you think about yourself too much and you ruin who you love


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if you'd tell me to go to hell at least you'd sound sincere

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:: 2017 22 November :: 12.14am

I just want a stupid smoke

But no lighter no matches no flint stone

No nothing




:: 2017 16 November :: 6.53am

My least favorite way to be woken up is by phone call



:: 2017 6 November :: 3.08pm

I hope it still hurts

The hole I made in your heart the day I left



:: 2017 1 November :: 2.07pm

So so tired of existing



:: 2017 31 October :: 10.35pm

Sometimes you make me wish I could disappear

It not that I don't listen to you because I do, I just have a hard time piecing things together about people

Maybe it's just me being selfish maybe I feel like you never listen to me either

Maybe nothing really matters and everything is just a big old fucking waste of time we all end up dead anyway

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