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03-31-2002 04:54pm

Hey sean. your the fuckin best. I dont know what I would do without you. i <3 ya very much. :* ~Ash.


05-04-2002 08:43pm

dah, through all this, u are so fantaboulsie. u make my world good. i <3 you alot....dont leave me please.


09-02-2002 07:02pm

i love you.


12-17-2002 10:57pm

Hi. Just wanted to say thanks. for everything.
LOVE. ash.


04-02-2003 06:19am

just as they say...i dont know what i would do without u either....i guess its whatever im doing now huh? well...i hope things get better between us eventually. ur great. i love you. forever. <3


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