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:: 2004 10 April :: 7.11 pm

I have a WICKED SWEET diary at

GO THERE! its cuuuute!

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:: 2004 9 April :: 1.35 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: Amelia, Jessica, and the sweet sound of typing

Hewo! well I sent in my 2 bucks for the journal. Im so glad I did because I really love it. anywhoo. Today Amelia called me and me her and Jessica went out to lunch at Upper Crust wich was wicked fun. Now we are sitting here at Armstrong waiting for the Tour Bus to come so we can go to some old house so Jessica can get Extra Credit. Woo hoo. We had to stand outside for like and hour waiting on this lady and we got eaten alive my gnats and other bugs. And we nearly passed out of heat stroke. And the lady kept saying, "5 minutes" i swear if i had a billion dollars for every time she said that I would be so freaking rich. anyways...after this we are going SHOPPING! cause they are going to New York on wendsday! uhg i hate them...but hey i get a t-shirt so thats cool. And also Amelia wants to look for prom dresses. Yesterday was so boring. Ahsleys boyfriend John came over and I watched School Of Rock...again. It was all good. So now im here. Leave me a comment yo. L8ter.

<3 always, Country

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:: 2004 8 April :: 9.03 pm friggen sending two dollars. I couldnt go without my journal. and i have put too much time in this journal. its like a part of im paying! lol


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:: 2004 8 April :: 8.33 pm


<3 Me

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:: 2004 8 April :: 3.30 pm
:: Mood: |*Chill *|
:: Music: *Kanye West*- Slow Jams

she said she w3ant some Marving Gaye some Luther Vandross a little Anita...
+ Hewo +

Today was nothing special. But I got to hang out with my mom. And that was cool. Alot of people probably think im a total freak but I honestly consider my mom one of my best friends. I guess she's just one of those moms. I cant tell her everything but I can tell her alot and Its just cool being with her. Especially since she lets alot of stuff I say slide.

This Spring Break was honestly crappy. I didnt do much. I went to the beach once, big woop. I just sat home all day. I guess thats how it goes when you dont have alot of friends around. But next year will be better cause at least I can get my friends to drive me least the ones who are old enough.

Im really excited for Easter Sunday. I wanna see Jew so bad. It feels like we've sort of lost touch and I am NOT letting that happen anymore with my friends. Sometimes you gotta let go, but Im not letting go of her. Shes to great of a person. And I realized that it isnt right to get a new friend and then leave the other one in the dust. So im not doing that crap anymore. And the thing I hate is, when somone calls for me and im not in the best mood or I just dont like talking [[cause sometimes talking on the phone is a pain in...ya...]] My dad gets mad because he's saying that im avoiding friends. But I dont like being with the same person 24/7 ya know? And sometimes the only way to get away is avoid calls and stuff. I dont know. You guys probably think im a bitch, and maybe I am. But its not like im saying I cant stand so-and-so, Sometimes I need my space. We all do. And I dont see why people cant accept it and give it to me. Then maybe I wouldnt have had all the problems I did recently. But then again everyone thinks differently, and to that person I could be a huge asshole in their eyes for not wanting to make contact. Whatever...this isnt even relevant to the topic at hand.

Yesterday at the beach was...interesting. I think the one reason we didnt talk to any guys is because I was there. And im not fishing for compliments here, im serious. I was with 3 pretty girls and there is just plain me. Katie tried to convince me thats not the case...but I have a different opinion. And also, I dont just go to the beach to meet guys...I mean yeah its nice but I like to go and hang out with my friends. Despite the fact is was freezing. I dont think i've grown any closer to Katie or Alanna because half the time i was 2 feet behind with my head down not saying anything. I dont care though. Im such a chatter box, but its gotta be with people im comfortable with and I know doesnt care if im a complete loser. And that what I like in friends. I dont want to be friends with people who I have to make sure I act "cool" around. I like really chill people. Not uptight people who are to busy gossiping to have fun. Its drives me insane. One of these days im going to invite like completley random people out with me, just to see what they are like. Random, eh?

Well I guess im done ranting and raving about friendships now.

Summer is almost here. Im excited, but im so scared for highschool but also im so relieved! I was talking to my sister about Dot Day. And she told me they mainly go after the boys, I was really relieved. She said they didnt even get her. But Then Sarah's friend Kerri said they got her good. She said they wrote "Fresh Meat" on her face! I was like ahhh no. But oh well. I guess its one of those experiences you just have to go through with. And just as long I dont see John Szeker then ill be okay, lol.

I just found out my Aunt who lives with my grandma in Arizona is maving back to Chicago. Im so happy for her, because she has NO life. Im dead serious. She moved out there to help with my grandpa, but after he died it was just her and my grandma. She doesnt have a boyfriend and shes like 40 something. So im glad shes moving back.

Anyways, im out like Sour Kraut.

- <3 always, CouNtry -

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:: 2004 8 April :: 2.19 pm

Have you ever seen a man stumbled and fallen
All due to his pride
I donít want to be another one
Fallen due to my pride

Take my pride away
Pride away
Take my pride away
Pride away
Take my pride away

Lord keep me only focused on You
Make me a humble man
Donít ever let me take the credit
For all that you have done

Take my pride away
Pride away
Take my pride away
Pride away
Take my pride away

Standing here amidst this point of definition
Pushing for position as I battle opposition
Am I on a mission or is it all in vain
Do you notice the difference or is it all the same
And who do I blame when my vision gets blurry I
Get in a hurry frusterated and feeling fury
Faith is enduring to stand the test of time
Answers are plain we make them hard to define
But pull from divine when problems arise
But pride denies and my stand never survives
In every one of our lives in every single day
We need to lay down our pride as God takes it away

Take my pride away
Pride away
Take my pride away
Pride away
Take my pride away

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:: 2004 6 April :: 7.45 pm

mmmm brownies are goooood! So whats up? Im going to Katie's in tww seconds. tomorrow me, her, and alanna are going to da Beach. woot woot. okay so leave me lots and lots of comments to read when i get back! yay! L8ter Sk8ter....

<3, CouNtry

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:: 2004 6 April :: 5.14 pm
:: Music: TFK- This is a call

Re-did the journal...again
Hewo. I felt like updating once more. I think I update more then a normal Woohuian should, but I was always a little strange.

I was thinking about how I've lost alot of friends. I mean. I think we all go through it but I really have lost touch with alot of really great kids. Im not going to say any names, but I would give anything to be friends with those people again. And I didnt lose them by a fight, it was more like...we all had different classes and just lost touch. I miss 5th and 6th grade. I had some cool friends. I miss em'.

Everything is pretty happy right now. Im not to thrilled about my dad coming home from Cali...buut I cant exactly do anything about that.

School is nearly over! Wow. I cant wait till highschool. I need some friends. I have no friends. And there are TONS of people I wish I could hang out with...but im too scared to say anything to them on the chance they decide they dont like me. But if they dont I guess I wouldnt want to be friends with them anyways....? Idk.

I swear, i'm such a loser. The only reason I didnt go to the beach with KT and Alanna yesterday was because I was scared I would "cramp their style". Isnt that so lame of me. I need some Prozac or something [[donations would be appreciated]]. haha. Well im out.

- CouNtry -

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:: 2004 6 April :: 4.32 pm

Yay! I'm going to the Atlanta Fest in June!

Heres all the bands playing:

Relient K
Audio Adrenaline
Steven Curtis Chapman
Third Day
Paul Colman
Casting Crowns
Warren Barfield
Across The Sky
lil iROCC
the pool boys


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:: 2004 5 April :: 10.24 pm
:: Mood: stoked
:: Music: Yellow card- sure shot

I just got done watching Dog Town and Z Boys. I suggest everyone who's into skating watch it if you havent already seen it. Seriously that movie is hard core. I mean it really helps you understand that skating is not just any other sport and those guys are so fucking awesome. I swear. And i was happy to see 2 chicks on the team. Dude my sister is trying to kill me. she made me go eat at Shintos with her. That restraunt is good and all but it makes me sick. but we saw Zeke Gaines and my sister yells out the window IM CRAZY! i was like you asshole hahaha. we were talkin about highschool and i said i was gonna go in there and be like "IM CRAAZY! NOW BE MY FRIEND!" to all the people. And im gonna tell my teachers if they dont give me 100's ima gut them like a fish. And i was like, im gonna bring a gutted fish when everyone else is bringin in like apples and im gonna like swing it around and make sure the guts get everywhere...haha we have some sick minds, me and ashley. the guy who works in movies music and more is such an awesome dude. we had like a 10 minute convorsation about random stuff, hes so raw. but he has some weird obsession with Tenacious D...i was like alright buddy, calm down. yeah but hes cool as hell. i think im gonna go do a survey just to piss people off. yeah okay later on.

- country

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:: 2004 5 April :: 1.56 pm

Yet another quiz...
If you found out you had cancer, who would you tell first?:Well since my family would already know, I would tell Mr. Huey, my youth minister...because he's such a great guy to talk to
If you had one day to live, who would you spend it with?:I would spend it with as many people possible! I would have all my friends/loves with me
What do you love most in life?:I love being alive! it's awesome. God has truly blessed us all with the gift of life...and I think knowing that makes life awesome
If you lost a family member, who would you go to for comfort?:My church
Who is one famous person you want to meet in life?:Bam Margera
Who is one infamous person you want to meet in life?:Parker Shinn
V-day on the phone with your sweetheart or hang out with your friends?:Hang out with my boyfriend and friends
What do you cherish more, music or your family?:My family...but music is second on my list
Who do you trust most?:Amelia Morgan...she is such a fox! haha
If you could get any car you wanted what would it be?:A Blue Wagoneer or a black Murano
Who/what do you miss most in life?:Shane And Savannah...
What is your most cherished memory?:playing football with Shane in the cheesy as it sounds
If you could go forward in time, who would you be with and where?:I would be with John Szeker [[in my dreams]] and We would be living in California
If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be?:California
If you could change anything in your life, what would you change?:I would change the way i've acted in the past towards people

lfrost6389's Untitled brought to you by BZOINK!

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:: 2004 4 April :: 10.24 pm

Excuse me, I ment to Put Lizz. Since thats how KT and Luke spell it. Bye.

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:: 2004 4 April :: 10.04 pm
:: Mood: satisfied
:: Music: Yellow Card- Sure Shot

Adam Brody Is The Man.
Hewo. How are you? I am terrific. Katie was supposed to spend the night but she got homesick. I dont blame her. I get it just about everytime I go over to someones house. But today was fun. Church rocked but I really wish we would have sat with the youth because...well just because. Tomorrow is gonna be off the hizzy. Me and Katie are hittin up the beach. I'll probably sleep the whole freaking time. And then wake up and be burnt like a french fry. This wendsday i'm going to be devestated without church! I guess it gives me something to look forward to next wendsday. I'm so freaking ready for Summer. I need to get out of that school, that class, and away from alot of those people. I think once summer starts my attitude will change completely. I think the reason i've been so to myself lately is because I just am so sick of school. Im sick of tests, exams, papers...Uhg i all sucks. And now I have a project due in like late April. If those people think that i'm coming to Honors Day they can bump that ludacris idea. Last night was awful. I couldn't sleep AT ALL. My nose was so uhgggg stuffy and runny and my eyes were so itchy. I swear to goodness I hate pollen. Which reminds me...Today me and KT walked past my neighbors house and their daughter's car was out there. Well they are all old. But anyways..someone wrote "wash me" on her car. And for some inapparent reason I wrote "HOLLA" on it, then on the back I wrote "Im old" and Katie wrote "Old Fart". I feel so bad for doing that because I dont even wanna know how she felt when she say that stuff and now as silly as it seems I feel terrible for it. That lady is always so nice to me. Ahh. I seriously need to think before I do stuff. Anyways...Im gonna go watch a movie or something. Leave a comment.

Love In Christ, Liz

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:: 2004 3 April :: 6.19 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: Kenny Chesney- some people change

against all odda against the grain love finds a way some people change
Wow! i'm actually giving real updates instead of quizzes. Today was rockin. Me and mom went and ate at this cool restraunt called Semolinas. Then we went and got this ice cream from a really gnarly place called Cold Stone Creamery...or something like that. [[they opened one in the Savannah Mall...go there!]] Then we went to the mall. We were in abercrombie i think when i saw this lady...she looked so familiar but i didnt think about it, until i tunred around and saw DUNN DUNN DUNNA! Ashlee Powell. YIKES! Okay, me and her used to be goooooood friends, then she started being a beeeotch aqnd stuff. So i just avoided her and finally she didnt call me anymore. I knew if she would have saw me she would have called me tonight. And the lady was her mom, i knew i knew her from somewhere. I practically jogged out of the store and me and my mom went up to Express, and somehow i knew they where going to come in...and the did!! i was like hiding around the corner and i sprinted out really fast, haha. It was so funny, i was like dodging them around mom was like "your insane!" Then i got these RAD brown New Balances...i have the grey ones but i think the brown ones are cooler. And the best one has them and they cant get them cause they are going out of stores! woo hoo. bout to head over to Katies and stay the night. We are gonna have a mad cool time, maybe Luke will come...since im terminal and everything. haha. Well ill update tomorrow or something! Later Skater!!

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:: 2004 3 April :: 11.37 am
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Jimmy Neutron

I Love Sheen!
Hey, I was just thinking how crazy it was that i've had this journal for practically a whole school year. It's seen my ups and downs. It knows my friends. It's just crazy to think that I write in this almost every day about my life. I bet if I went back and read some of my early entries i'd be like "Hey, I remember that!" I dont think anyone really reads my journal or is intrested in my life anf thoughts, but it's cool to be able to put down my day and not have to write it in a lame journal that you have to lock and crap. Anyways...I just wanted to say Thank You Journal, for listening to my crap.

- Word

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