic wid him..he told me to email it to guna lol..n yeah lol it was funn..hehe...n 2nite goin trick or treatinnnnn cant wait.i g2g make my costume actually b4 it getz peaceee xox

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