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:: 2004 1 November :: 3.10 am

Back from Stockholm. It was fun.
went shopping, bought a winter jacket and some winter boots. nice. Now i won't freeze to death. thats always a plus, right?

Also went to a castle, built in 1640 with all the original furniture still intact. It was cool. Also ate an apple from a 330 year old apple orchard. thats not something you do everyday. i thought it was cool.

School this week, after having a week off it kinda sucks having to go back. But atleast i dont have to be here with Ninni. I've had about as much as i can take.

ok, bored now.


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:: 2004 28 October :: 4.08 am

Going to Stockholm today. Im not looking foward to sitting on a train for 4 hours. Im going to go crazy from boredom. Not cool. I won't be getting back untill sunday, but not that that matters since no one really reads this thing anyway and i doubt if any who does will be heart broken.

Going to do some serious shopping while im there. yayness.


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:: 2004 27 October :: 8.34 am
:: Mood: surprised
:: Music: Brand New


I just made my day.

Last night Richard, Ohlsson and I went to Martin's again and played till midnight. Sweetness. Around 10 we breaked from Halo and watched Alias. They are only on season 2 over here. Bah. oh well

Good times...

I heart brand new

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:: 2004 26 October :: 3.05 pm
:: Mood: anxious
:: Music: Green Day: American Idiot cd


Last night Richard and i went to his friend Martin's house and played x-box till 11. That was cool. I suck at Halo, but kicked major ass in Dead or Alive. ah ha ha ha.

Martin is pretty hot. :)

Went into town today and bought myself shiny new converses. yay! They are hightops since i couldn't find the regular ones, but what the hell,they are comfy. I also bought a book that im going to read on the train to Stockholm on thursday.

I think we are going over to Martin's house again tonight, but i dunno since Richard and Ohlson are at Henke's. Who knows if they still want me to come, i mean its getting late and they most likely forgot. great, seeing as i got ready and everything.

I like hanging out with the 'guys' . Its fun.


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:: 2004 24 October :: 1.50 pm
:: Music: Green Day

Bravo. I see your senses seem to be as well-honed as your Viggo Mortensen pectorals.

andrew rocks

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:: 2004 24 October :: 6.50 am
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: The Used


Hoffman's place with the german gang. fuuuun stuff. Tacos at 9, moives till 4. Lots of fun. I heart him more than i did before now.

I need to do something about it.

Leufkens is awesome.totaly great.

going to ikea today, i love ikea. its so fun. oh my brain isn't working. ahhh. 3hours of sleep bahness.

oh well, i spent the night at hoffmans. hes so 'gullig' and 'mysig'. bit of swedish there for ya.


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:: 2004 23 October :: 8.15 am
:: Mood: hopeful
:: Music: simple plan's new cd

playin' it cucumber, as in "cool as a..."

Made brownies. Smells like brownies all over the house. mmmmgood.

watched 'once more with feeling'. That episode rocks.

meeting izza and linnea at videomix before we go to Hoffman's. cant wait.


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:: 2004 22 October :: 4.55 pm


(puts down his pipe)

(realizing who it is)
Oh, for the love of—

(runs toward Spike, touching his shoulders)
It's you. It's really you!
(hugs Spike, sobbing)
My therapist thought I was holding onto false hope, but... I knew you'd come back.
(sniffles, releases Spike from the hug to look him in the eyes)
You're like... you're like Gandalf the White, resurrected from the pit of the Balrog,
(touches his palms to Spike's face)
more beautiful than ever.
(hugs Spike tightly around the neck)
Ohh... he's alive, Frodo.
He's alive.

You two know each other?
(Spike launches a glance at Angel)

(steps back from Spike, sniffles, straightens his lapels)
Uh, yeah. Um... We—we saved the world together. I mean, Buffy helped, but... it was mostly us. Uh, so what happened? Last I heard, you went all pillar of fire down in the hellmouth.

Could we save memory lane till after we contain this psychotic superpowered killing machine?
(walks around the table, takes a seat beside Wesley)

We were just about to bring everyone up to speed on slayer mythology.

I'll take it from here, Pryce. Best they hear it from an expert.

Oh, right. Let the top man have a go.

(stifling a scoff, pauses, then sits)
Please... enlighten us.

Gather around and attend to a most unusual tale... a tale I like to call... The Slayer of the Vampyrs.
(rests his chin on his hands, pauses for thought, then clears throat)
(walking around the table)
Eons ago,
(looks at Gunn)
on the dark continent, 3 wise elders decided to fight evil with a taste of its own sinistro.
(touches Fred's shoulders)
They took a young girl, and they imbued her with the power of a demon.
(crooks his forefingers above Fred's head, forming makeshift horns)
Thusly, the first Slayer of the Vampyrs was born. But alas, the existence of a slayer is often brutal and short-lived. And the "primitive," as she was called, boasted no exception. But... the elders had foreseen this inevitability and...and devised a way for her power to live on.

In every generation, one is chosen.

Yes, attractive, slender woman.
(Fred rolls her eyes)
There are many potentials, as we experts call them.

Hundreds...maybe thousands per generation.

Each of them experiencing vivid dreams... some say nightmares... of the heroics of past slayers. But only one can be chosen.

That's, um...really great, but we...actually know all that.

You think you know, my good man. You think you know.
(lights his pipe, smokes it, coughs)

Uh, wait. So if there's only one slayer, what is little miss whack-your-head-off doing scampering around?

Little Sunnydale surprise.

6 months ago, Buffy, Vampyr Slayer extraordinaire, had her lesbian witch make with the beaucoup de magie. One light show later...

All the potentials become slayers.

An army of slayers. Brilliant stratagem. But with the watchers council destroyed, how will these new slayers receive their necessary—

Mr. Giles and a few key Sunnydale alum have been tracking down the recently chosen...
(reaches down to grab his brow-bag lunch; it's labeled with the British "Union Jack" flag and written under it is "ANDREW WC")
uh, guiding them, training them...
(takes a Zip-Loc baggie of goldfish crackers out of the bag and starts to eat them)
giving them the full X-Men, minus the crappy third act. But this Dana girl—she's an anomaly that no one could have foreseen—tortured, traumatized... driven insane by Yoda knows who.

And then the dreams of demons and superpowers she's always had suddenly become real.

The dreams of slayers are usually just that—dreams. But Dana's mental instability may be making them seem more real.

My hypothesis exactly, Pryce.
(takes a small red notebook out of his breast pocket)
I see Mr. Giles may have been wrong about you.
(nods, writes in his notebook

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:: 2004 22 October :: 4.11 pm
:: Mood: giddy

I heart Andrew and his british lunch bag!

I just watched the Angel episode where Andrew comes in! ahh! I love him!


Trying to build my website. Its taking forever. but what should i expect?

Carina, I need your genius brain.

Hoffman tomorrow. yayness



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:: 2004 20 October :: 10.36 am
:: Mood: disappointed


well green day tickets are on sale for their concerts in europe. They are um...$120 each....and then i have to get to germany...$300, and then hotel, and taxi. that is a crap load of money for a concert.

That just sucks major.

i am so pissed. there is no way i can go, and besides i have to have someone go with me. Argh!you have no idea, just...bah!


i am going to hoffmans this weekend, and next weekend a halloween party.

but i still want to see green day!

why cant i just have an infinate amount of money??

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:: 2004 16 October :: 6.17 am
:: Music: Brand New

ok. not much going on. Next week in school i dont go to any of my classes, but instead work on 'project work'. wek are holding a convention at the school in aprol for a week. the european youth convention...ive never heard about it but whatever. so i guess we will break into groups and work on different key things. that sucks because then i wont get to see hoffman. big sad face.

Next weekend the german class is going over to hoffmans place to have a movie night, eat tacos and my brownies. that should be real fun. i cant wait. i know that his parents aren't going to be there so that rocks major...and the girls are sleeping, linnea, and izza are. Yay...i dont know how late its going be when the thing is over so we just decided to crash not finding my way to the bus in the dark.

today we are going to morfar's to do laundry. fun. our washer is still broken and i have no clothes. i was supposed to go to town today with richard to buy some shoes and a nice warm winter coat. but guess that will have to wait till tomorrow, because evidently we have to tag along. thats just crap!

ive been looking all over for green day tickets. i cant buy them anywhere..or find them..hopefully they haven't gone on sale yet and thats why i cant find them. Eric said he might go with me to see them, even though hes not in to them. Why does he have to only like metal? what a nut. Richard would go if he had money, but im have to go regardless! I just have to bring someone with me who shares my semi-obsession of green day. that shouldn't be to hard to do right? I know carina would go with me in a heart beat, but the concert is in amsterdam, or germany, and shes back in fl, as i sit here in sweden. crazyness!!



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:: 2004 13 October :: 2.52 pm


bored. have sooo many test this week. dont have enough time to study for them either. sucks.

i don't feel good.

i know i forgot to do something but i dont know what.

green day is touring europe in jan/feb. im in eruope. i want to see them so bad! i could die happy if i saw them.

i=borderline obsessed.

i heat green day.

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:: 2004 12 October :: 5.36 am

can you tell im bored?

The Perfect Guy

Created by madhatter and taken 4503 times on bzoink!

Hair color?Dark
Eye color?light
Height?taller than me
Six pack?thats a plus
Long hair or short?in the middle-short
Glasses?if they look good on him
Eyebrows?no unibrow
Big butt or little?nice one
Chest hair?not too much
Buff or skinny?in the middle
Section 2
Funny or serious?both
Party-hopper or more stay-at-home?both
Should he be able to bake or cook?not a necessity
Does he have a best friend?i hope so
Is it okay for him to have a lot of female friends?not too many
Out-going or shy?out going
Sarcastic or sincere?both
Does he love his mother?he should
Should he watch chick-flicks?i dont
Would he be a smoker?no
How about a drinking?from time to time?
And swearing?ocassionaly
Would he play with your hair?yup
Would he have more than one girlfriend at a time?no way
Would he pay for you when you're on a date?most of the time
Does he kiss on the first date?depends
Where would you go for dinner?depends
Would he buy you flowers?sometimes
Would he lay under the stars with you and spout random philosophies?yes
Would he write poetry about you?no
Would he use endearments?dunno
Would he hang out with your and YOUR friends?hope so
How about you hanging out with him and HIS friends?sure
Would he walk you up to the door at the end of the evening?yes
Would you hold hands?yes
Section 3
Does he play soccer?yes
Water polo?umm?? who does?
Golf or something equally boring?eh...
Does he surf?nah
Can he sing?a little
Play the guitar?yes
Play piano?dunno
Play the drums?dunno
Can he keep his room clean?somewhat
Is he an artist of sorts?sure
Does he write his own music?no
Does he have pets?yes
Section 4
Does he use the word dude?nah
How about tight?no
Would he watch the sun rise and set with you?yup
What kind of car does he drive?a non crappy one
How old is he?same or not much older than me
What's his name?dunno yet

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!


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:: 2004 10 October :: 8.21 am

bored, bored, bored.

Im bored. Trying to translate some history homework but its not working out as well as i hoped. The answers arent anywhere in the book. its so dumb. I have to critique shit too. oh this is not fun.

i heart hoffman.

i need to go out and buy some new shoes, my converses have holes in them. not cool. oh well.


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:: 2004 5 October :: 11.02 am
:: Mood: Happy
:: Music: Sum 41:chuck cd

chocolatey goodness
ok whats been going on?

I have German every tuesday until 4pm. its a long class. A couple weeks ago, we all thought that the classroom smelled like chocolate. So we decided that every tuesday someone would bring in something that they would bake. and every time it has been something chocolate.

This week was my turn. so i baked my popular super chocolate brownies. they are sooo good, with goo in the middle. yum! so anyway, everyone was hungry and eager to eat. I opened the container of brownies and everyone ooed and awwed. yayness. everyone loved them! I am soo happy that everyone thinks they were great. the teacher and some others asked for the reciepe. I was told i had to bring it in many more times. so that made my day. and Hoffman is in that class and we all know the way to a guys heart is through his stomach. or at least i hope so.

Yeah, so i guess thats it. But everyone should buy the new sum 41 cd. I think it goes on sale at the end of this month.


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