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:: 2004 29 February :: 9.11 am
:: Mood: still sleepy
:: Music: Hot Hot Heat "Bandages"

Hey, so yesterday was a good day. Eagle-ette practice in the morning wasn't too bad. Our dollies got their dresses lol. If my camera had any batteries i would post a pic of that.

Afternoon consisted of watching TV. Then at night, natalia, christini, rach, sam and I went out to Fridays. Fridays was fun, its really nice spending time with everyone outside of school in a relaxed atmosphere. Christine had a hair in her food, but they didn't give us free icecream :( lol. Sex and the Sam. After we went to coldstones, and then just hung out at a table outside of "panarhea" bread (rhymes with gonorhea, our poor sammy can't pronounce panera :) lol. TobAcco. After we went back to natalia's and watched a sex + the city episode. Then the night ended for me, i was sleepy! lol. thanks for a nice night girls- luv u :)

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:: 2004 25 February :: 6.16 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: "She bangs"

Wasted by the way she moves..she moves.
Today was much better. I feel like i can manage everything now. I figured out all my next year's classes so I'm all good. Chem II, pre cal, psych, and health w/ TOK. It'll be hard, but i'm not overloading myself.

The senior prank was really dumb...hmmm, if they want to have their senior acitvities suspended, go ahead, for a really crap prank that made the school smell. Otherwise than that tho, good day. I dressed in my cute skirt and i got lots of compliments- thanks :) In first hour, i've been walking the track just listening to a walkman. I dunt really have friends in that class, but its all good becuz i enjoy starting off my day with a relaxing walk with music. Wish i was still in yrbook..but watcha gonna do. 3rd hour was pretty funny. danielle, heather, and i were passing around a note...pig porn anyone? LOL. then i was imitating danielle's role as a hick...then mr.epstein yelled at me. it was muy comico! English was okay, then in dance we learned more of the jazz dance. I don't really like the song, or the dance that much. Now i have to sell candy for dance. I'm gonna try to get rid of it ASAP! The bus was fun...just interesting convos. Now i gotta go read econ...<3

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:: 2004 23 February :: 7.56 pm
:: Mood: yucky
:: Music: stupid jc chasez song

yea. let's count what i have...

i have a cold.
i have a research paper to do.
i have an econ chapter to read

let's count what i don't have:
i don't have enough sleep time. or relaxation time.
i don't have first hour with my buddies :(
i don't have patience right now.

i'm in a poop mood.

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:: 2004 22 February :: 9.53 am
:: Mood: okay
:: Music: Rooney "Simply because"

....guess that's one way to think of it? lol

let's see. friday, rachie and christini came over. lots of funnies. saturday was a shortened eagle-ette practice (yea!) then i went out to sushi with bryan. yummy.

i think i have a cold. ::blows nose repeatedly:: sigh. hw to attend to....

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:: 2004 18 February :: 10.13 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: Newlyweds theme song...

Until death do us part...
Let's see yesterday was a tiring, yucky day. But today was a lot better, at least afternoon. On the bus i had fun dancing with my sammy, looking at the last year's loggers yrbook, and talking about "hummers". lol. then after katherine, rach, christini, and i went running. Running has become like my new fav thing. I like it a lot, esp with my gurls. We wendys...ran back, as our motivation to eat! lol. Then after, christini rach and i hung out which was a lot of fun. nipples. bats. It was good bonding time which i def needed :) thanks girls. now i am sleepy. and depressed that ryan and marissa might not get back together :-/ eh.

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:: 2004 16 February :: 7.08 pm
:: Mood: accomplished

i feel accomplished- i actually got a fair amount done today. go me! i also redesigned my woohu, so go check that out. i'm not sure what happened to my pic entry...guess i deleted it? wah.

other excitements of today: christine called me to procrastinate and we looked at lj communities about butts. lol. also, i went to the ortho-dentist (i went to both) and the orthodontist said i am completely "dismissed. " so no more braces visits for me. yay. its worth it in the end people, for those whose braces are discouraging you....i'm not quite sure why i'm rambling on about this either.

haha. my dad is funny. i was complaining that my friends all had something and he was like... "some of your friends have penises...and i'm not going to get you one of those." thanks dad.

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:: 2004 10 February :: 7.40 pm
:: Mood: alright
:: Music: some rap song

alright, this week is a little better now that econ test isn't thurs + my pics should work out.

ya know, am i really gonna want to look back at these entries about economics tests? lol. ::sigh:: Too much eagle-ettes this week. But after this week, it calms down. That cruise is a little more than a month away! excitement....

Sameen, sam, and i had fun today in english. haha. fuckers. valentine's day coming up...don't know if i'm supposed to even expect anything? i'm keeping my expectations low, mr. i write about slumlords on my fcat prompt. lol. shrug. shrug.

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:: 2004 8 February :: 12.31 pm
:: Mood: happy!
:: Music: Jet

this weekend was sooo awesome :)

friday w. christine, katherine, christina, and rachel. toys r us + fridays. that was so nice, was xtina's "birthday." tehe. <3

natalia's party...whoa. lol. "good times, good times" as sunil would say. dancing and god knows what pics r on everyone's digi cam :)

today: econnnnn reading. argh. and other hw. :-(

thanks everyone who was with me for a greeeat wknd :)

click here for the {many} pics of the wknd Read more..

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:: 2004 5 February :: 10.03 pm
:: Mood: enthused
:: Music: Gavin degraw

You say u wanna be with me
this wknd {nights} should be fun...looking forward to it! :)

today: boring-ness + scurry people at lunch. bus pics.

my grandma has arrived. she's already chattered away about all the topics i know she will repeat for the new few days. we went to chocolate decadence (a bunch of dessert/chocolate/random things that get together one night and have lots of booths with samples. yum). Mis padres were there. I went around, ate stuff...obviously. Came home. now i shall sleep. love to my lovers. <3

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:: 2004 2 February :: 7.09 pm

new music has been rocking my socks :) gavin degraw, jet, the darkness, brand new i'm lovinnn it.

"I am sorry that anyone was offended by the wardrobe malfunction during the halftime performance of the Super Bowl,'' Timberlake said in a statement. "It was not intentional and is regrettable.''

yea. uh-uh cuz doesn't everyone always just reach out and rip off people's shirts?

okay, enough said about that :)

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:: 2004 28 January :: 6.08 pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: Clay "Invisible"

life is a song, except you can't rehearse...
with every verse...
it justs gets worse.

-buffy musical. lol

hrmm. too much damn IB work! we're alllll feeling the pressure and i so should not be updating. argh. once friday is over....well. no. cuz u know, i have eagle-ettes on saturday...once SATURDAY is over, i'll be able to relax...a little.

keep ur spirits up...the end of this week shall come soon...

the bear wants out too...

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:: 2004 22 January :: 8.03 pm
:: Mood: unhappy
:: Music: Death for Cutie

The sugary smell of spring time...
bleh. not best mood. not looking forward to eagle-ettes tmrw AND sat AND mon AND tues AND thurs.

my mom and i have been trying to get me a summer counseling job. I hope something works out! Fire island is my last resort for a job. I kinda want to go back, kinda not. It probably won't happen anyway...

Subway = gooood. And i'm liking death cab more :)

stupid people in spanish...
mrs. french "what does 'tengo miedo' mean"
someone: um...i want to die?

ay. caramba

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:: 2004 19 January :: 3.51 pm

I am Nothing!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

Take More of Robert & Tim's Quizzes
Watch Robert & Tim's Cartoons

i believe in a thing called love....homework...that's a different story

ps. hotttt new layout :)

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:: 2004 18 January :: 11.08 pm
:: Mood: happy!
:: Music: u look so fine that i really wanna make u mine :)

edit: contest: make a caption for the last picture...why were we making that face? ;)

lol. funnnn times at christini's house :)

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:: 2004 18 January :: 9.57 am

let's see...wrap-up of wknd so far..

friday- 1st went to bryans :) watched my eagle-ettes on trl! yay! mom picked me up too soon...then natalia/amy came over. played dress-up, took pics, and made digi cam videos. haha, they're really funny!

sat- hung around. took drug & alcohol test. see people, i did it! then amy and i went to see along came polly. reaaly cute movie! We had lotsa fun- first when no1 would sit in our row, but then who shows up but emily hendel! then we took funny pics in borders...then amy found $100! so her parents took us to coldstones where we saw diego vizcaino. hehe.

So far its been fun :) today i'm going to the mall with senora mama. la la la

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