you think about yourself too much and you ruin who you love


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if you'd tell me to go to hell at least you'd sound sincere

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:: 2016 7 November :: 10.48 pm
:: Music: bright eyes

last post as a 30 year old.


:: 2016 27 October :: 3.50 am
:: Music: iamx

it breaks my heart that we live this way
how is it october already? it's almost november, i feel like my last shitty birthday happened a lot more recently. i dont know.

i don't feel like i'm progressing in life at all. i've just acquired more things.


:: 2016 27 October :: 3.41 am
:: Music: iamx - s.h.e.

forget FORGET with a secret harmonic emotion
just dreaming again.


:: 2016 18 October :: 2.16 am

i recognized your off-white lies, but still i lied beside you and that's what really hurts.


:: 2016 18 October :: 1.45 am

i lost you a long time ago
I ordered the Schiit Jotunheim and a balanced headphone cable on ebay. I ordered a phono preamp for my turntable set up and a record clamp/weight. I think I finally caught the unicorn.

I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the music now.

I wish I had someone to enjoy it with.

Even when I did, she never really cared.

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