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:: 2005 23 May :: 12.57 pm
:: Mood: melancholy

Thankgod for MP3 players
Hmmm. Krystal, my sibling of seventeen years. Was very annoyed at my mother this morning. You see my mother was meant to wake up at approximatley eight o'clock in the morning and take my even younger sibling to school. Thus Krystal pranked her from my mobile phone to see if she was awake, it got to nine thirty and my mother still was not calling back. So we walked down here and arrived at find my mother sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette and drinking tea looking strangely comftorable.

See now this wouldn't have annoyed krystal if only krystal hadn't promised dad that she would stay down here with mum and gemma to make sure gemma was okay. So now krystal fears that my father shall blame her for Gemma missing school. But see this is not to be Krystal's fault as last night she was meant to go to work then go to mum and dad's. However, her "bosses" turned around, half an hour late, messaged her and said "Oh, sorry, we dont need you now" Which fucked krystals ability to get down here. So yes, dad may now have a psychotic fit at krystal for her leaving gemma down here. To make it worse, mother was drunk last night. (As if thats a change from any other night)

Anyhow, on to lighter topics. The candle thing I had intended to do? It went off really well. The room's say it bluntly, Unbelievably beautiful....I mean they show candles on movies right? Where the room's lit up? Trust me, its so far from what it actually looks like, you just cant take in the grace of it until you see it in person. Well she loved it....and the love letter I had written her upon the desk. Though in my complete nervous state I completely forgot to turn on the music *cries* Ah well, apart from that it went...really really well. It was a beautiful moment. I loved it, Ive never done something like that before.

Ive started artwork also. Fantasy/Dark fantasy/Science fiction. I figure its the fastest way I'll get my stories out. So Im going to practice and practice and practice and hopefully get really good to the point where I can at least do the concept art for my own stories and games and then take them to a producer.

Also, I dont know if Ive said this before, but I want to start learning guitar, Lauren has offered me hers to practice with. Anyhow....I'll leave it here. Take care all.

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:: 2005 20 May :: 4.41 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Nightwish-Chest of wonders

6 month
$1,531,236 American dollars, thats how much Im worth on human for sale. *laughs* I got it off a friends friends journal. Did you know Australian thats 3, 002, 537 dollars? *laughs* Hmmm just got a message from my SAC supervisor...she's worried that I havent been in. Ive been really stressed over it and have had a pretty bad week so I just...yeah....Haven't been in. Gah. I MUST go in on Monday, I have to, or Im going to be kicked out of the course. I need to catch up in all my subjects. Gah. This weekend. Catch up, definitley.

Me and Lauren recently had our 6 month, who would have thought hmm? We actually made it to half a year...christ if we make it to a year Im going to shit my pants. lol. As it is if I become her longest relationship Im going to throw a god damn party, if she becomes mine an even bigger one. Only thirteen days till I'm hers. *laughs* Scary that I know that huh? Its only an approximation though, she said 6 and a half months. Hmmm and Justine was at 8 months. Anyhow....I hope to give Lauren her surprise tommorow, I intend to fill my entire room with approximatley 70 candles (jesus their going to be a bitch to light and blow out) *laughs*

Anyhow....wish me luck with all these things.
Take care all.

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:: 2005 7 May :: 4.51 pm
:: Mood: excited

Cream your pants goodness
I have given into to the technological revolution of music, and purchased myself an MP3 player. Seventy one songs so far, fourty pictures of my friends, five stories, and space for 50-60 more songs. Dear god its cream your pants goodness for sure.
*Jumps around*
Well if you think Im going to sit here when I can go play with my new toy (Also has FM radio and voice recorder, not to mention lyrical display) You are sadly mistaken :-P Tee hee. Take care my dears.

I also went to see Sahara, wasnt that bad, Good acting, ok action.

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:: 2005 3 May :: 9.35 am
:: Mood: celebratory
:: Music: Some weird play school song

Birthing day
So...its my birthday today. Its gotta be a first that Im actually in the mood for it hmm? My father bought me a scratchie (I won 5 bucks! Of which I shall buy another scratchie with and put away 2 lol) but the rest of my "present" is to come on Friday....I wonder what it could be...and thats not sarcasm either....its either money or hopefully JTHM!! Either would be fan freakin tastic. Anyhow, Im off to celebrate with a bacon and egg mc muffin and a round of mini golf, hoorah!

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:: 2005 1 May :: 10.50 am
:: Mood: predatory
:: Music: REM

Scary bitches that climb well wall's in freaky positions
Ring 2, had three best parts: Scary bitch Samara (the dead girl the story kind of revolves around) climing up the side of a well like a fucking spider, I swear, bodies are not meant to bend that way.

Secondly, the whole bath tub scene where water is falling up to the roof and its in droplets and spirals everywhere. (Amazing graphics guys, round of applause)

Thirdly, Crispy M & M's and the company of loz. Naw just kidding, though they would easily be first *chuckles* Aedin's performance, the kid actually acted this time ties with the scary bitch antelope that completely messed up that ladies car.

So yes, I did go see Ring 2. Yes it was pretty good. It had its ups and downs and it was a little jumpy (Jump around not scary (However Loz did nearly shit herself at the start) but all in all pretty good. Crispy M & M's are now my favourite M and M, and theatre coke isn't actually all that bad.

Also, I stopped being into playstation a while ago, about 2 years. After that only played it occasionally, never thought I was a fan of war games either, but recently found a game called Conflict: Desert Storm. Which is really well designed over all and Play boy: Mansion which is hilarious in terms of what you can do (Taking topless photos for cover shoots and centre folds and asking stars, celebrities, published play mates and porn stars for interviews and essays) But it just got me back into the mind set that I really....really want to design and sell games.

I also showed my ideas for my business to Lauren, she said the location around here isnt good enough for good business, which Im sure is true in some locations...but on a MAIN highway just out of sale...we cant do that badly...Im still very interested in this and how it will turn out....

Anyhow, Im off before my computer decides to have a hissy fit, throw a tantrum and delete all this info. Take care all. And ChaosDecrepit (Im sure I spelt that wrong) You need to send me your story, you WERE online but you went to bed :-P.

Take care all.

P.S Off of Ring 2: Aedin (pronounced Ay-e-din), Samara and Evelyn are cool names....also Gideon is a cool name. Afternoon all.

*Update* Just looked at the date and its my birthday in two days. Yay for me. :-)

**SECOND UPDATE** Sorry guys, lol just remembered a moment last night in the movie theatre, I had my hand on Loz's wrist and my hand was around my neck sort of propping my head up...and I could feel my pulse and her's at the same time...You know where this is going....They were beating at the EXACT same time...same rythym and timing and everything...I just sat there going...Awww lol. Yeah yeah Im emotionally retarded. Later all.

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:: 2005 29 April :: 10.18 am
:: Music: Manson-Disposable Teens

Clean clean everywhere, whats a little litter?
Hey people,
Well, for once, no complaints. Yesterday was...decent...and somewhat good. I think Matt's getting used to the idea that I dont have to be in the same room as him when he comes over and visits when Loz is already over. Last night I had no complaints as to my being "Anti-social". I mean he does come over knowing that Loz is gonna be there, and knowing that whenever she is were in my room. It's just our thing, we like our privacy. If we wanted to share what we do we'd walk down the street.

Anyhow, should be a movie tommorow, Ring 2. Should be going with Nicola, Sarah and Loz. And...I just realised I have to go so dad can copy the grudge for me....Loz wanted to see that. Ah well, if its not The grudge, she'll have to deal with You Got Served, theres some awesome dance moves in that movie, and Im not normally a fan of dancing.
Take care all.

P.S Annoying isnt it? The day with no complaints is the shortest entry. lol

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:: 2005 27 April :: 4.44 pm
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: AFI

Lifes little piss off's
Today...hmm Im not quite sure what you might label today as. The day was an utter bore, until annoyances set in. First off, the fourty dollars yesterday that I "Miraculously" found in my account? It was my entire centre link payment for the next two weeks. I received a letter today "Your centrelink payment has been suspended" Im like...Ohhhh the fuck it has. So I go in there, and they say they sent me a letter. Im sitting there just thinking: *Cough* Bullshit you did *cough* But of course I kept my manners and did not *rolls eyes* Then I find out that my foolish fucking school has sent them a letter saying Im in year ELEVEN. *shakes his head* This is how goverment institutions are run. By fools. Then they took ten minutes to find someone to say to me (However he was nice and seemed genuine) "Look mate, we dont need verification or proof of your enrolment just call up and find out if your full time" Im just sitting there thinking...And this lady couldn't tell me that because...? So now I urgently need to get in touch with DECV and get them to tell me whether or not Im a full time student. Fan-Fucking-Tastic.

Merh, hopefully from here the day can do little but improve. Ah and also, had lauren telling me last night that we wouldnt be doing anything today because of her homework, turns out it was because Sarah was coming over...Seriousley, can anyone tell me the need to lie about something that small? Honestly? Why couldn't she just say... Oh no, Sarah's just coming over so we cant do anything. *rolls eyes* Seem to anyone else like the phrase compulsive liar is going to turn up?

We are, regardless, going to see a movie tonight. Interpreter. Oh, *chuckles* Sorry, I know I refer to her too much, but another little annoyance. I asked her today whether we'll go see Amytyville horror, and she says "Oh Im going to see that with Sarah" And I just sat there stunned and thought...Right...and we organised to go how long ago? But I let it go and all I said was "Well am I going to come or...?"

*shakes head* Sometimes...its not worth the effort...but then sometimes...the good times make that comment so obsolete. Love is terrible no?

Did have a great night last night however. Not to mention my birthday comes in rather less or in exactly one week. Im hoping to receive "Johnny the homicidal maniac" and some money.

Also lately, Ive been looking into business idea's. I want to start up a laser skirmish in my area, I think the revenue would turn out ok, its on a main highway that you generally have to go on to get to Eden or NSW from melbourne or to get to lakes entrance. Im hoping to get some figures by calling up other skirmish places and pretending im a school student doing a project.

Also looking into finding another job, Ive been notified of a full time position with workways, and a 12 hour a week position with a fruit and vegetable shop...which honestly would be'd turn out to be about 120 dollars a week...thus 240 dollars every fortnight, the maximum I can earn is quite honestly it would be a fantastic oppurtunity for only 12 hours a week...extra cash.

Anyhow...Im off all, enjoy this entry eh?

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:: 2005 22 April :: 10.28 pm

Ill paste a conversation I had so you understand. Sorry for being short but im really pissed off.

shirt says:
K...she organised to come over...stay till 9....we get to my house at 7:15 and she gets a call at 7:25 its her dad, he says were picking you up at 10:30, she says thats too late, he says well you can come home now, she says fair enough and does because she needs to do HOMEWORK and wants to watch not another teen movie. I was pissed cos she had organised to stay then changed plans

Fådé·Åw奷§øü£ The truth is that u could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath Id apologize for bleeding on ur shirt says:

Fådé·Åw奷§øü£ The truth is that u could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath Id apologize for bleeding on ur shirt says:
Her friends turn up looking for her, cant find her and go to her house, she goes out with them. I didnt know this and had to call and talk to her dad to find out. She lied about the homework and the show and basically put me at the BOTTOM of her priority list...shes full of fucking shit. She said she NEEDED to get homework done and then WENT OUT anyway....then she fed me some bullshit about

Fådé·Åw奷§øü£ The truth is that u could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath Id apologize for bleeding on ur shirt says:
"I need alone time and time to contemplate" and I said "Well FUCKING NEWSFLASH lauren, your with your god damn friends"

Fådé·Åw奷§øü£ The truth is that u could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath Id apologize for bleeding on ur shirt says:
Then she goes "I think maybe we need to hang up" And I said, yeah, and you LOVE me right? Bullshit. Then said "Look, im not talking to you about breaking up on the phone, I think its gutless, come over tommorow and we'll talk about it"

Fådé·Åw奷§øü£ The truth is that u could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath Id apologize for bleeding on ur shirt says:
break up

Fådé·Åw奷§øü£ The truth is that u could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath Id apologize for bleeding on ur shirt says:
not hang up

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:: 2005 11 April :: 12.19 pm
:: Mood: blah
:: Music: Eminem-Encore

Blah mornings
Well today started off pretty shitty, in fact, it really hasnt evolved past that point as yet. It began with a message from Lauren "Why did you delete those good pictures from my file" (I had deleted some pictures of me and her cos I was pissed at her deleting some too) Then I spent 10 dollars worth of phone credit apoligising. Only for her to bluntly state "See you at four" Nothing further.

And I throw gay little hissy fits? Sometimes I wonder at what is going through her head. Their just photos in a phone that we've taken at least 3 times before, and will take at least a 100 more times in future. Its not hard to take them again or anything. Gah. Spose we'll see how that goes at four hmm?

On good news though, and for those whom dont like to here about mine and Laurens exploits, stop reading here, Lauren has recently gained confidence enough to lose all clothes in front of me....and shower with me....

And again on good news....Laurens monthly friend came yesterday....a relief to both her and I....I feel strangely though. I fear I may be infertile....I'll have to check this with doctors I believe. No need for condoms....ever....*drools*

Loz made the cutest comment the other day....well it was more the tone with which she said it....I said something like...well what if I caught an STI eh? And she just turned around with the most adorable look on her face and let go of my hand and said "And where would you get THAT from huh?" Just the tone was amazingly adorable...

Anyway....thats the good news....only four hours left to see if the bad news improves any....

Take care all

Our place is getting sprayed also as of right now. Red backs and white tails everywhere....Cant wait to see how many of the little bastards are dead...Grrrr

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:: 2005 7 April :: 10.00 am
:: Mood: sore
:: Music: Japanese Death Metal

I get that throbbing feeling woooohhhoohhh
Friggin' tonsilitis.
If god is almightly why not eradicate disease from his "paradise".

Possibility of it being glandular fever too. Yay.

On other notes however, I have a wet ass.
My retarded mother has a problem with realising when enough is enough and falls asleep at the fucking computer with her wine glass in her hand. Is it even possible to get THAT drunk that you KEEP drinking even when asleep?
Can anyone say "Alcoholic"? I despise her.

On other news. Distance Ed is going reasonably well, I have caught up in two subjects and this friday also a third. As the teacher has made weeks 3 and 4 read only weeks which makes them very simple. Then week 5 needs to be done and its all good.

Should be going to see a movie tonight with Loz called Hitch. Im paying for this one as I know its one she didnt really want to see. But we're also going to see the pacifier this weekend, possibly with her friend sarah and Sarah's boyfriend Brad. Thats one she did want to see as it is apparently quite hilarious.

Also, tis mine and Laurens 5 month in ten days. Never thought id reach that far with her. Another month and ten days and it will be Laurens longest relationship. Another 3 months and ten days and it will be my longest relationship. Weird thought that....My longest relationship with a girl that I didnt think would last longer than 2 months.

She suggested the other day that we go somewhere....Im rather inclined to that idea....I need to get back into working and save the money for a trip....Maybe for our 6 month. I shall hope for that...Hopefully my tonsilitis goes away enough that I can get back into working ASAP and put away a few hundred. Anyhow...Im off. Things to do, people to see....Or....the reverse ;-)
Take care all!

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:: 2005 25 March :: 3.10 pm
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: Radio-Rain on your skin or some shit

Well, yesterday was pretty good. Actually yesterday was really good. was just tremendously downgraded from yesterday. Today was a dissapointment. Lauren was meant to be over today, that didnt happen. Her mum did say I could go over there, then added, he'll have to come down to the video store, and hurry 'cos we're leaving soon. Yeah right mum, I'll hurry the half hour it would have taken me to get down there *rolls eyes* My friend Matt was asleep so going out with him is a no. And then I had to walk here to get on the net where in no one is talking to me and its shit all of excitement.

However, on one upside, it was mine and Laurens four month yesterday, which is absolutley amazing. I was thinking it was going to be another one and a half month episodes but no....Hmmm I wonder if it shall last 8....that shall be mine and laurens longest relationship yet...I dont know if it will last that long...But Im hoping you know. somewhat downhill....I cant get half the books I need and I completely fucked my literature sac in the ass. It was terribly written, bad grammar, bad sentence structure, it didnt even have flow to it. It didnt address the required criteria....It was pathetic....One of the worst things Ive ever written. However, in my defence, I was feeling absolutley terrible that day, physically weak as hell.

Anyway, Im off to see if this day can get any worse. Take care.

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:: 2005 18 March :: 12.05 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: Enigma

Life away from life
FUCK! I just updated a good four paragraphs for nothing because this fucked up browser just uploaded a gay site. What....the.....fuck.

Ok fine Ill do it in point form this time
-School going well, caught up in Lit, English, still working on other two.
-Eating well this time round, actually have the money to.
-Getting a computer hopefully for school and my writings which should help.
-Loz and me nearly at four months (this thursday) hoping to take her somewhere reasonably fancy if I have the funds.
-Things are going well out of home, though I do need to start excersing.
-Job is going somewhat okay, hurt my back and put it out of place the other day though so havent been able to do shifts the past four days.
-Reasonably well off money wise.
-I had more but right now im so pissed off with this browser that I cant be bothered.
-Oh, Charn should be getting the bond back soon which means I can pay my father back. Yay.
Take care all
*grumbles at the fucker of a browser*

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:: 2005 4 March :: 11.30 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: AFI-Sing the sorrow

Out of home
So, I have been dislocated again hmm? Im now living by myself, well...not NOW because Im still at my parents house waiting for the cleaning smell to dissipate out of my house. But I do at least have a house now, hopefully with either Krystal or Nicola moving in...Its rather large...I really dont wish for a person whom I dont know to move in...

But Im going to finally unpack everything tommorow, spray out the garage and all the cobwebs, cut the tree branches blocking the garage door and the actual driveway to my garage, probably spray the roof near the garage too cos theres a few spiderwebs there...Just wondering how the fuck Im going to get the garage door open with a key that doesnt work. And for that matter, how Im meant to lock my windows with a key that wont lock them, but I desperatley need that garage door open, the only tap apart from the one outside is the kitchen and laundry. So Im wondering how Im going to attatch the hose. Curioser and curioser....hoping Lauren comes over tommorow. Matt and Nikki came over today, twas interesting...weirdly enough I did the idea why. Anyway....I have to start my school work tommorow....have to....Induction for work on Monday...should be interesting to say the least....

Better run....homework and such....Matt

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:: 2005 2 March :: 12.47 am
:: Mood: contemplative
:: Music: SOAD- Chop Suey!

Well, I suppose it had to happen eventually hmm? I mean I did have to gain employment at one time or another. The only difference this time is that the interview must have gone pretty well because im now "highly recommended" for full time. Which I sincerely hope will fit in with my schooling at least until its completed. I want to be a manager, I think with this job I should really strive for that position... Im going to work particurarly hard on the first two shifts (Next friday and Thursday).

Also, Laurens sister Nicola has been pushing more and more lately for me to move out with her, now my sister also wishes to move out. Three people would be reasonably good, all that I fear is being stopped from seeing Lauren.

And on the note of Lauren, today I was in a somewhat sombre mood, just quiet I suppose, and Lauren had thought something wrong. Fair enough. I asked her if she wanted to do something tommorow and she turned around and said "Yeah, for sure" then we continued walking. However, when I called her in a chirpier mood later tonight, she said she had changed her mind on wanting to see me. Now this brings up the rather confusing question of, did she just say yes to humour me and try and make me feel better, or because she did actually want to see me? Merh...suppose we shall find out tommorow.
She got a new phone today phone, that somewhat worries me... I know she wouldnt send anything bad to her friends but...yet I still worry about it.

Anyway, going down the street tommorow with Krystal to get her centrelink away from home forms, probably go to King and Heath and J. Hanson and pick up some real estate rental property forms...See how that goes...

Downloading MSN Beta at the moment. Wondering quite a lot how that particular episode is going to turn out. If anyone has MSN Beta and wants to play it up or insult it, let me know now so I can get ready to return to the comfort of MSN 6.2.

So many new story ideas too, want my father to design the ship concepts for my Zodiac story. He hasnt finished the Seraphims or Dracons for the comic yet....which is slightly annoying...I really want to get into the comic field...even the director field...but cant find an artist that actually wants to draw as often as I want to write....Its severely....Gah....

Anyway, I suppose thats updated no?
Oh...Go see Constantine if you have the oppurtunity...apart from Keannu's two expression acting "talent" the movie is quite good, the angels look excellent, I want that kind of CGI in my movie....

Bit dissapointed in Charn lately too, she's meant to of called me on quite a few occassions "Ill call you when I get credit" and "Ill call you from a payphone" Of course...nothing yet....Adam seems to have stolen all her interest...funny...she had time to call Ricky when I was there ;-). Ah well, win some lose some eh?

Im off to be paranoid about Loz's actions today...Must remember to call her in the morning.

Have to get my web camera drivers found too...Hmmm.
Goodnight all.

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:: 2005 21 February :: 10.22 pm
:: Mood: determined
:: Music: Manson-Target Audience

I dont know whether or not anyone whom reads this journal actually writes, but should you write, let me ask this; Do you ever have this conundrum where you start a story, you think its a great idea, but then a better idea comes to mind, so you start that...and then another...and another...and another...You just keep starting till you have about 15 story ideas and starts of stories...and no will to finish them because everytime you begin start again?
*growls in frustration* Im so god forsaken determined to actually finish a story this year.
I also had an idea, if I could get in contact with a comic company, and contact one of their artists, and let them know that I had so many ideas that just didnt seem to stop..maybe, just maybe I could get my foot in the door and begin as a writer and designer of comics? And then, in all hope and glory rise up to become a director of SciFi and Fantasy movies?
Hmmm anyhow...this is the start of one of my stories, all opinions welcomed and criticism would be more than appreciated.
Ah also, shortly, three months this coming Thursday for me and Lauren.

This is a lot people...get ready lol.

Blade Lancer
Book One of the “” trilogy

‘That was the last; none of these houses hold the child’
A man in a dark black cloak sighed.
‘We have been searching for nigh on seven years now; still he evades our grasp and how? He is but a child.’
‘I know sir, we will find him, worry not’
‘For your sake and mine…no, for our lives, I surely hope so’
The man wrapped his cloak tighter about him, concealing his face from the harsh winter wind as he turned to his companion.
‘Let us rest for now friend, my feet tire from our journey and I am in need of a warm fire to lie by’
‘Kaon be damned if that isn’t the truth’
Both men laughed and set away from the farm house at a brisk pace, hoping to reach the closest tavern before the distant storm they had both seen hit. Another face, however this one hidden in the shrubbery, watched the two men set off. As their backs faded from view in the street this face took a breath and put it’s back to the tree, its eyes glowing a faint golden light.
‘It was not him’ it spoke softly, to apparently no one in particular. A short time passed before it moved again ‘Yes master’ it spoke, as it turned and headed further into the forest to its side. This face let its cloak billow free, enjoying the feel of the frigid wind against its skin. It was not often it felt and so when it did it relished the experience, as he moved deeper between the trees however the breeze died. It sighed with the loss and continued its walk, its eyes needing little light to find its way. Only fifty paces took the creature along the edge of the forest to where the men were. It slowly slid itself between the branches so as not to make a sound, its feet barely audible as it moved over the snow encrusted ground. The face drew two swords, hissing slightly as they slid free of their scabbards, they glowed golden, slightly less than the face’s eyes. Within seconds they were stained red and two bodies rested on the ground, shocked expressions evident across their face at their abrupt end. The face smiled, and then frowned.
‘Sorry master’
The face lifted the two bodies and carelessly draped them over its shoulders, it waved a hand over the snow and the stain on the ground faded from sight. The face took the two bodies deep into the forest and laid them to rest in a small cave.
‘Thankyou master’
The face melded into the forest again at the sound of a passing creature, the giant bear walked within two paces of the face and never knew. The giant bear fed, the face disappeared.

Five men sat around a table, a giant circular map in the centre, many small dots covered the map. One of the men reached and removed a spot from the centre of the map.
‘One less…’ said one man.
‘True, but millions more…’ said another.
‘Few special…’
‘But hidden…perhaps…?’
‘Perhaps, but whom…?’
‘Always whom…’
‘We shall find…’
‘We need to find…’
‘And we shall…worry not brother’
‘We shall see…’
The five men sat silently then and continued looking at the map.
‘Our hunter’s have ceased…’
‘To rest..?’
‘To exist…’
‘We shall find other’s…’
‘Yes we shall…’
‘We wait…’
‘We watch…’
The five men continued looking at the map, more dots slowly appearing and disappearing. Each sat in silent contemplation; every now and then one would reach and add or remove a dot.

Elsewhere, in a giant chamber decorated in silver with carvings and designs of swords and blades, two slender, muscular women kneeled before an altar, their hands crossed in front of their chests, fists clenched.
‘Kahlinn be praised’ they both murmured in unity, the altar glowing slightly orange at their presence.
‘The babe refuses to be found sire, he is proving to be more difficult than we had imagined. Seven year’s leaves us still almost at the beginning of our search, with barely a trail to follow.’
The statue flared a fierce red and each of the women faltered gently, rocking back a little and feeling the anger.
‘We know sire, but there is little we can do, someone hides him from us, from anyone, we do not even know if the child still lives.’
The statue maintained its colour.
‘Forgive us sire, we are insolent.’
The stature calmed, glowing orange again.
‘Yes sire, we shall continue, hunt well’.
The two women stood and walked out of the chamber, closing the gigantic sized doors behind them and bowing once more in the direction of the altar.
‘What were you thinking?’ questioned one of the women angrily ‘Of course the child still lives you imbecile.’
The second woman hung her head in shame; she would later punish herself for her stupidity to regain honour in the eyes of her companion and god.

Chapter 1
His instructor laughed, the sound echoed across the almost empty training grounds.
‘I believe that’s the fifth time your bottom has come acquainted with the ground is it not Tyreal?’
Tyreal stood and grumbled. ‘It is, Reace, it is, but it shall be the last until the morrow my friend, you however…’ he let the sentence drift, smiling.
‘Empty threats boy, empty threats’ laughed Reace as he jumped away lightly from the swing of Tyreal’s staff, aimed at his ankles. ‘And tell me, how do you intend on besting Dragon kind with the Lancer’s if you cannot defeat an aging swordsman eh?’ Reace intercepted a blow aimed at his head and flung the butt of his staff out and to Tyreal’s stomach. Tyreal rolled with the blow and grabbed the staff, throwing his instructor over his head, leaving him lying on the grass winded. It had been the first time in two week’s that he had bested him.
‘You learn slow boy, but Ill give you this, when you learn, you learn well’ Reace stated as he tried to let a laugh escape his badly bruised body.

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