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:: 2005 7 February :: 10.50pm
:: Mood: content

Tomorrow is the FCAT Writing + periods 1 - 3. Then in fourth period we're having a party of sorts. Meaning Hope's bringing Japanese pancakes, I'm bringing blueberry muffins and my ps2 and DJ's bringing Napoleon Dynamite. Then sixth period I'm hoping Blanco will cave in and have us play games, and hopfully I'll get Taboo with Hope and DJ.

Went to the suppermarket with Mum after school then multitasked between cooking the muffins for tomorrow and some overdue science work.. I don't have science tomorrow because of FCAT, so I'll finish it tomorrow. Because Mystery Men on USA is much more interesting.

"We're not the classic superheros.. we're the other guys." Eddie 'The Shovler'

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:: 2005 7 February :: 7.41am
:: Mood: content
:: Music: I'm gunna love you forever

Ooh Boi !
Lets start with friday... Well as most of us know... Jackie is an can b a very annoying person. And for some reason... she loves to start shit with speedy when he comes over to me.. so on friday when he walked over to talk to me.. she kicked him in his b@lls an obviously thats gunna hurt.. so he barely hit her in the leg ( which by the way he asked her friend if he should an she sed YES ) but neway.. so she started bitching an threw water at him.... so in return he took his powerade an threw it on her :) .. o wells sucks for her.. thennn she had a fuckin shit fit an started saying " are you kidding me??" he walked away.. she started crying bc she was "pissed" an then she has the nerve to say " Kim .. why didnt you do nething??" that pissed me off. fight ur own fucking battles.. an plus if u dint kick him in his fucking balls he wouldnt of dun shit!! an about er1 gives him props so fuck u! i dun even give a f.ck if ur pissed off @ me either. its kid shit. grow up u conceaded fuck! .........now on saturday... i hung out with speedy again.. dun remember exactly wut we did but i remember running into jackie at the pizza place lol.. she didnt say hi or nething n speedy tried being nice by smiling an she just grilled him. .. then sunday.... i hung out with speedy again.. we went to watch peps play bball.. then we ended up riding in the back of a truck... sum cool shit lol it was fun but cold. then we went home to watch the superball an shiznat. o yeah he taught me some wrestling moves... pretty fun. cant wait til valentines day!!!:) --- g2g bells guna ring ... lattter <3

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:: 2005 4 February :: 9.44am
:: Mood: crazy
:: Music: Sexy Lady

Heyy... Leah where the hell are you in the morning????? fucken bitch!!! ... kidding ;) - i love you. :):) -- neway So yesterday... Jackie and I got into a fight with Alicia.. of course she had no good come backs.. we where calling her a slut an shit.. so funny....an mad people got involved.. but of course.. theyre on my side :) -- er1 loves me muhahah!!! made my day.. then I hung out with speedy....I helped his mommy with gym applics. -- then we just chilled back.. i ate dinner there. hmm then after hours... we hung out with mee young.. her boyfriend n murphy... and smoked.. then went to the pool hall.. pretty ill... i was high as fuck... but was like falling asleep :) .. went back to speedys.....got his hw an my necklace that i forgot.. then he wouldnt let me leave lol.. he was getten all sad... :( -- my hubby!! lol newayy so yeah that was my day :) -- leah i love you u fucking sexy 69ing bitch. --- hit me up. hah. an fucken tell me where u r in the morning!!! laterrr..

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:: 2005 3 February :: 8.56pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Shake The Sheets - Ted Leo + The Pharmarcists [in my head]

Well.. I've missed school for the past few days on account of the fact that I'm sick, but I'll be back at school tomorrow. Which I'm looking forward to.

I found out that DJ came to school today, so he's obviously well once again. I also found out that tomorrow in Language Arts we're going to play games once again, which is a real treat. And it gets even better! Monday and Tuesday we're also going to be playing games and then on Wednesday we're having a pizza party! [once again. x3]

My lips are much better now, the swelling went down and only a little bit of the edges are still that dark shade of maroon. And I can finally open my mouth wide without feeling like the skin on my lips and tearing to bloody shreds. [yey]

I've still got those Algebra and Science tests tomorrow... but otherwise the aspect of going back to school tomorrow seems bright and cheery.

There was a meeting for parents and students to talk about freshman coarses last night. And think I have my schedual pretty much figured out.

I know I'm going to be taking Geometry, Band, an advanced reading class, probably regular American History so I can have an easy class, most likely regular Science, and maybe English honors or something.. Then I'm taking this one boring coarse online during the summer so I can have an extra elective, which will either be like Art II, Photography or Acting I.

Then I'll have French for tenth and eleventh grade for sure.. Oh joys.

I'm off to study up some and listen to my new Ted Leo CD, which I utterly adore.

"Dude, did you see the seven hairstyling classes they have?" messa.

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:: 2005 2 February :: 5.07pm
:: Mood: sick
:: Music: The Postal Service

Well then, sickness seems to be spreading like wildfire lately.

DJ's been out of school for the past three days and I asked Briana if he was dead yet and she said he's had a 102 fever. That's not good.

So then yesterday in third period I started sneezing and getting a stuffy nose, which continued to get worse as night fell and became extra-nasty this morning. I had a test in Science today so I was planning on going, even though Mum had her protests. But just five minutes into first period I was back on my way home. I knew I wasn't fit for school, everyone was comments on my lips (which have swollen, became chapped and scarlet) and I was starting to feel dizzy. The real reason, I think, I was so bent on getting to school was to see if DJ was well yet, which he wasn't.

Poor boy, I might not feel well, but my temperature is barely peeking 99.

Freshman thingy at the highschool in an hour.. I should probably take a shower and get ready soon. -cough-

Oh, the Shake The Sheets Cd I ordered came in today, so I'll pick that up on the way maybe.

'so\just say how to make it right\and i sware i'll do my best to comply\tell me am i right\to think that there could be nothing better\than making you my bride\and slowly growing old together'

China is writing a story. It needs a lot of work. Like, seriously. She keeps switching tense in the writing and the style's really... Well she doesn't really have a style of writing at all, truth be told. And the character isn't really interesting, he has a bad judge of character.. One of those, 'Oh, he rapes me; but I just try to shut it out.. He's really a good person you know.. blah, blah.' It's sickingly not thought out.

I might buy the Sealab: 2021 Season Two box set when I get my CD since it's new, and most likely on sale.

So there you have it. My most recent entry.

"I will not walk; so a child may live!" - Master Shake

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:: 2005 2 February :: 12.43pm
:: Mood: pissed off

fucking a!!!
yeah so the b.tch dint show up to cos. hmm wonder y!!! not only that but fucking speedy keeps asking the same goddamn questions n its pissen me offf!!!!!!!!erg--post more later.

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:: 2005 2 February :: 7.53am
:: Mood: annoyed

Blah!In a pretty bad mood. I dunno wut to do!! grrr!! im getting annoyed with speedy too!! not sure if i wanna even b with him nemore!! he treats me god but erggg!! hard to explain. to top that off im gunna fuck up alicia kennedy.. shes pissing me off-- i swear to god i think im gunna end up giving her a black eye today. she walks around thinking shes fucking tough shit.... when ... no1 likes her wut so ever. kinda sux!!! ;) --- newayyy.... yeah blah <3 u leah. -- later

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:: 2005 1 February :: 11.28am
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: I'll make love to you .. like you want me to

heyyyyy ---- i havent been on in a while to even update.. but leah reminded me todayy about it so i did lol....ummm well lets see.. me n speedy have been good... happy.. giggley... an 2gether for a bit now.. since the 13th... woo! ..he saw my scars which fucken scared the shit out of me. i was so nervous n embarrased :( -- i dint know wut to say so i yanked my arm away an just sed they where old. i had walking namonia for about 2 weeks.. i wanted to f.cken kill myself!!! ... leahs still my sexy b.tch!! woot woot lol love u chica!!cant wait to ... do ... 69!!! mmmmm!! lol ahh u make my day. umm im dying to just drop out of school cuz i fricken hate it more then lifeee!! grr. but yeah i switched my classes so theyre not to bad. but cant wait til da summer. going to florida!!! :) ... leahs gunna come in my suitcase an where guunna get our own hotel room an .. :) -- haha well i g2g now.. got things and PEOPLE 2 do. ;)ha lattterr

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:: 2005 21 January :: 7.41am
:: Mood: hyper
:: Music: none


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:: 2005 31 January :: 4.49pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Jimmy Eat World

My weekends always suck.

'Pooooour you misery down on me\You can't keep me company as long as you don't care\I'm only happy when it rains'

That's a neat song. I'll try to get Hope to burn it for me or something.

We did poems in Blanco's class today. I'm terrible at poems usually, but if I was just being silly I suppose I could do okay.. But anyway. Ben read his it never really ryhmned, but it was funny as hell to the melody of Mother Goose. Repeating and stuff. Hilarious. Hope's was good, like most things she does. We both wrote about Tobias. I'm not sure what he is, since we once named a baby mouse Tobias, but then later that night it was fed to one of Bianca's pet snakes... So maybe he's a spirit or something.. But he was eating and drinking so I'm pretty sure he's a solid being.

Anyway. I got a B on the Algebra test from last week, way better than a lot of people did. I think we're taking the test again, since the curved average was something around 44. So I might go over it later tonight.

I have A's in all my classes right now except for Band, since I bombed two practical tests. Oh well, Band'll be easy to get back up, and we have ten point extra credit when progress reports come out.

I missed DJ today. Like his jokes, cleverness and presence. But I don't think I have a crush on him or anything.. Ha. He makes the day less boring. Everyone will agree with that. Anyway, I drew a picture of a pirate and used him as a referance. I'm so stupid. X3

"Life would be so boring if you weren't so eccentric, Shelby." DJ

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:: 2005 28 January :: 9.25pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: I-D-I-D-O-T-H - Group X

coupon for free punch to the face
Random good things of the past few weeks:

learned how to properly fold a shirt
played Taboo! for the first time
started a rubberband ball
ordered a Ted Leo CD
found more similarities between Hope and I
Garden State soundtrack
ate a mint Aero Nestle chocolate bar
was given amusing Vondage magazine ad
got a new sweater
got new strawberry shampoo
fully discovered albinoblacksheep.com
drew a full body
bruise seems to be fading nicely
learned the names of some human bones
visited Arissa at her first job
new SAT vocab consists of fun words [Gesticulate, blathering, somnambulist, oh my!]
DJ makes a good pirate

Yep, I'm looking pretty optimistic right now.

Well then.. sorry for not updating. Well, maybe not, since maybe only Ambar reads this. :B

Pink's gettin' old, so I dunno, maybe browns next time? Mint green? Both? I'm open for suggestions.

I'm planning on taking this one bussiness course online Fressman year so I can have two electives. One's going to be Band and for the second, I'm torn between Choir and some kind of Drama\Art class. Almost everyone is going to be in Choir, plus they have an abundance of awesome field trips; but I don't think I have much of a singing voice at all.. not good with high notes and such. Also, I haven't been in an Art class since fourth grade and I've never been in any sort of Drama class or club- so I'm pretty keen on that idea. Maybe I'll make s'more friends, or have Hope or Arissa in one class.

I also heard you can take P.E. online. That's killer.

Steven's attracted to me, I guess. "Cause there's nobody as cool and calm as you... At times, that can be a subtle turn on." I'm flattered.


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:: 2005 13 January :: 10.06am
:: Mood: horny
:: Music: Color me badd.I wanna sex you up.

! 69 !
I havent updated in a while. never really know exactly wut to right about.... umm i'm Here with Leah. Cut tech today';) Todays Matthews birthday :( - he would be 8 today :( RIP I love you matt. Todays also my moms anniversery (wedding) cute. Anyway so yeah Jackie got on my fucking nerves this morning like always. hate herrr sumtimes!!! erg!! Y esterday speedy called :) ... he gave me a ring by the way tehhaha. alot is going on betwen him n me ... so happy... we told eachother that we r eventually going to go out.. he says real soon .. so yeah. im chillen wit him today too :) muhaha. but be4 that i have a stupid doctors appointment with korrol. woo hoo nope!! grr.. he gets paid so much for nothing !!! lol im in there for like a second!!! newayy.. atleast it goes quick. boo im hungry!!! feed me! ... leahs over here playen operation on her new fuckin phone. its hot!! but now me n her r gunna have some nice fucken hot sex in the girls bathroom :) :) so Latterrss

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:: 2005 12 January :: 12.51pm
:: Mood: calm

Well havent posted in a while.. posting mostly cuz leah keeps reminding me. :) - as u can see ive been really busy.. or just occupied an having mad fun :) .. ive chilled with speedy like every single day an he even gave me a gold ring n put it on the finger ( uh oh!! ha) neway so yeah.. we arent going out now but we plan on becoming something soon. really soon. cant wait. umm yeahi have to go now :) laterr-- ill post more 9th period cuz i have off.. leahhh i love you u sexy bitch!!

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