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:: 2003 23 October :: 11.54 pm
:: Mood: cranky

Stacey lynn is a bitch!!
Awwe fuk now stacey is tryin to make me choice between her and britt again...

Angel4Lyf2323: FINE TALK 2 HER AND NOT ME!!!!
J d shortier 623: I wuB yEw!
J d shortier 623: no dats not it!!
J d shortier 623: not at all stacey lynn!
J d shortier 623: NO I LUV YOU TOO!
J d shortier 623: I LUV BOTH OF YOU

I know wat shes doing...shes tryin to do, shes tryin to get me to say dat i luv her more! And dat she means everything to me and blah blah blah but it aint gonna work dis time cuz britt does mean more to me, plain and simple! ahh another fite hold up!

ahaha now she knows wat happened, like wat i was talkin bout in dat last entry, she knew alreayd like i did it but like she didnt know dat i did it stuff...

Angel4Lyf2323: YUSS ITS FUCKIN STUPIED!!!!!!!!!!
Angel4Lyf2323: >:o
Angel4Lyf2323: U ASKIN 2 DIE JILLy!!!!!!!!
Angel4Lyf2323: >:oGOD JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!
J d shortier 623: wateva bye!
J d shortier 623: Ya know wat
J d shortier 623: dis is da fuckin last time stacey!
J d shortier 623: You do dis shit all da damn time and im sick of it
J d shortier 623: If you leave again and dont talk to me again den dis is seriously da last fuckin time, im not tlakin to you anymore if u fuckin leave dis time!
J d shortier 623: Thats bullshit stacey!
Angel4Lyf2323: OK FNE!>:o
J d shortier 623: So u never wanna talk again?
J d shortier 623: over some stupid shit like dis dat dont mean anything at all
J d shortier 623: Is dat wat ur sayin?
J d shortier 623: fine dont answer me
J d shortier 623: fuck you!
J d shortier 623: Dats fuckin stupid
J d shortier 623: and ur being fuckin stupid!
J d shortier 623: so FUCK YOU!
J d shortier 623: i hate you!
J d shortier 623: Bye!

Urgh i fuckin hate ppl! Everyone can jus fuckin drop dead fo all i fuckin care...cept my britterZ hehebut other den dat EVERYONE CAN JUS FUCKIN DIE FO ALL I FUCKIN CARE!! fuck alll of you! Stupid fuckin faggots!!


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:: 2003 23 October :: 11.43 pm
:: Mood: depressed

Okay im not writtin alot cuz i jus wanna go in my room n sit there and cry rite now!!

But wat happened was...dat member dat one promise dat i made you britt...dat one bout how i'd try and not c** m***** as you put it, ya know? well opps im really really srry! I really really really really didnt mean to! And im soooo srry i cant even begin to say how many times im srry! Plz dont be mad at me! Im really srry!

141 days is good tho wouldnt u say?

Britt u mean everyhting to me and im srry!

If i could change it i would but i cant! Ill jus have to try again! All fo you! Everything is fo you! I breath fo you, i cry fo you, i smile fo you, i laugh fo you, i wake up everyday fo you, i live fo you! I luv you!!

BritterZ ~N~ JillerZ BBFAA!! I wub yew!

Plz dont be mad at me i wub you!

Love alwyas,

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:: 2003 15 October :: 6.27 pm
:: Mood: depressed

another day...
Omfg another damn day without Brittany!! Ahh i think dat im going to die or something man! Last night she called me like right when i was callin her, cuz i got offline and everything and i went to go outside n use my mommys cell phone to call her, and i had da house phone in my pocket and like i had her number half way dialed and she called me!!! YAY! So we talked till like uhm 11 30 something...i unno but i missed dat dumb butt! *sniffle sniffle* I miss her t day!! *sighs* Ahh she said dat she would be online t day but NO! Of course she isnt online! lol but oh well i unno im jus gonna get offline and keep sleepin all nite...

I came home and talked online fo bout 10 minutes, and den like went to bed and woke up bout 6, im so friggin tired lately...I feel like im bout to pass out still...I unno why tho ive jus been really really really really tired these past couple of days...urgh i unno...

Other then dat alot of things have been going okay, and alotta things have been going wrong...but ahh who cares...neways im jus like gonna go now...mike told me to check my other journal so dats wat im gonna do den im gettin offline latah...

Love always,

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