you think about yourself too much and you ruin who you love


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if you'd tell me to go to hell at least you'd sound sincere

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:: 2017 2 July :: 8.54 pm

I've got bad nostalgia from what came before, sad reenactments of our civil war. My heartache is obsessive I just wish that I could let it go.


:: 2017 28 April :: 9.54 am

Puppy turned 6 months on April 19. I'd guess that he's over 40lbs now and looks like a little white and tan horse.

I'm trying to go part time at work so I can live my life.


:: 2017 9 April :: 9.27 am

I went to California for 5 days, I've been home since April 1st at like 1am. I stayed with Cem for the week, saw Falcon, camped in the desert, had coffee, more on all of this later.

Puppy is almost 6 months old now.

Considering going part time at work.

Easter at China buffet with Lum and Kelly.

Got close with Cem again.

I feel more like old Joey again.

Vacation plans in Whitefish, Montana

Vacation plans in Seattle

Vacation plans in California again

Mom is coming up in May

Got some old school tubes for the new speaker set up in living room.


:: 2017 5 March :: 11.16 am

legitimately fearful of my future.

hopefully in a much different place this time next year.

something has to change.


:: 2017 29 January :: 2.24 am

and lie you did
new years resolution to be a little more positive.

that being said, pretty irritated no one will go to this concert with me in march.

puppy has gained ~7lbs already. he got his 3rd set of shots on wednesday, 3 more weeks until he can go to the dog park and play.

btw, how is it february? 1 out of 12 down.

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