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:: 2007 23 March :: 7.12 pm

drop them nickels off boy and come get this dime piece

Well I just got home from work a little bit ago.
Justin has been at his tattoo appointment all day so Nore was in the cage for 5 hours!!!! =(

Now he is at the mall with Kristen and he called to tell me he bought me something...?
And he asked if I wanted anything from American Eagle and if I wanted a new pair of jeans or if I just wanted to come back with him and pick out my own jeans.
He's weird.

I was washing silverware but then the phone rang and I lost track of what I was going.

Now I'm watching Nore play wth a tennis ball.
I love when he throws htings up in the air and then runs after them.
Him sooo cute!!
..AND him smart. Supa Dupa smart. =D

I think I am going to make spaghetti in a little bit.
Justin will be home for around 8:00 so I'll start it in about a half hour.

I have to go now though becuase Nore is all up in my bizznazz and he is licking my face and trying to knock the computer off my lap. He's frisky.. I'll update later.

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:: 2007 22 March :: 11.48 pm

i'll be your winter coat,
buttoned and zipped straight to the throat
with the collar up--so you won't catch cold

Got some new pictures under ME and under AMINALS!

Ugghh I'm so bored. Justin won't stop playing stupid hockey on ps3.

Who cares, his dude is fat and ugly.

Okay I'm out so I can beat his ass and shut this shit off.

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:: 2007 22 March :: 4.57 pm

i loove gettin under girly's skin

When I am bored, I come on here and check my log.
I see who has read my site and then I laugh.

I laugh because sometimes my mom tells me things that some people say about me
and from reading my log, I can't resist the urge to see for myself what even MORE people have to say.
Then.. I laugh. Because I'm lame and I've fulfilled my daily duty of getting on the nerves of atleast a couple people.

ANYWAYS--back to my update.

I'm pissed because I wrote this big update and then accidentally closed it out and now I have to type it all over.

I'm about to get in the shower while Justin is making dinner.
Serg is coming over and we're going to watch a movie.

I just got off the phone with my little brother.
He said he is goign to beat that kid up.
I told him not to fight him in school or at the ice gardens or anything like that.
He said he wasn't going to because he doesn't want to get in trouble, he just wants the kid to go back to school with a black eye or something so everyone can make fun of him and he can stop talking shit.
Sounds liek a good idea to me, except that I've learned first-hand that it doesn't always work.. because even if you rock a kid in front of a handful of people chillin, they still talk shit even after everyone said they got their ass beat.
It just gets annoying, but you have to just let it go.
Maybe he'll learn that.. maybe he'll be lucky.

I hope my brother Rich brings up my bookcase.
I have to get it painted and get those boxes of books out of the baby's room because we seriously have to paint that before the shower or we won't have anywhere to put shit.

I'm excited for my shower.
But yesterday I looked in a full length mirror for the first time because April just gave us one.
I was thinking, "damn i'm fat!"
People are alwyas saying retarded shit like, "you're so cute! you're all belly!," or "you didn't gain any weight at all!," but you can't tell a pregnant girl she's not fat.. especially when she gains about 37lbs.

The only thing I'm worried about--and I'll say it again for the millionth time--is stretch marks.

"I'm fortunate that I haven't gotten any stretch marks yet, but if I am going to get them--now's the time. I am supposed to gain about a pound a week." -Quoted from a previous entry.

Liza said if I haven't got them by now, I probably won't get them at all.. but that's not true.
95% of pregnant women get stretch marks.
I have some scars from some from when I was an adolescent and I had a growth spurt. They are barely noticeable until I mention them but I can see them. They fade with age, though.

My mom never got them and it has a lot to do with genetics so I'm hoping I won't either. She used cocoa butter religiously, though.
I only put it on after my shower everyday.

"The good news is that stretch marks usually become considerably less noticeable about six to 12 months after childbirth. The pigmentation fades and they generally become lighter than the surrounding skin."

Soo anyways, I am going to go dry some dishes and then take a shower because today has been a LAZY day.
The only time I left was to take Justin to the bank. Nore loves rides. =D

Anywyas... lata.

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:: 2007 21 March :: 11.48 pm

I'm the type of girl you wanna take to ya mama's house ;D

He wanna show off this prize piece so drop them nickels off boy and come get this dime piece

Today I woke up, let Nore out to play for a little bit, but when he came back in he was all wound up and excited for the day.
The first thing he did was try to barge in on Justin but I shut the door tight so he could sleep.
As soon as Justin woke up and walked to the bathroom Nore was as hyper as ever.

We sat around and watched Price is Right until I started to get ready to go to work.
I stopped at my mom's house before I went there because we didn't have any milk left and I wanted cereal.

Work.. ohhhh myyy.
I don't know what they are going to do without me when I go on maternity leave.
They are going to be LOST until Amber gets back--which is the end of April.
I had so much extra work to do because they had evvverryytthing mixed up.
Soo.. needless to say, most of my day was spent in the office.

After work I got home and waited for Justin to get there so I could go shopping.
Him and Serg got here then Ludwick stopepd over for a little bit.

A little bit after she left, I got my list ready and went shopping.
I went to Wal-Mart and just got back.
Mav and Justin carried up my groceries and I put em away.
Now.. here I am.

Nore is happy cause he got lots of goodies.
He got two HUGE rawhide bone things, one baby one, a bag of treats, some new dog food, and a variety pack of toys which included a tennis ball, a stuffed animal, and two squeaker toy things.

Now we're chillin, watching Law and Order.
Justin is being annoying as fuck as usual.
He is eating all the food because he's a fatass.

Classy but get nasty at the same time.
Once I hit the football stands call it game time.
Posted in the club like a super model,
Jeans painted on same price as the Cris bottle.
The tee but that ass sit just right.
Now he want to beat it up like his first name Ike.
Go head, But I ain't anime,
Baby girl get money, baby girl don't play
Go ahead, I pimp hard like that,
I don't need a broke nigga on my arm like that

Ehh, other than that--

My brother got in a fight in school.
10 days detention.
Wish that's what I would've got.
Next time, though, Folmar told my mom she has to see the magistrate.

Maybe if lame ass people from Belle Vernon didn't talk so much shit they wouldn't have to get their ass beat.
It sucks that laying the smack down doesn't even work, becuase then they talk shit about how they beat your ass.

So now he wants to fight this kid AGAIN!
I was like, "in school???"
and my mom said yeah.
so now i have to talk him out of it and tell him how it's not worth it.

If you want to fight someone, doing it where everyone can see is a good idea because then they look retarded when they try to say how much they kick ass--but doing it in school--nah,in the end it really ISN'T worth it.

I'll have to tell him.

Nore is being weird.
He is rubbing his face on the ground.
Kinda like when he burns his nose on a lighter or something.
He has a weird personality.

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:: 2007 20 March :: 11.54 pm

youz a hoe

Ahh, I'm just sittin here, chillin on the couch with Nore and Justin.
We just finished watching Into the Blue.

Nore is a sleepy head!!
It's so funny cause he hates to be by himself, so every once in a while he would sit up and make sure we were still laying on the couch and that we didn't leave him!!

I couldnt figure out why my journal width was so fucked up no matter what numbers i tried to change it with, but i just figured out that it was because i posted pictures wider than the width i had set. duurrrr.
all better now, though. =D

My belly kinda hurts. =(
I think I might be hungry.

I had a doctor's appointment today.
It was the first one I went to by myself.
Everything is fine and dandy.
I weigh 140 so I haven't gained 2 pounds since my last appointment--i haven't gained any, actually--but the doctor said that's fine because i'm doing good. =)

it was kinda nice out today so me and justin took nore for a ride to belle vernon. him saw lots of girls and him was happy to get out of the house!
i saw liza and amber and i havent seen amber since like--before i was pregnant. she kept on pinching my cheeks and touching my belly. haha.
girls are so weird about being pregnant. well, about me being pregnant. most of the time i forget i even am!
..well, until i try to squeeze through somewhere and hit my big tummy.

i have to go back to work tomorrow,
lesley called me today and said they desperately needed me because they dont have amber and they dont know where anything is at without us. haha.
so even if i'm not working with patients, i atleast have to do paperwork in the office, haha.

nicole and becker came over today with aiden.
nore was going crazy with someone his size.
him just a puppy but at 9 months, he forgets he's a big puppy and he plays a little rough!
he kept knocking aiden down and biting his arm to get him to throw his toy.
=) him cute, though.

ehh, i'm getting tired.. it's already 12:30!
ive been distracted with wrting this entry because im watching the Uncle Jesse Marathon.

I just came on here because I was bored and I checked my little log that tracks who looks at my site and saw that some people read my journal today and some entries got to them a little.
--the WHOOOLLE reason i write in this thing. haha.
girls are insecure, i think. probably all of them.
ESPECIALLY the ones that have to talk about how hott they are every 2 seconds.

haha anyways, ive fulfilled my daily purpose of making another girl feel she needs to prove herself to everyone, so i think im done.

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:: 2007 19 March :: 3.07 pm
:: Mood: lazy

nore is STILL here! =D

Javonn never called for him yesterday and I certainly wasn't going to call him to remind him that I have his dog.

Serg let me use his phone charger so I can finally actually charge mine again. It's been dead for liek a week.

Other than that.. I think I'm finally starting to get better rather than worse, but I still didn't go to work today because I don't feel like I'm ready. I feel weak and tired and stuffy and slow and my throat is yucky and all that good stuff.

Today I am probably goin to go pick up my prescription and also take Justin somewhere.

I wonder when Javonn is coming for Nore? Sometime today?
I wish we could keep him but Jusitn thinks he's too mcuh work.
He's just a puppy! But it was Justin who said he wanted a baby pup for the baby to grow up with when I said puppies were too mcuh work.
I guess now he understands what I meant, but too late cause I fell for Nore.

Ehh, I think I'm gonna wrte some more of my apology letter.

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:: 2007 18 March :: 2.50 pm
:: Mood: STILL sick
:: Music: Brand New

i've had to sneeze for two days straight and i can't

Nore leaves sometime today. =(
I will miss him so much.

He was sick yesterday. He, Justin and I were all sitting out in the living room and he got up and went to the bedroom, which is weird because he only goes back there to follow us.
Well, Justin went and followed him and then called me to come back there. He said, "something's wrong with him..."
and I went back and saw that he was sick. =( He was going to throw up and he didn't want to do it on the carpet so he went in his cage. He threw up and we kept telling him he was a good boy and took him some water.
I cleaned it up and threw his towels in the washer.

He was fine after that, he jsut didn't eat much yesterday.
Last night he was laying in bed with us and got up and went in his cage. We heard him heaving-like and I turned on the light. He thew up again in his cage so I wiped off his mouth, threw his blanket in the washer and took him out to the kitchen to give him some water and we went back to bed.

He slept with me this morning even after Justin woke up and we've jsut been lounging around the house all day.
Now Justin is in the shower so I took the opportunity to update and we're about to have lunch as soon as he gets out. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. =)

I'm still sick. =( This morning I woke up without a voice. Well, I woke up to Nore laying next to me, staring in my face. When I opened my eyes he pounced on me and I went to yell at him but nothing came out.

It's back now but I still feel liek shit and I don't think it's ever going away. =(

I talked to my Aunt Gene Ann today. She wants to give me a crib and let my grandma buy me something else. (My gram wanted to buy me a crib.)

Ahhh, I'm starving.
Gotta wait til Justin's out though...

Before I started writing in here I was typing out Sarah's apology letter. I don't want to make it too long but I want to say everything that I need to. You know?
I have to get it to her by March 30 and I forgot all about it.
I have been busy with the shower and stuff. =)

Alright, though, I think I'm done..

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:: 2007 17 March :: 7.35 pm

so i haven't moved in three days or something..

The only thing I've done or got up for was to go play in the snow with Nore this morning while Justin shoveled off the deck.

I've gone through like a whole box of tissues and i've been spraying everything and anything with Lysol disinfectant.

Justin went out to go get me some food because I don't want to cook and I haven't really ate today. Also, some tylenol for my annoying wisdom tooth coming through and also some bread so I have something to eat with my soup. =(

Nore was crying at the door when he left but now it's all good and he's chillin' next to me on the couch, watchin some TLC.

I am so sad this is our last night with him.
There game started at 7:00 tonight but after this one their next game isn't until April 21st.

I dunno.. I just hope Javonn goes to Italy. It is something he wants to do and also I really love Nore.
I don't know how I didn't see myself getting attached to him liek this.
I don't really have a thing for labs, really. I thought I was just going to be taking care of him but I really fell in love with him and Justin did, too.
He's a lot of work and he is a really excited dog but I don't know if I can see living without him.


I get so bored during the day.
What am I going to do when I don't have a job anymore?
Too bad I don't have a myspace, it would give me something to do.
but.. i'm *not allowed*

I can't wait for Justin to get back with my food. I'm starting to get excited for it.
what I want even more is to feel better becuase I really would like to clean my house..

ughh.. i think i'm going to go take a shower because i haven't got one today and not taking a shower makes me feel even more liek shit.

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:: 2007 16 March :: 7.34 pm
:: Mood: miserably sick.. still

it sure is yucky out
I woke up this morning feeling horrible.
I had to go to work but I knew I wasn't going to manage that one.
My throat felt like it was completely closed up,
I didn't get any sleep last night becuase I was too busy picking at my gums where my top wisdom teeth are growing in,
and I had a headache the size of Wisconsin.
I felt completely weak and I knew I couldn't go to work.
I called JoJo and told her I was going to try to make a doctor's appointment.

It just sucks because I can't take any medicine or do anything to feel better.
..and my TEETH!! This tooth is driving me up a wall, I want to punch myself in the face.


Like my new layout?
I do. =)
It took me a while to perfect it..
It took me even longer to find an icon that matched, but I got that one and I liek it.

Anywyas, I'm out for now--I'm goign to watch That 70s Show.

...I love Nore

and Nore loves me...

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:: 2007 15 March :: 5.07 pm
:: Mood: miserably sick

Soo siiiick

I added more pictures to my photo album.

My living room is back to being trashed with stuffing from torn up stuffed animals.

Ugh. I woke up feeling like shit today-- worse than yesterday. Good thing I didn't have to go into work today. I had to go to Donora and make a deposit at National City, but other than that, I have been home and lazy.

The worst part of being sick is not being able to take anything for it. =(

Aw, Justin is wrestling with Nore and he just accidentally dropped the tv remote and cracked him in the head with it. =( Pooooor Noooorrr..

I am getting pretty excited for my shower. I hope most of the people invited can make it.. =/
I don't know who all RSVPd becuase I haven't seen the list, but I know a few people have RSVPd to me.
I hope lots of people can make it.. I am looking forward to seeing tons of people I haven't seen since school and stuff.

Nothing new other than that.
Nothing new at all, anyways.

Tomorrow I plan on going grocery shopping a little bit.
Going to Wal Mart sucks unless it's after 10, so that's usually when I get it done. Too many people any other time.

It's weird I'm already 8 months pregnant. That went super fast.
I'm fortunate that I haven't gotten any stretch marks yet, but if I am going to get them--now's the time. I am supposed to gain about a pound a week.
I have another doctor's appointment next Tuesday so we'll see how everything's going.

Wonder how hard its going to be for my lazy ass to lose this weight when this is all over. I've never exercised in my life so I doubt (even though I would LIKE to) that I am going to start after I have the baby.
Can't you just wait to see my fat ass in a bathing suit this summer?!


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:: 2007 14 March :: 9.58 pm

Nore's back, I'm happy.
Actually, I was so anxious that I had a dream last night about him.

I called Javonn yesterday like:
javonn-"lisa.. whats up?"
me-"nothin, i was just wondering if you found anyone else to watch nore.."
javonn-"why? somethin come up?"
me-"no.. i was just making sure you didnt find anybody else.."
javonn-(in a voice that you would use to tell a little kid he can have one more piece of candy)-"noooo.. i didn't find anybody else to watch him.. he's still coming to visit you tomorrow..."
me-"okay. =) just making sure.."

haha so he brought him over today and it just started thunderstorming.
him is scared, walking around with big eyes and he keeps looking at the patio door and barking at it.

now him settled.
i missed him soo much.

work was so gay today.
we had like one patient every half hour--if that.
it was pathetic.
me and amber spent the whole day sitting there, talking.
we got nothing done what-so-ever.
actually, though--we agreed that we turned up even because she ran two people through their exercise programs and i organized some papers.

anywyas, it also sucks becuase i woke up with a dumb sore throat and a stuffy nose.

anywyas im out for now

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:: 2007 12 March :: 10.29 am

it's okay, he'll be back..

Sooo yesterday we went to Bethel Park and took Nore for the ride.
It was about 9:00, so by this time, I figured he was ours for another night. (YESS!)

Well, we are just about to leave to come home and my cell phone rings. It was Javonn.
=( =(

I called him back when we were on our way and told him I'd be home in like a half hour. About 45 minutes later I called him back to tell him I was home and to call me when he gets to my house.

He came up and took apart Nore's crate--Nore was soooo happy to see him, so atleast I'm thankful for that.
I didn't show him how much I had fallen in love with his dog, but I told him if he ever needed anyone to watch him or ANYTHING--to call me.
He asked if I would be able to take care of him this weekend for an away game, so I told him it was no problem.
We walked him downstairs and told him good bye and then headed upstairs by ourselves.
The lights were off and it was pitch black as we walked up the stairs but Justin still asked me if I was alright.
I hesitated because I knew if I were to open my mouth right then that nothing was going to come out anyways, and then I said, "..yeah.."
My voice cracked and he was like, "no you're not. cry baby."

We walked in the apartment and I lost it as soon as I saw the stuffing from his stuffed animal all over the floor.
Justin was like, "damn, i love that dog."
I just cried and tried to hold it back.
I missed him already. =(

It sure is quiet without him.. and I definitely had no one to wake me up this morning, or to snuggle between me and Justin in the night.
It was so lonely sleeping without him.

When I thought I was feeling okay, Justin made me start up again when he dropped the can of pringles all over the kitchen floor and then yelled for Nore to come clean it up.

I have to work at 11:30 today.
Atleast--I think that's what time.
Oh well, that's what time I'm going in anyways.

I have to stop at my mom's before I go though, because I need to charge my phone, sooo.. I'm finishing up with this. Peace.

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:: 2007 11 March :: 12.52 pm

N is for that nigga who keeps bangin
O is for outstanding evryday
R is for ridiculous crazy
E is for extraordinary ways

They want to be like you, smoke like you, live like you
But they can't fuck with, thug like him, dro like him
If you forgot the name, and you been wondering it's N.O.R.E.

I soo didn't want Nore to leave yesterday.
I was praying all day that my phone didn't ring.
..Luckily, it didn't.
Him spent another night with us. =)

We took him to Travis's house for a little bit, but he got antsy and wanted to leave, so everyone came back to our house to chill.
After everyone left we kinda just chilled out on the couch and eventually headed to bed.

Tracy came this morning to take a shower since she doesn't have water and Nore has been crazy ever since.
He was nebbing in the baby's room because there was a koala stuffed animal in there that he wanted.
Finally, Justin gave it to him and now there is stuffing all over my living room.
Good thing my vaccum broke yesterday--not.

Justin just got finished playing with Nore and now he's taking a shower.. so I'm just bullshitting til he gets out so I can get one.
I wish Justin would hurry up, though. That dog hates when people are in the bathroom so he stands at the door and barks.

I'm hungry but uh.. I'm also very lazy. I made some oodles n noodles but they didn't do much. I'll eat more when I'm out of the shower and ready for the day.

Well, Serg is here so I am gonna get off here and chill with him til Justin gets out of the shower. Plus, NORE is being a crazy fucker.. soo..

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:: 2007 9 March :: 8.22 pm

i hope this guy lost my number
--becuase I never want him to come get this dog, ever.

Tonight's Nore's last night.
The RiverRats are coming home around liek 2-3am tonight so there's a possibility he might be picking up the dog tonight.
I love this dog.
I was talking about him at work today and everyone was like, "..uhh, you're not giving him back, are you?"

I have to get a dog now.
The house will be SO empty when my Noreaga is gone. =(

I wanted to get off work so bad today jsut to see him.

I don't care if he wakes up at 7 in the morning to go pee.
I don't care if he chews up all his stuffed animals and throws stuffing all over the house.
I don't care if he sits with his head practically in your lap while you're eating.
I don't care if he even humps everything.
I love him.

Okay--there needs to be a change of subject before I start bawling.

Everyone's invitations have practically come.
haha I know because everyone keeps saying, "they're sooo cuuuute."
I'm proud of them. They didn't come out as pretty as I'd like for them to, but they're still nice. =)

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:: 2007 8 March :: 3.17 pm

Uploaded new pcitures to my photo album

I'm just waiting for Justin to get back from applying at Solar Tech and just chillin' with Nore.

Uhh, I think I'm out of here for now.

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:: 2007 8 March :: 8.05 am

ugh, heart burn like a bitch

Ahh yes, I am up early this morning becuase the dog had to go out. Even though Justin let him out, I had to get up because as soon as he came back in, he jumped all over the bed throwing his toy around, trying to get me to play.
(Nore, not Justin.)

Hahah he looooves Justin.
I took him home thinking having him will make us reconsider wanting a puppy, but what happens? They fall in love with each other and he's soo freaking cute!! Mischevious, but cuuuuuuuuteeee!

He even slept in the bed with us last night because Jusitn refused to keep him in his crate.
I didn't mind, I think having him in bed with us made me sleep better!

Anyways, I think Saturday is going to come sooner than we'd like for it to and we will miss him.

What else?
My hair dryer broke. =(
If I take a shower here I have to let it air dry.. so I've been taking showers at my mom's becuase when my hair air dries it tends to get greasy looking. I hate it. I wish I had Jenna hair and never had to worry about it being too oily.
Mine sucks at the end of the day.

I have to work at 10:30 today.
Only til about like 2 or something though.
But then I have to go drop off April's baby shower invitations to her and try to get a blank VHS tape. (I have to remember that one)

I told Justin he has to stay here and watch Nore and he said that he has somewhere to go but he just might take him with him.

I have to do something about this heartburn.
Probably the only bad thing I've come across since this pregnancy.
Oh--except the hips. My hips pop out of place like a--well, I'm not sure.

Okay, I'm out.

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:: 2007 5 March :: 7.33 pm
:: Music: i'll leave you holy, holy. you be sayin,

ugh, bills are due. =(
hmm.. update?

rebecca was over here the other day but i was in a bitchy/depressed mood and i didnt feel like seeing anyone.
i feel bad now because i REALLY miss her.

umm i cant remember my last update?
did i talk about my hearing?
well, i finally had it.
it was supposed to be postponed again because we didn't receive any papers with my charges.
well.. it wasn't. which is good--i just wanted to get it over with.

we had to wait in this room while my lawyer talked to hers and the probation officer.
THAT made me nervous.
When I talked to Rich Beranek at the station when I had to write my statement last year, he told me this was a SERIOUS CRIME but that I plead guilty and that it was my first offense I would basically just get a slap on the wrist--probation.

well, i know i shouldn't have been that nervous about probation--but i was!
i don't want to have a little boy while i'm on probation!! that's sooo white trash!!

well, mr dailey told me i can't get in any more trouble than probation and fines because i am being charged as a juvenile and all that but that the charges were 2 accounts of a felony and it was more serious than i thought it out to be when i did it.

i basically told him that i didn't look at it like that and that if you're going to take naked pictures of yourself you should be responsible for what happens to them.
no--doesn't work that way.

sarah's terms were that i
-hand over the pictures.
i couldn't do that becuase i dont have them and dont know how to get them back.
-write her an apology letter.
i have 30 days.

and the court ordered that i start probation.
the terms were completely agreeable:
--drug test every month. (not a problem since i don't do drugs or even smoke weed anymore)
--9 o'clock cufew. he said he would be lenient on this one considering i'm now an adult and that as long as i'm not partying at 2am, it's not a problem. (what kind of mom parties at 2am??)
--no trouble with the law. (again, not a problem)
--no contact with sarah. (but when was the last time i talked to her?)
--monthly check-ins with the probation officer to make sure i'm "okay"
--and Facts of Life classes. I don't know about these because they interfere with my work and everything so I spoke up about it but the judge said if I can't do it, it's understandable. They'll work something out.

I was trying to show that I've grown up since then, because I really have. I learned that when she tries to get to me--just ignore it. Then it doesn't get any farther than what she says. That's probably why nothing has happened in.. like.. well.. a year.
I told them that I plan on starting parenting classes offered through my hospital--which they found a really good idea and put that on the list of terms of court.

Other than that I told my lawyer that I basically just wanted to drop it all but he said we couldn't, of course, do that.
My better judgement told me Sarah would probably want to drop it by now too because we've gone our separate ways except for like stupid things I hear she says of me. But considering I ignore it all, it hasn't mounted to anything.

I had a doctor's appointment today.
I have to go every 2 weeks.
I was suppose to gain 3 lbs since my last appointment but I only gained 1.
That means I'm at 140lbs. right now!!!
I've gained 37lbs. all togeher!
I should be getting stretch marks from gaining all that weight but I haven't seen any so far. I make Jusitn check nearly every day.

I am getting super fat though.
But from what the doctor's say, I should be gaining MORE weight.

Oh well.
I FEEL like a fat cow, atleast.
I can't wait to have the baby so I can lose some of this.
I doubt I'll exercise though, so I probably won't lose it all.
Eh, oh well. I really don't care anymore.
I see how people get fat.
I always said I would hate to be overweight but now that I know what it's like, I'm too lazy to do any differently.

Uhh anyways, this update is done.

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:: 2007 4 March :: 12.10 pm

that boy Sham went from worst to FIRST

ugghh--this blows.
i woke up with a cold.
=( my nose is super stuffy and my eyes are even watering!!!

i can't wait until justin wakes up so i can take a shower.
i have to wait for that fucker because if not my music and my hair dryer will wake him up and he'll be crabby and annoying.

in my last entry, one of my friends commented about congratulations on my baby. (*thanks*)
i told her--

"haha yeah--that date gets closer and closer everytime i actually think about it!

i'm starting to get nervous--kinda like getting on a roller coaster and getting to the top and bein like, "i think i want to get off.""

haha--eh, if millions of other girls do it, i can too.
especially because some girls are pussies.
i just have to suck it up and deal with it that it's going to hurt like a bitch.
it will be worth it in the end.

what am i going to do today?
if i don't have anything to do, i might go to wal-mart and buy some flat blat paint to paint my bookcase.
i need a tablecloth, too. that reminds me.
next month me and justin might get new carpet for the living room and the hall.

hopefully after that we can work to the baby's room. i want dark blue carpet for him.

i think i am going to work on changing this layout.
it sucks.
i'll find a good background right now...

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:: 2007 2 March :: 7.18 pm

just getting up for the *letdown*


i love him.
bubber says him have a fucked up nose.

i have to go get buns for that boy soon cause i promised him some hamburgalars and hes going to be home soon.

i figured id be nice cause he cleaned while i was at work.

we ain't come for trouble,
but we ain't 'fraid to rumble.
my whole crew is down to ride.

foreva i love it leather, that's how it goes down.
so steppin on my shoes is like steppin on my town

Ohh well.
I'm going to Wal-Mart.

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:: 2007 1 March :: 10.51 pm

Lots of =)'s today

Today was like one of those days where everything seems like it's going wrong but in the end it turns out great.

First off, I had to wake up SUPER early for a hearing.
Aaaand.. slept in.
Justin woke me up at 7:00 when I planned to leave by 7:30.
Well, turns out my mom was running late too, so atleast she wasn't mad and we ended up getting to the court house EARLY.
(Imagine that... me and my mum--early.)

I was supposed to meet Mr. Dailey at quarter til 9... and at three minutes 'til, I thought he forgot... so I started to get nervous.
But! He showed up and he was able to make me feel very comfortable and happy and after it was done I wanted to hug him. I will miss him.

That's right--everything ended up great and I surprisingly didn't get in much trouble--AT ALL. I actually COMPLETELY agreed with the terms and they weren't any problem for me at all. Ugh--I went in expecting the worst and it turns out one of those things where you let your breath out with a huge sigh. I'm really grateful and happy and I was thrilled to get it over with.

The only things that I couldn't really work with were dealt with and everything was a relief. Everyone was VERY nice.

So yeah--everything was good---except that I was soooo tired from staying up all night and I was never going to make it to work!!.. so I called Leslie.
BUT! There's the silver lining--she said not to worry about coming in because she didn't need me.

SO!!!!--I took a nap.
I woke up to Justin calling my phone a million times from the house, asking if I wanted grilled cheese & if I was hungry.
But then I had to run my brother to his boss's house to pick up his truck and had to make my food wait. =(
My grilled cheese got cold so Justin ate it and went to make me a new one--BUT NO MORE CHEESE!

So I made a trip to Shop n Save and bought some lunch meat and went to get the cheese--but of course there was a downfall.
The cheese I wanted was all out except for like two packets on the top shelf that me and the lady beside me couldn't reach.
Upside: I found a toilet bowl brush and knocked them off the shelf.
I gave the lady the first one I knocked down, possibly with regret becuase I didn't know how on earth I could get one for myself.
Upside--I got my cheese and the lady returned the favor by letting me hop the line and ring up in .2 seconds.

Overall, I had a good day and I'm glad because I hate stress on the baby. =)

I think that's a good update.
I'll hang out more later.

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:: 2007 18 February :: 11.26 pm

well i HAVE to update now!!!
this is crucial update info:

my picture is on the website. =)

Under Gals Outdoor on pages 2 and 4.
There's my one with the brown outfit in front of the fence and my one with the blue outfit in front of the flowers. =)
I didn't even know!!!

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:: 2007 18 February :: 10.27 pm

lil update

Me and Justin just got finished watching Desperate Housewives. =)
I think him loves that show now.
We watch it every Sunday and today he even missed the AllStar game to watch it with me.

I went to another baby shower today.
It was aaiiight.
Just reminds me that I need to start getting ready for mine.
March 31 will be here before you know it.
LET ALONE--April 30th.
I'm excited. =) Scared, but excited.

My brudder left for work today.
He will be in Philly for a week. =(

Other than that...
Nothin new really.

We went to a lock-in at Brunswick the other night with Wes, Stephanie, Christina, and Kris.
Let's jsut say there was a little drama.
Yeah, it was crazy. I thought we were all going to rumble at 6am.
Some guy was talking to me and Steph and I ignored him so he started making small talk with her and asked her if she was a virgin..??
Wes was like, "Dude, she's with me. I'm cool but not that cool."
Well, there was a miscommunication and that kid thought Wes was trying to fight him.
Then, he made the mistake by saying he would slap Wes, Kris, aaand Bubby.. and that pissed Kris and Bubby off.
On top of almost getting kicked out for that, Justin kept calling the worker guy "cock breath," and I was getting pissed at everybody and kept on screaming, "just drop it!!!"

These girls came over to me and told me that they were soo sorry and they were apologizing for their friend and saying how they don't want problems.
The kid was with someone from BV who said he knew us and wasn't trying to get involved with anything.

Things eventually got dropped and we ended up bowling until my arm was sore and I couldn't even bowl with the 10lb ball I was using.

Speaking of Wes--
My step dad switched buildings at where he works and now he works with Wes.
HAHA. Wes said he's cool.. which I guess is okay.
My dad kicks ass at what he does. He's can talk you into anything, I bet.
In the whole building, everyone all together sold 9 bikes in the month of January.. Pete sold 36.
How is that possible?

My job--has been going wonderful.
I don't know when I have to take my leave but I'm not looking forward to it, really.. I will miss 'em.

Anywyas, I'm out. lataaa.

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:: 2007 13 February :: 4.50 pm

I am watching Shawn play ps3.
Justin's taking a shower..
and I am washing towels in my new washer and dryer. =)

We just ate lunch.
I made chicken and tator tots.
They were made on the George Forman grill and Justin's toaster oven becuase our gas wasn't turned on yet.
That's okay.. I don't mind.
Yesterday was the first time I made chicken on there and I burned it.
Today was better. =)

I didn't take my vitamins today though--i left them over at my mom's house--so i've been feeling really weak, light headed, and dizzy.

Shawn's been chillin with us all day.
Last night, me and Justin got in this big fight because I visited him at bowling and didn't wnat to stay.
Then, I just wanted him to leave me alone and he kept having Shaun drive all over this town looking for me.

Anyways, I'm out.

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:: 2007 12 February :: 9.15 pm
:: Mood: feelin the anemia
:: Music: hmm.. none. but that reminds me that i really need to take back my iPod tomorrow.

this baby is crazy.

that reminds me.
me and justinwere sitting in the livign room,
and i was like, "you know what? i don't even consider this your baby--ever. it's my baby and that's how i see it."

i am not feeling well today.
i hate this whole anemic thing.
i'm not liking it one bit.

i am thirsty and need a drink, also.
oh--and a nap.

i am at my mom's right now.
justin is bowling.
i hate bowling but i told him i'd come down.

smokin on a ounce of that shit from the mountains
people say I need to stop no I need a counselor
I'm here you are gonna need a chopper
I'ma need a lawyer and you gon' need a doctor
Why? Because...
I got army guns.
Now ya know I play it like a pro in the game

I'm honest bitch I promise I'll kill ya and that's a fact.

Eh.. I think I'm gonna go watch my boyfriend be gay and bowl for a second. I'll write in here later, i"m just being bored.

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:: 2007 11 February :: 12.21 pm
:: Mood: enthralled
:: Music: music.. that reminds me. i think i'm going to get my iPod today
...sounds like a plan.

ulgh. baby shower. ++free food. =D

I am getting ready to go to a baby shower.
I have to be at Justin's mom's house at 1:30.
I still have like an hour, but I need to get dressed, brush my teeth, dry and straighten my hair, and do my make up.

This is going to be boring, I think.
Well--I'm not going to know anybody there. Soo...

Oh.. you know how I said mine is the 30th?
Sorry, I meant 31st. My bad. It's a Saturday.

I don't know if I have new pictures or not.. you can check 'em out if you want.

Last night, we were talking to Wes about my dad and just bullshitting with him. Well, I don't know how it came up but he was saying how Belle Vernon is dramavernon.
I was like "really?"
???? dur. I dunno. He was naming these people that I ahd no idea don't get along with each other. I dont know who dates who and what's up with anyone or anything. People tell me to call them and I'm like, "alright.." but never do.
I don't know if I do it on purpose, but I don't mean to be a dick.. I just don't feel like doing anything.

our pipes are still frozen.
my dad fixed one where it split.
he showed it to me and I was like, "!!!!!"
because it's like an inch thick of copper and it was seriously..split.

well, he fixed that and we thought we were going back to our house tonight only to find that... well.. there were about 50 more breaks and he needs to go buy 20 feet of copper.

This morning we got woke up at 9am, as usual, to my brother playing loud ass xbox in the living room.
We finally got out of bed at like 10 after laughing about dumb stuff.

now, he is at toys r us with shaunzie to take back some xbox games to give me the money for.
aaanddd i am going to that baby shower for a second.

other than that--
his mom bought me something.
it was a surprise.
then it turned into something from justin for valentine's day.
it is bigger than a pack of cigarettes but smaller than a breadbox.
it could be white or black.
shaun had one.
i "can love it," says Justin.
i can use it all day if i want to.
it's portable.

then.. he told me what it was. would you be able to guess?
i'm mad he told me. he's so bad at secrets. i pretend like i want to know, but i don't really want to know!!!!

haha anyways.
i think i'm done talking about random stuff.
i better go finish getting ready.

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:: 2007 8 February :: 4.41 pm

My little brother wants me to take him to his friends house but... i realllly don't want to.

I jsut got off of work about 45 minutes ago.
Justin is with Pozza and Jordan. I told him take his time.
We need our alone time sometimes.
I don't know if I can handle 24/7 with him.
He's a goofball.

Our water pipes are frozen so we've been staying at my mom's.
It sucks not having water. ..and considering it's the only beverage I like, I really can't live without it.

My brother is being supr annoying right now.

I miss our computer. I can't type on a regular keyboard, I have to pound super hard on Liz's because her keys stick.

On Saturday I have a lunch date so that will be something new for a change. I never do anything anymore. I hate people lately.
Plus, I work everyday and I'm always too tired to move.

I got my hair cut. Me and Christina took pictures while we were at a fire the day of the Super Bowl. (Did I write about this??)
if you want to see the pictures go to

Me and Justin were talking about that dad in Quinto manor that shot his 2 girls and his son this morning.
Isn't that sad?
He must have hated his ex wife and like Justin put it, if he killed her, he would've went to jail and the kids would've had to live with it their whole life.
So instead of putting so much pain on them, he gave them sleeping pills so they wouldn't see him kill anyone, and just shot them and then himself. That way his ex wife had to suffer her whole life.

I could never imagine killing my kids though. That would probably have to be the hardest thing in the world. Justin said he would never be able to do it. Some people are just too depressed to think things through, you know?

I think of my son with EVERYTHING i do and he's not even born yet.

Soo... craving for drama?
There isn't any. That's pretty much the whole reason why I don't talk to anyone anymore.
Eileen was talking to my mom one day and she's invited to the baby shower but she was like, "me and allison would love to come!!!"
when my mom told me that i was like, "mom, next time you talk to her, tell her allison's not invited. she talks shit on me but then shes nice to my face so i don't want her there."
my mom was like, "i bet she doesn't!!"
ugh, she's always giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.

someone could be on drugs and murder someone and she would feel bad because they got caught up in teh wrong crowd or something.

oh well, i guess that's one of the reasons why i love her. if it wasn't for her, i would probably hate bishop for everything she's done instead of really wish she could get help.

alrighty, well. i think i'm going to be out for now.

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:: 2007 3 February :: 12.27 pm
:: Mood: ready to go back to bed
:: Music: Justin singing in the shower

Today was supposed to be our sleep in day!! =(

.. But my mom called me at like 11:30 to tell me Pete will be here after he goes to Shop n Save to fix our dryer.
?? I don't know what's wrong with it.
I don't know what's going on.

We bought a new washer and dryer. Well, April and Shirley bought it for us, because our old washer wouldn't spin and drain completely, and our old dryer wouldn't heat when it dried.
We were goign to fix it but Justin's mom and gram bought us new ones.

But now, there's a problem because our new dryer is a 220.
and our old dryer had the hook up for a 110.
So we were just going to sell this one and buy a new dryer all together because we figured in the end it would be just as much to buy all the wire and stuff.
...but then my grandpap said he had the wire and there was a bunch of it in the shop.
Soo.. we used some but now it's a problem because the plug on the dryer has like.. four prongs.. and the other one has three.
So now we have to buy some kind of hook up?
I don't know what's going on but I'm sorry for rambling about it.

You know what really makes me cry?
That one commercial. I think it's a Pedigree commercial.
It plays that sad music.
And it shows dogs in kennels.
And it says, "I know hwo to sit, roll over, and fetch. But what I don't know.. is how I ended up--here. I know that I'm a good dog.. and I just.. want to go.. home."
And all the while it showing different slides of dogs in kennels. With cute puppy faces. It makes me want to take them all.
Just think how many get put to sleep because they can't find homes for them. =(

There's nothing on t.v.
I have to get an oil change today.
I hope I get to wash clothes today here because I don't feel like dragging them down my mom's.

I just paid my electric and my cell phone and now I have to go pay my comcast bill.. sooo.. i'm getting off here and going to pay this.

shower date: march 30.
let me know if you want invited--but chances are you probably already will be.

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:: 2007 28 January :: 1.14 pm
:: Mood: sick..miserable..
:: Music: The Prize Fighter Inferno


I have to get back to painting the bathroom ceiling.
I just wanted to take a break because I feel like shit right now.

Justin went sled riding up at Seven Springs for two hours but fuck the cold. I hate snow. I used to go snowboarding but just to make other people happy. I hated it.

I sort of have a lot to do today but not really.

I painted the trim in the hall and now I'm going to paint the bathroom.
After that I'll go down my gram's and get our t.v.
(Mine blew up so she is giving me one that she has at her house.)

Our comcast was out yesterday.
We were sitting on the couch and I fell asleep because I was sick and ended up sleeping for 4 hours and when I woke up.. the internet, cable, and phone weren't working.
We went down my mom's for a little bit after picking up a washer and dryer that Justin's gram bought for us.
I called Comcast and they said they'd send someone out to check it out with a 2-4 window.

This morning someone was here at 10:00am to tell us that we were disconnected outside because someone came and unhooked us since we were supposed to be shut off in December. ??
Justin was like, "We just got it turned on in January. Other people were living here and it was shut off..."
Psht. Oh well.

Anyways, I'd better get back to painting to get it over with.
I have to paint the ceiling and then the walls so I might have to take a nap when I'm done. I feel horrible today.

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:: 2007 26 January :: 7.55 am
:: Mood: Lazy. But content because.. because I just am
:: Music: Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Snow
(I'm not listening to it, but it's stuck in my head and I like it)

go to sleep, baby.. please..


I was finished with this whole FUCKING entry and I was typing in my FUCKING subject, mood, and music and the FCKING BROWSWER--SADKFJHASDFJH AARRGGGHH.
I hit something and the Webpage Expired because I don't know, because I hit back or asdhflkasjhdf something. IDK.

like I was saying.

I WAS in a happy mood todya because I get to get shit done.
I have a hair appointment at 10:30 which always makes me feel better. Johanna just knows how to make me feel better. =)
The gas company is also coming today to read my meter to switch the gas account in my name. The only thing about that making me happy is that I am getting it over with.
I'm pissed about this "four hour window" shit.

Also, work today. 1:00.
Andy better be happy that I cleaned my butt off all day yesterday because we had nobody come in.
You can't really tell though that the floors were swept 5 times and the vents were vacuumed out and the machines were all wiped off...
Oh well, I get to see Amber today.

Oh yeah.. and if you're reading this entry for the wrong reasons, you can stop wasting your time right here because I don't respond to petty attacks made against me that turn out more like a joke on yourself.
Too high school. Too "he-said-she-said." Too two years ago.
I don't talk to anyone that associates with you to care about your lies.
Overall, I grew up.

My brother and Justin started this "bowling" thing.
Tell me. What is that?
They go bowling seriously like every night.
Sometimes I go with them but when Shaun's not there to keep me somewhat entertained, it's ridiculously boring watching them play as many games as they can squeeze into a half an hour.
I should've never taken Justin to Jack's birthday party. I've created a monster.

Ugh I'm so annoyed with Justin for not going to work today.
He's "siiiiick." Yeah, I think he's a big baby. I'm sick all the time and I suck it up and go to work. I have priorites. Something no one I ever dated ever thought about.

I think I'm going to check my facebook and my forums and take a nap while I wait for the gas people to call with tehir "15 minute courtesty call."

I would be in a better mood today if I didn't have hurt feelings for a friend who I was a douchebagcuntbitch to. I wish you read this so you could remotely know that I'm sorry. I don't want you to have hurt feelings...

Ugh, I miss my mum. She's going to call me when she wakes up.

I hope I can fall alseep. I don't feel like I can at all and I'm hungry but don't feel like making food and the baby won't go to sleep..

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:: 2007 24 January :: 12.13 pm
:: Mood: kinda bored, i guess
:: Music: The Rap Hustlaz - Stunna Frames,
Jim Jones/Cam'ron - Pin the Tail

wit ya stunna wit ya stunna shades on...

Justin's at work and I should be getting ready to go to work myself, but.. eh, I'll take a break.
I just got out of the shower and I'm just chillin.

I think I'm developing a cough--that blows.
One of those coughs where you cough your lungs out because you feel liek you have to for that itchy feeling to go away.

Yesterday I had to get a diabetes test..
They made me drink this yucky sugary stuff.
Well, I bet it might have been remotely good-tasting if I even liked sugar at all.
Then some guy had to take my blood and I guess he was really nervous because he definitely did a horrible job.. I should've done it myself.

He was shaking and kept taking the rubberband on and off and he put the needle in my arm liike.. not deep at all, so that when he let go of it to put the bottle in the tube, it fell and was hanging there..
i think he was trying to be gentle as not to hurt me.. but he was.

I hope Justin has a good day at work today..
he was mad about going before he left. =/

I have an eye appointment tomorrow, a hair appointment the next day, and then a doctor's appointment next week. I'm booked up. Geez.

My credit card bill was due but it's saying $0 minimum balance is due??

Umm. yeah. I'm just writing in here cause I'm bored.
Going to work til about 7:00 and then we have to go grocery shopping so yeah, that's my boring day today.

Other than my back windshield getting smashed out, nothing exciting happens to me. =)
I love it when people I don't even know or have anything to do with trash my things.
The cop thought it was Sarah right away but I told him not to even say anything at all to her because I know it wasn't her.
?? He kept insisting on going and talking to her mom but I kept telling him not to, to the point where I was begging him not to mention anything to her.
I don't want someone to get in trouble for something they didn't do, you know? I don't get along with her, but that's fucked up..

Anyways, I'm out for now.

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