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:: 2004 22 July :: 9.30 am

missssssssssin you. deitz tags to go.


:: 2004 19 July :: 5.12 am

13 german porns + lots of alcohol + lots of good scenery= a good but empty time.

last friday, me and this guy ran off the side of a mountain with just a big parachute on our backs. i had scraped the seams of heaven, and let my body float down on the prayers of man.


:: 2004 15 July :: 11.55 am

Vie geitz auf germany! taha. I'm starting to get the hang of this language. Anyways hi ashley francis. I came to the internet cafe just for you. Yesterday and today we did some good hiking up in the alps in Austria, especially today. When i first came here I thought we were going to be drunk all the time and party and travel around, but the sediments have changed. We are probably just going to stay around this area and explore the nature; no venice, no berlin, no amsterdam. I dont even give a damn that i can drink; i've got mad blisters on my feet from hiking and still crave more. I want to take you here someday, hopefully sooner than later. Last night after hiking mike and I went to a bar and had some drinks; i had one called a vlkano and they lit it on fire. after that we went and bought some german porn mags and beers and walked backed to the apartment. we drank the beers on the way just cause we could; there's no dumb ass laws like the ones in america. The beer here owns american beer, as does most other things. well im about to be kicked off; i love you ashley and hope you have a good time in aruba. peace

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:: 2004 13 July :: 11.57 am

damn im in germany finally. this place is pretty pimp theres lots of umm german stuff. the mountains around here are damned cool and everything so far seems pretty lax over here. we already stocked up on alcohol for the night.. no I.D. or nothing you could be a baby and buy alcohol. im at this internet cafe in town the damned keyboards all backwards but thats fine. i guess thats about it ashley ill call you when i get a calling card i have no money right now cause my mom fucked me over with these dumb travelers checks that arent accepted in stores. see thats some crazy german letters. and this is the dollar sign ok peace


:: 2004 8 July :: 12.21 am

well. this life is fun. feeling the delray fireworks exploding was tight. almost had a stroke running to make them. the mortars we bought were good too. im goin to europe in 5 days. have fenny.


:: 2004 2 July :: 12.05 am

when all we reap is sorrow, so shall our earth lie fallow

the dark of night is a comfort like none other. i know alot of shit. stupid shit. i could tell you why arcs of plasma shoot out of the fabricated sun in spider man 2, or for that matter why they shoot out of our own sun. I could probably tell you a ton of little shits like that; maybe to make you think im smart, maybe to make you think im crazy, but probably just to kill time. all things said, telling or not telling, knowing or not knowing, doesnt change the fact that our heads are still shoved up our asses. see, in my quest for knowledge, the only thing i've learned is that without the love in my life, nothing would fucking matter. details make an interesting story, not a lasting establishment. so what is it that you are waiting for? go on and feel the warmth already.


:: 2004 24 June :: 12.08 am

so i still am a little burnt on my back from blizzard beach. fuckin sun burnt us and then ran off so we couldnt go on the big slide. gotta have the escapes.

its a strange passing of time in this summer. daybreak delirium hits every hour. the digits on the clock hit me like a pillow case packed with.....clocks? haha. flocks. flock YOU! but in all seriousness. i would say to someone to just enjoy your fuckin life and thats about it, i wouldnt give em any stupid shit. and about drugs? man, weeds been here for alot of fuckin years, maybe longer than we've been here, and goddamn the man if hes gonna tell me i cant smoke it. im a fuckin lunatic. so in conclusion, when somethings fuckin stupid, just say fuck it. haha i dont know what the fuck to write in these things. gravirtons hold no mass and can thus travel at the speed of light, therefore allowing them to extend into dimensions that of which other than our own. this ability makes them that much more important then a much stronger force like electro-magnetism. gravity is so weak that the entire mass of the earth pulling on a tiny magentic strip of metal on your refridgerator will not overpower the magnetic attraction of the tiny metals. and calabi-yau manifolds? shit's crazzzzzy. just like my THC infested brain.


:: 2004 22 June :: 8.33 am

College in 2 months; moving out before then. Europe in 3 weeks; Pittsburgh in 5. Life's a changin.

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:: 2004 31 May :: 11.51 pm

i am mother fucking tired. summer's a blast

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:: 2004 24 May :: 2.02 am

graduation was nice. when the flowers fell. the end appeared. I hate the fact that i'm going to miss high school. content is not a permenant visitor.

i'm sick of hearing stupid lectures from flapping mouths. school can only get you so far. meaning can be the most meaningless. pursuits are just staves in boredom's path.

Anything you say, think, or feel can be contradicted. Never forget you are not the only opinion in town. And "right and wrong?" It's just a fairy tale, baby.


:: 2004 2 May :: 2.48 am

skirted by shadows
two birds fly through
a world full of gray
on into the blue

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:: 2004 29 April :: 1.04 am

your tounge be not coiled on that silo of less use
for to the bear tounge sweet is the honey, while the bee grows numb


:: 2004 22 April :: 11.17 pm

your sticks. your stones. touch not. my bones.

snap snap snap

love not. live not.


:: 2004 18 April :: 10.25 pm


and so said the dying man
"time has taken none
but my fears
and all these years
it was the one that ate me all
and the all that ate me one"

sitting on young, deaf ears
these words did fade
into a spectre to
loom and vex her
until a day she did awake
to these words; they did greet her
and were soon to eat her
questions stored
so her thoughts abhorred
so her thoughts seethed
while the words teethed
on her former self
sharpened, they carved her
anew: so did they give her new life
wise and true


all in the one
that cradles us all


:: 2004 5 April :: 11.21 pm

I am the closest you'll get to perfection, and the farthest from it you will ever be.

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