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:: 2004 29 March :: 6.16 pm
:: Mood: happy//wondering
:: Music: talk show on mute - incubus

to be or not to be...that is the question.
today during health class somehow we got on the subject of what we might want to do when we get older.

i piped up and said, "i think i would want to be an art teacher."

honestly i probably go through three careers i might want to do a month.

my mind on the subject changes like the wind

anywho, back to the art teacher business.
i would love to teach art.
i love art.
im no picasso at it but i still love it

i think it would be so much fun teachin kids the wonderous artwork of andy warhol, roy lichtenstein, van gogh, picasso, romero britto, da vinci, monet, salvador dali and many others.

oh such fun.

this is a small list of other things i have considered to be "when i grow up":
-a car mechanic
- english teacher
- marine biologist
- paramedic
- vetrinarian
- surfer...which is quite funny since i dont know how to surf and i live on the west coast where there is no surf...shh i was 10
- astronaut
------many many others

i think that my view is that i shall use that list above as a checklist

i wanna do it all


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:: 2004 22 March :: 6.44 pm
:: Mood: happy//tired
:: Music: wish you were there - incubus

seasons? what are those?
today i was raking out in terri's backyard.
livin in florida, ya dont really rake a lot haha
so while rakin i started thinking...

man wouldnt it be even better if this was the kinda raking of leaves where after you rake up a big pile, ya fling the rake to the ground, and dive in to the pool of golden, scarlet, and orange leaves

we dont have that

i wanna go up north
experience what a season exactly is

the beauty of autumn
the cold, snow of winter (i would probaly only like the snow for like 2 weeks...i get cold when its 70 out haha)
the miracle of spring, watchin the snow melt
and then summer

down here in florida
its always hot
with a few days of it bein in chilly

chilly, i'm sure if northerners came down in like january and saw us all huddled up against the 40 degree weather, they would laugh
40 is probably a paradise compared to their negative to 30 weather

and the only other season we have is tourist season


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:: 2004 18 March :: 9.47 pm
:: Mood: mucho better than yesterday
:: Music: satan is my motor - cake

blah of my brain
well it has been quite a while since i have let my brain do the typin for this journal...

have you ever really looked at your casa?

dont look at the wall color, the style of the floor, or the the art that adorns the walls.

have you ever wondered who lived there before?

me, well i have moved about 10 times in 10 years and this is the first time i am thinking about that?

that scratch on the wall..was is maybe the handlebars of a bike accidentally hitting the wall as the parents snuck in a bike on christmas eve to surprise their young child who just started riding without training wheels?

or was it a young woman's ring scraping against the wall as she hurried out of the house, mascara tears running down her cheeks, and a suitcase full of clothes in her hand after a fight with her fiancee?

you never know these things

i could pick out things forever and make up stories about them all day

its all imagination, dear watson

as you grow older, dont let yours slip away, responsiblities, and school are being shoved down your throat like nasty medicine without the spoonful of sugar

but hold on to that Gateway to Wherever that resides in your mind, where only you hold the key



:: 2004 17 March :: 10.21 pm
:: Mood: crappy//sunburned
:: Music: a movie script ending - death cab for cutie

pardon me while i burst into flames
i cant think straight.

im sick of feeling like this.

i've been wandering around with oatmeal in my noggin.

i've been jumbling up my words.

putting my shoes on the wrong feet.

what is my matter?

that is the $20,000 dollar question.

i want this feeling to go away.



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:: 2004 14 March :: 3.30 pm
:: Mood: happy//hungry//still a lil sad
:: Music: sweet home alabama - lynyrd skynyrd

yeehaw back for the boonies
just got back from port charlotte
hoorah for the boonies
i am so gonna live in the boonies when i am older
and have a farm
and definetly have some atvs

so we went out there
we=terri, jr, rach, ry, amanda, jeff, kayden, jarret, matt, his friend, ray, and myself

they had a fire pit going
jeff lost like half his eyelash and arm hair starting the fire
kids-charcol fluid is a hazard to your health

so then terri goes and breaks out the tent
she had never set it up before
no instructions of course
so we start puttin bars together
i had a whole half of it together
then the males came in
took my pieces together
screwed it up
we finally got it up
45 mins later
and my way was right all along :P
7 of us it took us to put that tent up

then night fell
fire was lit
grill was fired up
we were all sittin around the fire
in numerous beach chairs
i had a lounge beach chair
and i sat parallel to everyone else
just lookin at the stars
it was absoultely b-e-a-utiful out there
i would gladly trade in the tube at my casa
for the clear, wonderous sky of stars i saw

so i was lookin in the woods
listenin to they guys out there
searchin for firewood
and i saw a FIREFLY
i was so happy
i love those little critters
i remember catchin them up in new york
a couple years ago at our family reunion
so rachael and i went on the prowl
with a flashlight tryin to catch some
matt gave us a powerade bottle to put them in
our firefly hunting was fruitless
too hard out there with all the shrubs

so we were ready to go to sleep
so terri, rach, and i went into the tent
and they (the others outside) were givin us a hard time for goin to bed so early
before we went to sleep ray came up to the tent with a firefly in his hands
i was so happy
we put it in the powerade bottle
nature's nightlight
rachael bein the 10 year old boss sheis,hollerin at the people outside the tent who were cussin
and jeff came to the tent window said terri was the queen, rachael was the queen b, and i was the princess :)
went to sleep

woke up
middle of the night
it was freakin freezin out
well not really
bein as we are in florida
but anywho i was freezing
so i tried goin back to sleep
no luck
jr was in the tent
he snores like a lumberjack
so i couldnt go to sleep
then i started hearin these funky noises outside the tent
but then finally i fell back asleep

those loonies all were up at 6:30
well except for terri and i
they were givin us a hard time about that
jeez they dont give ya a break
so finally we get up and terri steps out of the tent and goes
"the queen is awake"
honestly she is a crack up

fire was goin
yum yum doughnut holes for brekkie
started gettin on the atvs
strapped on a helmet
safety first
and i was off

went to the trail on the other side of the road
i coulda stayed out there forever
it was so peaceful
went around a couple times

went back to camp
gave someone else a try
jr flipped his atv
he is ok
but quite funny to watch
he looked like a cartoon careenin off that atv

amanda says how i should be wearin sneakers instead of my usual sandals
i shrug it off
rach is on the atv we were takin turns on it
she was on it forever!
she would come where i was sittin
slow down say hello
then say buhbye and sped off
so i had had enough
i got some ice and chucked it at her
aww cousinly love
hit her in the chest
then fell in her lap
we all laughed as she screamed

so she got off it
now she had ice in her hand
she was tryin to put it down my shirt
so we were fightin
then matts friend hopped on the atv we were fightin over

he got off
i got on
ha ha rachael
went to the trails again
was there for like a half hour
started seein things
coulda sworn i saw a cross between the thing yelling from edward munch's painting and jack from the nightmare before christmas
i would go down this straight way
goin so fast
i loved feelin the danger
started headin back

now out there they have briars
if you dont know what they are you are lucky
they are basically weeds with knife-like thorns
well i was drivin back
grass and shrubs on both sides
briars snagged my foot
stole my shoe
i had to go back and get my shoe back
couldnt get the atv started again
sat out there in the middle of nowhere
thinking how to get that darn thing started
finally got it started
went back to camp

toe was all cut up
darn briars!
didnt ride again all day
after a while we started packin up
i was helpin jr take down that tent that took forever to put up
so he got all the stakes up
all the bars were already put away
and we went to pull the material part up
there was a stake still in the ground infront of me
so i went to go pull it out
a SCORPION was right by my hand
i dont love those critters
some came over and looked at it
then squished it

now we are home
i smell like camping
toe hurts
but i went campin for the first time
and had an awesome weekend


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:: 2004 13 March :: 3.40 pm
:: Mood: bummed//happy..dont ask
:: Music: if it makes you happy - sheryl crow

sadness ferociously eats upon my once happy soul
going out to the boonies today
gon do a little camping
gon do a litte 4 wheeling
woooo ha

bad news
happy balloon inside popped
along with my hopes
belting out "if it makes you happy" cause belting makes me feel bettter
i'm in that mood where all i wanna do
is lie in bed all day
listenin to sad music
and eating/drinking soup


dont ask




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:: 2004 12 March :: 3.12 pm
:: Mood: sad//disappointed
:: Music: sick sad little world - incubus

madrid train bombing
what a wonderous world we live in...

you cant even get on a train or be at a trainstation without being blown the smithereens!

what in the world is going on?

the bombings in madrid happened 911 days after the terror attacks in the United States

so in 911 days are we all goin to have to stay in our houses just in fear of our lives being ended by some pansy terrorists?!?!

my deepest sympathies go out to all the victims and their families

and i dont think anyone should just brush this attack off just cause it is on the other side of the world

because i know well all know how they feel

they feel the same day we all felt on september 11th



:: 2004 8 March :: 10.49 pm
:: Mood: sick//tired
:: Music: special - garbage

from my little book

how many nights
must i wonder around this world
wondering how life would be
if you were here
i caught my breath tonight
and realized
i need someone
who holds my
happiness and love
to hold my hand as we
view this world
losing their breath
as i catch mine

"her past"

child, child
dont look back
dont let the pains
of yesterday fumble
your steps down the road of life

dont let the darkness
of your past
interfere with the
beautiful light that has
overcome it

dont let what happened
become you
your soul is wonderful
with a few bruises
that will always be

child, child
dont look back
keep your head high
and grasp tomorrow

you have escaped

"piece of heaven"

i wanna run from the city
leave the noise behind

find a house in the country
make it all mine

start a little farm
not hear the sound of cars

bonfires at night, breathe clean air
stare at the stars

wake up and watch the sunrise
embrace the silent love around

sit out on my front porch, watch the sun go down
smiling at the piece of heaven i found

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
:) *Andie

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:: 2004 4 March :: 5.16 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: when the sun goes down - kenny chesney ft. uncle kracker

welcome to cattlesburg: north beach and the dog in the road
way back in the middle of summer. long ago before school, that ravenous beast that gobbles up all your fun and sleeping time, started . the air smelled sweet and the wind blew freedom. ma had julia, the senior at chs who works at the shop, handle the shop by herself while ma took emily, coral (emily invited her), mookie, charley and i to north beach. its a twenty minute ride from cattlesburg to get there. a storm off in the pacific is causing 6 foot swells, and i, the troublemaker, had to see them.

so on the ride up, ma was silent. em and coral talked about the new guy on the soccer team. charley, mookie and i chatted about what are plans were for when we finally got to the beach. charley wanted to boogie board and mookie was dyin' to surf. when they both asked me what i wanted to do my eyebrows danced towards the chattering emily and coral. they both nodded, as if reading the secret plan that was playing inside my head.

we pulled up to the beach. i stared in awe for a moment or two at the colossal waves that were beating upon the shore. my staring was interrupted by my mom, shattering through the breathtaking silence by yelling, "go to the back and help the others!" i woke up and shuffled in my flip flops to the back ok the truck. we, laden down with towels, chairs, bags, surfboards, and other beach necessities, limped towards the warm beach. finding the "perfect spot" we threw all the stuff down and went in our different directions as my ma set up her beach chair. "be back at 3!" i heard her holler down the beach as she entered the world of her mystery novel.

charley, mookie, and i walked down the glistening shore search for a stretch of oasis that would be just ours, with not a soul on it. we stumbled upon the vacant stretch of beach. mookie with his board, charley with her board, and i with my mini easel and worn out shoulder bag full of paint.

mookie ran into the pacific so fast that you could of sworn the devil looked up and blew his scorching hot breath on the roof of hell, making the sand boil. he paddled out and floated a while as he searched for a wave to his liking. charley came up and sat next to me, we talked about the beauty of this beach as she waxed her boogie board. when she was down she ran down to the shore, flung her board, then careened along the shore before the greedy ocean took the sparkling water away. i soaked up this whole moment along with the sunshine and dipped my paintbrush into the azure paint.

about an hour later, i stood up and stepped back five steps and looked at my drying art. i grinned to myself, satisfied with my hard work. mookie came strolling up, board under arm, and aksed, "picasso how's it comin along?" i said, "great! come back and look at it." he walked back and stood by me, "whoa. good job! i definately like." halfway between telling him "thanks" he shook his still dripping wet hair at me. "hey!!" i yelled. he laughed, "you wanna try surfing today?"

glancing at the surfboard, my foe, i gave it an evil stare telekinetically telling it, "i will conquer you today." i think mookie interpretted my stare cause he said, "let's go!" without me replying first. we walked down to the shore, his board now under my arm, the leash attached to my ankle. as we walked past charley she hollered out, "you show that board who's boss!" i laughed as my toes entered the brisk water. i waded out on the board, eyed the horizon, searching for waves in the distant. then i looked at the shore, charley and mookie were watchin, probably waiting for me to fall off again. so then they could laugh, ah what friends are for.

"go! that wave has your name all over it!" i heard mooklie yell. the swelling beast came thundering towards me. i paddled with all my might, turned the board around, and i was up. i did it! i did it! yells and cheers were coming from the shore. those cheers quickly went to awws as the huge wave gobbled me up.

i came back to the shore, feeling a bit dazed and i know i had some pieces of seaweed in my hair from the fall. i gave mookie his surfboard and as i did he went, "you were doing great....for a while." "yeah," charley back him up as she pulled a stand of seaweed out of my wet, salty hair. i grinned, "yeah, least i got up on the board this time. next time, i'll make it but now i think we need to execute a certain plan before time runs out."

so charley, mookie, and i slinked over to the rusty wave bar and borrowed a bottle of ketchup and mustard. also, a couple of forks, packets of mayo, and napkins. we walked down the shore, our loot in my bag. mookie hummed the james bond theme song, as he shuffled along with his board. we spotted the bright puke pink beach umbrella that coral brought. we all looked at one another, noticing the mischevious gleam in the other's eyes.

the girls were out in the ocean floating around on their rafts that were equally obnoxiously colored like the umbrella. four guys walked by them and they started chatting. so now their attention is on them and i know that we wont be seen. we quietly unrolled their towels and got out the materials from my bag. we squirted mayo, mustard, and ketchup all over the towels. there was a fork here and there and a couple of wadded cold, wet balls of naplkins. we sprinkled a bit of sand on them and mookie pulled yet another stand of seawood from my long hair and tossed it on a towel. we grinned at each other, signaling that out towel masterpieces were done. carefully rolling up the messy towels so that the gunk wouldnt be visible and so that it would be on them when they went to dry off.

we ran back to the rusty wave to return the now empty mustard and ketchup bottles. then running back to the vicinity of where they were. good, they were still in the water and their towels were untouched. mookie, charley, and i hid behind a cove. quietly chuckling to ourselves, we anticipated the key moment of the plan.

the guys walked away and em and coral started heading towards the shore. the smiles on our faces grew a mile longer. they talked as they walked up towards their spot. impatiently we waited. still chatting to one another and not paying attention they picked up their towels and wrapped them around them. two piercing screams were heard down the beach.

the towels were quickly flung to the ground. each girl a light orange from the mixture of ketchup, mustard, and mayo. coral had a fork sticking to her arm and there was a napkin ball above emily's knee. behind the cove we were all dying of laughter. emily picked it off and threw it to the ground. the fires of hell raged in her eyes and my name was spelled in the flames. as they scurried to the bathrooms to get the gunk off, my accomplices and i quickly walked to our oasis. we wouldnt be at the scene of the crime but my ma would still know it was me.

we were there for about twenty minutes when mookie looked at the sun, "we should start heading back, it's almost three." coral and emily walked back at about the same time we did. "she did it," emily pointed at me with her slightly still orange finger. my ma's eyes drifted from emily and coral to the still messy towels and to me. she let out a sigh and opened the trunk.

silently we packed up all of the beach items in the trunk. emily and coral hopped in the third row of my mom's black excursion. charley and mookie were sliding on to the second row and as i had my sandy right foot on the foot-rail my ma tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the passenger seat. i gave mookie and charley my "oh crap" look and shuffled to the passenger seat, my solitary confinement away from my chums.

the car ride was silent. not just silent but a deathly silence, where it seemed that if they spoke up they thought the grim reaper would come and swipe their life away. the silence was killing me so i started tinkering with the radio. went through the rap, country, heavy metal, jazz, and 80s staions still i finally stopped on an ol beach boys song. i stared out down the neverending road.

we were cruising along, the oldies staion still playing. seems the tension in the car had let up for em and coral were talking and i would occasionally turn back and join in mookie and charley's converstaion. i looked at the blue navigator infront of is and laughed at the FUN N SUN license plate. all of a sudden mr. fun n sun hit his brakes. my ma hit her brakes, trying to avoid slamming into the back of the navigator. tires screeched and CRASH!

my mom asked frantically, "are you alright?!!", we all nodded yes. she backed the car up and got out to look at the damage. a brunette woman got out of the navigator and exclaimed, "I AM SO SORRY! THERE WAS A DOG IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD AND I HAD TO HIT MY BRAKES!" my mom nodded and they exchanegd insurance information. i held my head in my hands, the jolt from the crash made me hit my head on the dashboard. the police came and were filling out an accident report as they talked to my mom and the lady.

i got out of the car to go see the damage and how everything was going with the cop. both the front of my mom's car and the back of the lady's car's fenders were smashed in a bit . when i walked out by ma i noticed a guy standing next to the woman. i assumed it was her son. when the woman saw me she went, "hi, im mrs. cartle, i am so sorry. are you okay?" i nooded yes and looked back at the cars. the guy walked up to me, "hey i'm dash. thats quite a bump on your forehead," he quietly laughed, "you know you have a bit of seaweed in your hair?"

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:: 2004 2 March :: 9.12 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: my immortal - evansecence

i wrote these in my spanish class
"locked away"

she hides those
falling tears
behind that closed door

fearing the young
girl will see the tears and
a flood of questions will arise

never letting her know
till the curtain drops
was always the mother's plan

as these months dwindled
her strong face could take no more
every night she hides her tears behind the door

she always knew the plan wouldnt work
soon she will have to tell, but how
will she tell her young daughter that her father's life is almost over?



that no one so young
would never have set foot on

since they are gone
the land calls
for them

they follow the pleas
and cross the boundary
with the stares af all the cowardly others

forgeting the stairs
they enjoy the mystery
and walk out with their heads higher

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie

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:: 2004 1 March :: 4.01 pm
:: Mood: happy//creative
:: Music: everlong - foo fighters

a little poem i wrote

i look around this place
and nothing can seem to make me happy

till i set foot out of
these melancholy walls

and feel the warm loving embrace of the
shimmering sunlight dancing upon my face

marveling at the beautiful artwork, bright gay flowers
that grin and wave as i dreamily walk past

crisp wind, blowing in my face,
telling me all the secrets of the land

am i a long lost child of mother nature
or a cooped up soul relishing the beauty of the world?

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie


:: 2004 29 February :: 6.06 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: perfect - sara evans

the three amigos
well today i was looking through my room. lookin where you're not really looking for anything specifacly, but just looking. anyways i found this ol picture. if i was a little more skilled in the woohu world i would put it on here, but i'm not so oh well.

it was a picture of me, im guessing age six. i was wearing a horrificly hideous black velvet dress with a big poofy pink skirt part and white my left was my friend diandra and to my right was katie.

diandra was missing a few teeth and katie looked like she didnt even know the picture was bein taken. haha. i look at it and aww. i love how we are all still friends today.

katie lives on the other coast. i talk to her when she is online and am trying to plan to do something for next time she is in town.

diandra...well i am talkin to her right now. haha. goin to the afi concert on thursday and i went bowlin with her last saturday night.

i hope that in 9 years..
i will be looking through my room. lookin where you're not really looking for anything specifacly, but just looking. and i will find an ol picture.

a picture of myself with one friend i have now on the right and another friend to the left. i will go "what in the world were we wearing?" as i look at out fashions from 6 years ago.

then i will call them up...or send it to them and say..."look at this ol picture i found! look how young we were!"

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie

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:: 2004 27 February :: 3.12 pm
:: Mood: questioning//wondering
:: Music: sick sad little world - incubus

what once was...
always when i am walking around,
whether from one class to another, to the mailbox, or just going to my room, walking always makes the gears in my head turn slightly faster.

so as i was walking home from my bus stop. exhausted from school and relieved that the weekend was finally here. i was watching the ground as a walked. each step farther, with me staring in the cluster of shamrocks. looking hopefully to find a four leaf clover to change my luck around a bit.

i briefly stopped my search for luck and glanced over at the elementary school that is by my neighborhood. the playground was full of life and it made me wish that i was six again, with no front teeth or responsibilities more than feeding your fish "spot."

realizing that the only way i could go back was from memory, i started to look at the actual building of the school. i wondered what was here before this instuition of knowledge and growing up was built.

maybe there once was a wondrous forest there.

little boys and girls would play in it on the weekend from the time they finished their breakfast to the minute their mothers yelled for them to come in and eat dinner. the boys would play "safari", where they would pretend they were traveling through a dangerous forest in the amazon and imaginary villians would take the girls and the boys would have to fight off fierce, golden, lions and raging ,violent, rivers to save them.

the forest there was a place were you could be a brave hero or a damsel in distress. you could find a low, mossy, tree branch and hop up and read you favorite book with the few rays of sunlight that came through the thick ceiling the trees made. you could pick a variety of vibrant wildflowers and put them all together and give them to your valentine. you could dash through with a net, aimlessy swatting it in the air, even though the bright orange and yellow butterfly is just always inches out of your reach.

now that once majestic forest where you could do what you want and be whatever your heart's desire wanted you to be is now a bland school. the walls of the school confining you to the world of math, science and history. where make believe is being replaced with facts and books.

even though the forest has been gone for a while
one thing remains
still on that land
you can still be anything your heart's desire wants you to be

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie


:: 2004 26 February :: 8.14 pm
:: Mood: wondering...
:: Music: scar tissue - red hot chilli peppers

the oddities that cross my ever wondering mind..
so today while i was walking out of my health class.
my head high up in the clouds, my brain churning like the ocean in the midst of a hurricane. when all of a sudden i remembered something....

it was this scene

a boy and a girl walking through this park that was laden with every vibrant hue of green you can imagine

there was a small bit of fog hangin in the air

when they stopped at a stone statue of some sort of a fairy on a mushroom

they both crouched down and sat under the mushroom, shrubs with tiny light purple flowers surrounding the barren spot under the mushroom where they were sitting

the boy started smoking a joint

and the girl asked, "why do you do that?"

the boy replied, "i do it to get rid of my memories."

the girl then asked, "well why do you do that? what about good memories? don't you want to keep them?"

then the boy told her, " i dont have many good memories to keep."

then the memory ended

odd thing is, i dont know it that was in a movie i saw or a dream i had

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie

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:: 2004 24 February :: 11.04 pm
:: Mood: intrigued
:: Music: with or without you - U2

i really should go to sleep but..
ok so i was just sitting on my bathroom counter. balancing so i dont fall into the sink. humming along to bono on the radio as he croons "with or without you." as i curled my hair

i know what yall are thinking...
"andie you nut! why are you curling your hair when its almost 11!?!?!"
well i kinda always do that. right before i hop in the shower i do something totally out of the box with my hair or make up...ya see..if i dont like it, im just gonna wash it off anyways

so back on track..
as i hummed along i realized. we live one day at a time. i will never have this day again. never ever again will there be a february 24th in 2004. did i live this day right?

you will never have that second again. did you spend it right?

tomorrow is tomorrow.
am i gonna take a risk? a risk for tomorrow. yes maybe the repercussions of it may appear in other days to come. but will i live tomorrow as if it will be my last?

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie


:: 2004 24 February :: 10.09 pm
:: Mood: high...not in that way...the way you feel when you
:: Music: bend and not break - dashboard confessional

i feel like writin so embrace yourself
i'm not sure if its cause its 10 and im on the brink of conking out on my keyboard
it its the dashboard confessional that is going through my head as i listen to it
i dunno
but i just feel like writing

i hate how everything is classified. i admit i use it sometimes but it really bugs me. "so was he a punk or prep?" "did you see that freak in gym class?" those things just really bother me. ok so what- the dude wears clothes that dont match but has a totally kickin attitude and a sense of humor to boot. thats ok. the snooty girls can turn their over powdered nose up at him. they dont see the goodness. and they will prob go for the mr. cocky, "i love ME" dude whose clothes match and are all from the store where the cheapest thing you can get is a pair of socks...for 20 bucks. now in that sense i ask..who would you rather hang out with?

"as lovers go" is on. this song makes me feel very light and happy and makes my blood fill with tiny hearts.
i love love.
ya know? that rising wave of emotion when that person is near you. either 50 feet away or sitting right next to you.
they way the silliest the sun glintin through a flower or a sunset where it paints the nearby clouds a bright pinkish purple...make you aww and smile.

i hate missing people.
it is odd having one person with you then no seeing them for a while. when you miss someone and you look back on the last time you see how fast time goes. how fast it goes now that you are looking BACK on it but on the other hand it goes as slow as molasses while you are living that day without that person and you impatiently count down the days till you see them again.

i think i would love to go up north for the beginning of spring. to aprecciate the rebirth of the earth from its frozen state.livin in florida where the closest thing to a frozen state is the frost on your frozen foods in your overstocked freezer. i would just absolutely love to see the snow melt and these bright, wonderous flowers pop out as if they had been playing a game of hide and seek.

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie

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:: 2004 24 February :: 4.20 pm
:: Mood: happy//tired//irritated
:: Music: goo goo dolls - iris

a couple of things i noticed today...
a.) i need anger management..not that im violent when im angry..just need to learn how to breathe in and out or somethin haha :P

b.) math aggravates me

c.) so does walking in the hall

d.) i am very indecisive. it takes me forever to pick anything. i switch topics as if i am playing musical chairs. like for instance, i cant pick a confirmation name. at the moment i am stuck between valentine, kieran, and audrey. also i cant pick what career i want to do in the future. i think i am like this because i am scared that i am going to pick the wrong one and have to live with it forever. plus i will always have that thought of "what would of happened if i picked the other?" nippin at my brain.

e.) i am a loudmouth. i mean that i will not cower in talkin to strangers. giving a speech is a different thing but..the other night with no fear or nervousness at all i asked this spanish dude if that was his tacklebox sitting in the middle of olive garden.

f.) i need sound. i cant stand being in a place of complete utter silence. i need some sound of some sort in order to make me happy. not sounds like my ma hollerin and my brother cryin but more like music or birds twirpin or the wind or something

g.) today at school i felt like i wasnt watching a movie of school. i felt like i was actually in it. manda, jake, and maureen and i were walkin back from lunch and i felt like i wasnt invisible for the first time in a while.

when everything's made to be broken
i just want you to know who i am
goo goo dolls

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie

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:: 2004 19 February :: 2.47 pm
:: Mood: happy//whimsical
:: Music: coldplay - see you soon

give my regards to broadway
i was walking up the stairs.
squished between
all those bantering people
their echoes filling up the stairwell
and all of a sudden i felt
a pang inside me
that shouted
and at that moment
i wanted to sing
i wanted to dance
as i went up the stairs

i was walking by
the science building
people on my left
and behind
when that curious feeling
came back
once again
in my mind all the people
and i sauntered around them
singing note by note
feeling the warmth of the
spotlight on my face
and the stares of
all in the audience

this reoccuring
state that i go through
is the wonderment
to see if i am
still invisible
even when i am
singing and
through the halls
as if it is center stage

as shakespeare once wrote:
"all the world's a stage,
and all the men and woman merely players."

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie

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:: 2004 15 February :: 9.28 pm
:: Mood: happy//tired
:: Music: ocean avenue - yellowcard

welcome to cattlesburg: mookie vs. the spider
so it's friday night- im in the kitchen, looking through the pantry for food. popcorn, chips, skittles, and spegatti. hm what a snack. my mom is upstairs getting ready to go to this party on the walk that is held annually for all the people who own shops on the boardwalk. emily is upstairs locked away in her bathroom, getting ready for some "hot date". she has been in there for two and a half hours! poor guy. i guess he is her pick of the week. that girl goes through more boys than ma goes through roses on valentine's day. james is already out. his football chums came by like an hour ago. i heard one, mark, yell "ARRIBA!" as they drove off in his dusty obnoxiously yellow jeep. looks like yet another trip to ol mexico.

i hear a hard yet nervous knock on the front door. oh joy- em's date is here. thump thump thump, here she comes running down the stairs, her hands on her head, to keep her hair from messing up. it would have been quite hilarious if at that moment she tripped down the stairs. of course i would help her up...i would just laugh like a hyena as i did. ma came down the stairs as em came strolling towards us with her date. he had spiky bleached blonde hair and was prep-erly dressed. i felt a bad vibe come in when emily opened the door, maybe i should consult mookie's parents about this. "mother, this is corey," she smiled. grinning a smile that i found to be quite fake. " will have her" he nervously said. my mom's eyebrow furrowed and i knew what was coming next... "9:30" my mom firmly said in her "im the mom and the boss of you" voice. corey muttered an "ok" under his breath then they were gone.

"i didnt like that kid" my ma said to me. she let out a sigh and walked into the kitchen. i followed to get all of my junk food together. "so what time is mookie and charley coming over" she asked me as she fidgeted with her hair. i opened the fridge and got out some orange soda, "well mookie should be over any minute and charley should be over in a bit. i feel so bad for the girl, she's babysitting the devils that the layne's call their kids." she picked up her keys off the hook, "ok, have fun. dont get into trouble." as she was heading towards the door mookie knocked and came in through the kitchen door, "hey mrs. roberts, whats up!". she smiled "not much, just heading out." the door slammed and i asked, "yo mook, what did ya bring tonight". "let's see alfred hitchcocks' psycho and birds. what's on the menu tonight" i looked at the counter, "um, popcorn, chips, skittles and spegatti." he started pulling stuff out of his backpack, "yum, i brought twizzlers and 'mother earth chips.' honestly, i need to start doing the grocery shopping at my casa." i nodded 'yes' while i laughed,” let’s go!" we both picked up some food and started heading towards the living room.

mookie did an evil laugh "mwuhahahaha, let the scare fest beg---AH!" he froze while he shrieked. no. wait, wait, wait. he froze while he a girl. i busted out laughing, between hysterically laughing and gasping for air i managed to ask, "mookie, what is the problem?!?!" mookie, still frozen like a sculpture, pointed to a huge, hairy tarantula that was walking across the foyer. at that moment i froze too "well get rid of it mook!", i said. panicky he replied, "WHAT?!? ME?!!? WHY DO I HAVE TO DO IT?!?!" i thought for a minute, "you're a boy! isn't this in your blood or something?!? boys like catching creepy things!" he started getting a little nervous, i could tell by the tone of his voice, "ok, lizards and other things. yeah, i can deal with those. JUST not spiders! i hate spiders! i know my ma says 'we are all living creatures together' but spiders just scare the bejesus outta me!" i chuckled, "hahah mook, ya do a great impression of your mom. how are we gonna get rid of it?" he thought for a moment, "um we can leave it alone and maybe it will just crawl out of the house. that way neither of us will have to touch it!" i gave him a funny look, "yeah mook that's a great idea. what if it doesnt leave and comes back?" mookie quickly replied. “NO! ok we have to think of another plan." so mookie, and i, still standing frozen in the kitchen, thought of what we were going to do as we watched that tarantula.

"I GOT IT!!!!", i yelled. making mookie and the spider jump. i jetted out the kitchen door. ran past the pool. up the spiral stairs that leads to my balcony. i hopped through my room over the numerous piles of clothes and what not. i stopped in front of the bathroom door and caught my breath. i bolted in and threw the closet open. i snatched up two hairdryers and flew down the stairs to the kitchen. "mookie, go out the kitchen door and come to the front door." i yelled to him. he quickly did what i said and i told him the plan.

he left the front door open, we both plugged in our hairdryers . we cranked them on and aimed for the hairy beast. the spider started slowly moving across the floor like a hockey puck on ice. after about 5 minutes the little monster was out the door. we both turned off our hairdryers, i blew the top of mine off like in the old westerns after a shoot out and one dude blows the smoke off the gun he just fired and high fived. mookie let out a sigh of relief. he started singing the theme song to ghostbusters, ".........taratulabusters!" i started unplugging our weapons, the hairdryers while i laughed at mookie's rendition of the song. "i gotta hand it to you, that was a pretty good idea. a leaf blower would have worked faster though. i'm starting to miss little godfrey," he said with a sad sigh on the end. i gave him a quizzical look, "you named the spider?!?!?" he looked down at his old, worn out converse sneakers. "well....yeah. i had to do SOMETHING while you ran upstairs so i just named him godfrey." i laughed, "i'm sorry you miss your little friend. he is on the front steps. i can blow him back in with the hairdryer if you want." his eyes bulged out of their sockets, "NO!" then after a moment he calmly said, "why don't we get the movies started?"

so we put "psycho" in and started chowing down on our buffet of junk food. 25 minutes into the movie i heard a knock on the front door. slowly i got up and shuffled to the front door, "who is it? we dont want any more girl scout cookies!" a familiar voice yelled from outside, "it's charley!" "sooo charley, ya say? password?", i said while gettin on my tip-toes to look through the peek hole. it was quiet for a moment outside. then charley went, "um....i have slurpees." i opened the door laughing and said "hey welcome!" "yo charley!", mookie yelled down the hall, his voice reverberating off the walls.

charley and i made it into the dark living room. charley going, "mookster!" as she patted him on the head while she walked behind him. after shoving a handful of a mixture of popcorn and skittles into my mouth, as we all sat on the couch, our eyes super-glued to the tv, i asked, "how'd babysitting the layne's kids go? she laughed, eyes still glued to the tv screen, "those...those are not ordinary kids. they...are more like...the spawn of satan. one chucked a carton of orange juice at my head!" i envisioned that happening and started to laugh. mookie took a big sip of his slurpee, grabbed his forehead, exclaimed, "yikes! brain freeze!" then asked charley, "what movie did you bring tonight?" charley reached into her duffle bag, "i brought poltergeist and arachnophobia."

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:: 2004 15 February :: 7.11 pm
:: Mood: happy :D
:: Music: i believe in a thing called love - the darkness

how my valentine's day went
i hope yall had a good valentine's day and that you didnt eat too much chocolate. haha. so anyways yesterday i watched brandon during the daytime while my ma was at work. then she came home and we were going to the greek fest/fair.

i love fairs! so i kinda sang "we're goin to the fair! we're goin to the fair" we're goin to the fair!" on the way. so we got there and met up with ter and the bunch. ry and i rode the arabian night thing (the one where ya sit on the platform and it goes up and around) and the himilaya.

so then we spotted the thing were they strap you into the harness and you jump on the air mat. so i convinced my ma to let us go on it. so we waited in line. ry went first. rach and i went on the same time cause we went on different mats. it starts to rain as we go.

so this old, drunk guy who i cant understand what the world he said cause he sounded like a mix between boomhauer from king of the hill and farmer fran from the waterboy. he called my baby.::::shudders:::: ("huh? you wanna call me baby? well you gonna have to baby your eye after i punch it!!!!!!" -judo-chops dude-.....lmao rina) ok so he straps me in and i start going up.

one of the leg straps comes undone. so here i am going up in the air with only one leg strapped in! so i holler out "hey hey buddy!!!". so i get down and he fixes it. so i start going up again.

so now i am so high up in the air that my feet arent touching the mat. so i just thought it was normal since i was on the "adult mat" so i was flippin around. then i look down and and terri goes "andrea you are stuck" so i look down and ask the ticket lady workin it if i was stuck and she said yes. so here i am up in the air, in the rain. the crowd watchin all knew that i was stuck. so everyone knew i was stuck, except for me. ter said the guy was kickin the thing trying to get me down. i was up there for 4 minutes.

so they finally get me down and i go on another one. so i am up there for like ever. terri comes up and asks if im ready to get off. i, all out of breathe, answer "" so i finally got off that thing.

so thats how my valentine's day went. haha i am so sore today from that thing. hahaha

peace out//hugs not drugs
*:) Andie


:: 2004 12 February :: 10.13 pm
:: Mood: happy//tired
:: Music: rest in pieces - saliva

The Andie-Slang Dictionary
andrea- clock that growls at me....hahah rina

bigh- hate

brickishly-dumb- dumb as a brick

cake- like pie, really easy, easy as cake

cheka- check it out. ex. "im goin to checka your jnal

conk out- pass out, from being tired

drug- song that ya keep playin over and over again. like for instance my new drug is maps by the yeah yeah yeahs

easy killerito- easy killer, calm down

foot- food

get the sticks- we are going to beat you up and you should run...

had a cow and named it lou- really freaked out

hit the hat- hit the hay, hat came about cause i cant spell, to go to bed

holy tolito batman- oh my goodness. ex. "holy tolito batman, that cd is pink socks"

how doin?- this should be pie. how are you doing. honestly life is too short to spend on little words. haha

jnal- this should be pie....journal

loce- love

pie- really easy, easy as pie

pink socks- this is so sweet, like yatness to the max

pink socks of chrismukkah- this really really rocks!

scuba steve- my computer. you have to be careful when ya use that in a sentence. rina know what im talkin about. haha

shitaki mushrooms- oh no, oh crap

tack-smart- smart as a tack

tard- really stupid

whatever spikes your altoids- whatever floats your boat

winded- tired

yatness to the max- awesome, this rocks

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie

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:: 2004 7 February :: 10.46 pm
:: Mood: happy//tired//hung-ray for some tacobell
:: Music: ahh the delightful sound of terri's computer that sounds like an 18 wheeler

Plan: truckin south of the border
Me: man
Me: im hungry
Me: for like
Me: tacobell
Me: haha
Rina: haha eat
Rina: lol
Rina: uh.. drive?
Me: yea
Me: uh get pulled over
Rina: uh.. keep driving
Me: uh get thrown in the big casa
Me: haha
Me: hmm
Me: ugh this puter sounds like an 18 wheeler
Me: hahaha
Me: no lie
Me: i got it!
Me: i got put wheels on it...
Rina: what?
Me: theeen go to tacobell
Me: hmm
Rina: hahaha
Me: sounds like a plan to me
Rina: well, way to go!
Me: hope it works out
Me: yeah
Me: "uh ma' sorry but that big ol honkin 18 wheela just aint gonna fit through the tacobell drive-thru"
Rina: lmao
Rina: well, park it
Me: hahahahahahahahaha
Me: orrrrrr.......
Me: i could pull on the horn
Rina: hahahaha
Rina: no, no
Me: ok then
Rina: hahaha
Me: then drive thru, get my nachos and tacos, yo quiero taco bell, and just take the little stick thing that says like "clearance 8 ft" and part of the roof with me
Me: aaaaaaaaaaaaah sounds like a plan to me
Rina: hahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahhahaha
Rina: yea man, you should totally go for ti
Rina: it*
Me: oooh yea
Me: woooha
Me: im goin truckin!
Me: annnnnnnnnd gettin tacobell!
Me: ya want anythin when im there?
Rina: hahaha so it seems
Rina: uh..
Rina: nachoes!

ok so thats it...
im puttin wheels on this here computer, headin to taco bell and gettin rina some nachos...cross your fingers

yo quiero tacobell!

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie.....the trucker

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:: 2004 6 February :: 7.39 pm
:: Mood: happy//hungry
:: Music: sick sad little world - incubus

a miracle in bio, a disaster in chorus
woooooooooooha its friday! hurrah hurrah! confetti falls and we all jump out from behind furniture in a dark room and yell SURPRISE!!. uh wait....

ok so in bio we had a quiz....well i am a tard so i left my book in the locker. so i get into the clase this morning and read the chapters...ok not reading more like speed scanning. scantrons are passed out. i nervously took the test. WOO i got a 92!! yeeehaw! i have no idea how that happened....

ok so in chorus...we had to learn the dance the dance to "rock and roll is here to stay" DUN DUN DUN...i thought "oh hey this is gonna be fun" I COULD NOT TO THE FREAKIN DANCE TO SAVE MY LIFE! i was 1 step behind me. my feet entangling with each other. sure i can do the boot scoot boogie. just not that dang blasted "rock and roll is here to stay" dance. oh it was such a disaster...

now im talking to rina. she is on a coffee spasm at the momento. hahahaha. "i was raised by a cup of coffee"

"the world is a joke when out of love." incubus

happyweekend! :D enjoy it while it lasts!

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie

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:: 2004 4 February :: 9.05 pm
:: Mood: happy//daydreaming
:: Music: pistola - incubus

wooooha shopping spree! it sucks. haha i wore dang shoes again! ima tard and i need to stop being so late. haha. hmm not much happened in school. hahah oh but at lunch jake and i were moochin up to manda cause she had pizza. we both wanted some pizza crust. "well im sittin closer!" it was war over the pizza crust. she was like "you both sing ans who ever has the best song gets a pizza crust" hahah i got the bigger piece! :P woooha. i dont remember quite how my lovely song went. i do kinda remember...."this is a tree, his name is lee, he likes to go to the mall, but he cant cause he isnt that small" its amazin what pizza crust will do to your mind. hahaha. hahah amanda went to give jake a little piece of pizza crust and i tried to grab it and i knocked it into the dirt. haha. so now we are not talking. we were using maureen as the middle person "well tell jake that he is....blahX3.." when he was standin on the other side of her. ha he was doin the same thing too and maureen went "if you guys keep doing this im gonna headbutt you both together" hahah that was quite a funny. ehh spanish test. i bigh spanish. mucho. haha. then english english. then got home called ma and we went to the mall. went into pacsun twice. i love that store.made my ma go in for a third time haha. while i was waitin for my ma to come back from pacsun..whoa really hot punk...d i think that was mike from the concert. woo i got 2 pairs of flips (one is really cool---the bottom is black and white checkered), a billabong shirt, a earring for mycartilage piercing (yo im bling blinging in my zircon haha) and and incubus' new cd - a crow left of the murder... its pretty dang good. then we went to terris and i was in ncs (new cd syndrome) usually i am rippin the plastic wrappin off halfway before we even get to the car after i get a new cd. soooo first i couldnt find a portable cd player...hunted for that...whew found one buuuuuut no headphones...that presents kinda a problem..hunted for uncle jr found them..yatness to the max. sooo i have been listenin to it ever since. ate dinner. we all went to pick rach and ry up from ccd. hit dairy queen. rootbeer floats=pink socks! stayed at ter's and watched that 70s show. now i am home. so thats my day. and thats the way the cookie crumbles.

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie


:: 2004 3 February :: 5.04 pm
:: Mood: happy//hungry
:: Music: phantom planet - california

welcome to cattlesburg: happy family
so here is how the homelife goes:
my madre, eh she can be annoying sometimes. "go work on the pool and i mean cleaning it and putting chlorine in....not your usual 'ma im swimmin lookin for leaves on the bottom'" and "go to sleep...its 8!!!" eh but sometimes she can be pretty cool. she has busted me out of a lot of trouble that i had landed myself into.

james, my brother, he is 11 months older than me. he is on the varsity football team.....BIG whoop de doo. he is good in school, well, if you call cheating off the smart kids' work and tests good. he's just a hoodlum out of school though. 75% of the time when i first get into a class he had, the teachers go "oh are you related to james roberts?" i look down and mutter "unfortunately." then a couple weeks down the road, that teacher goes "why cant you be more like your brother?" LUCKILY, i act nothing like him. or i would probaly been know as "james little sister" and i would hate that more than mosquitoes. there are always different girls at our casa looking for him. when they knock on the door or call when he is not here i usually give them some brilliantly thought up excuse that will ususally get me into hot water later.

emily, eh the little sister. well she is not that little. she is a year younger than me (which means that we ALL go to chs...emily as a freshie, me as a sophmore and james as a junior....lucky me.) but 3 feet taller than me. she has tons of friends. most of which only care about clothes and that sort and sometimes treat her like crap. last year, at her 8th grade formal she was crowned Queen. she takes like 2 hours to get ready! she drives me insane when she does that. she and the black eyed coral (hahah still laughin about that one.) are pretty good friends. they met each other on the cheerleading squad.

ok i HAVE to tell you about mookie.he isnt related by blood but he is family. he lives right next door and is over at my casa ALL the time. you see...his parents own this pretty sweet record shop next to my ma's flower shop. i've know him for like ever....when we were little we would play "telephone" ya know with the cups on the string from my window to his...we did that until the walkie talkies came. haha. his 'rents are kinda hippies, no i dont mean they puff the magic dragon then go and hug some trees (or at least i dont think they do haha) but they are all "free spirit" and nature loving, mookie's parents give him like no rules what-so-ever. he doesnt need him, he is a pretty good kid and smart as a tack (not just book smart but witty smart). now dont get me wrong, he isnt one of those kids who does a whole bunch of extra credit just so that they will get OVER a hundred in that class, like janice greebly does. he is just very laid back. anyways he cant be all halos, he does hang out with me.

oh i cant forget about chevy, vette and taxi. vette is our golden retriever who isnt the brightest crayon in the box if ya catch my drift and is always sneaking out at night through a hole in the fence in the backyard. vette is very hyper and hangs around with james most of the time. emily has taxi, her orange cat. it is all hers cause my ma, james and i are more dog people. the funny thing is that taxi is prissy. owner like pet? and of course my dog, chevy. chevy is a bulldog that is very relaxed and calm. mookie's dad thinks he us some kind of reincarnation of some sort. haha all of our pets are named after some sort of car. odd thing is that we didnt plan for it to be that way. maybe it has something to do with our dad who is a mechanic and car fanatic. i asked my mom "hey ma, why dont you have a pet of your own?" and she replied "'cause i have you three."

our dad doesnt live with us, he took off for florida 3 years ago. i think he lives in boca right now. boca? hmm...i see him playing golf with a bunch of snobby, snooty people, with him wearing ridiculously tacky plaid pants. he doesnt belong on a golf course. he belongs her in california with us. i miss him. so does james and emily, of course. i know my ma does too, under all those layers of anger. it pisses me off that he just go up and left us one day and went to the other side of the country. i dont even know why he did. my ma does. but she guards that secret tighter than the colonel guards his chicken recipe. hmm i know emily doesnt know cause she was only 8 when he left. maybe james know, if he does ma probably told him not to say anything to emily or i. i would probably know by know if he did and mom didnt tell him to not tell us, he has a big mouth too, maybe it runs in the family. maybe i will cut him a deal...either he tells me why dad left or i will just go and tell ma about his excursions down to tijuana with his football chums. my ma always tells me that i get my troublemaker gene and that my "troublemaker-ness" comes from my father.

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:: 2004 3 February :: 4.51 pm
:: Mood: happy//tired
:: Music: kayne west - through the wire

"cant have the kid nibbling on the pot plant"
i am pretty dang tired at the momento. white days are so boring. hmm didnt do math homework cause i didnt understand it. math is the devil. we had to take a practice math fcat today. i big h (hate for yall who dont know andie slang) fcat! in health we watched this emergency video that was really 80s...ha they had the dude who played mcgyver on there. anyways they had this segment where they went around this house and you had to figure out what could harm little chitlins. and they said plants cause the chitlins could eat them and my teacher was jokin around and thats where my subject came from. now listenin to the darkness- i believe in a thing called love....i love this song. lunch was ok. in spanish we went over stuff for the test tomorrow. i wrote some more for my little story thing which i will post next. 6th period...wrote so much i thought my hand was gonna fall off. ok so i was late this big news there..and i was runnin out the door and the closet pair of flips (flip flops) were these one made out of this straw material...they hurt. haha. then i went to this lacrosse meeting which wasnt even a meeting, just us going into this classroom and writing our name and screen name down. so then i waited outside for terri to come pick me up. wrote some more to the story. she came to pick me up and now here i am home....and hungry...haha

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie


:: 2004 30 January :: 7.31 pm
:: Mood: happy//western
:: Music: cant take the honky tonk out of the girl - brooks and dunn

yeeee haw!
yee haw it friday! HURRAH! ahh sleepin in is so great! ok lemme see. hahah according to casey i am an orange mutt troublemaker. ha we had to take this test in algebra and i got moved to the other side of the room. which is quite funny cause the guys i sit around are always sayin how they copy and off me and stuff. so i mwuhaha-ed under my breath as i moved to the other side where they couldnt copy off me. hahahah health was quite interesting...well first our teacher left the room to put something in the library (we are in one of those classes in the classroom off the library.) so while he was gone the principal came in asked us where he was then asked us this riddle, we figured out the riddle, then he left. theeen somehow from passive/assertive/agressive and my teacher decided he would show us gals how to defend ourselves if someone wanted us to do what we didnt want to...soo i learned how to poke out someones eyes hahah and then he was like...."go along like you wanna do it then grab one and pull it to the floor" hahha that was a lil much. these two guys jumped up outta their seats and were all like owww thats GOTTA HURT. it was pretty funny. lunch was ok. i was hopin that it would rain so i wouldnt have to go out to the portable for 6th period. hahah thought of doing a raindance. was spanish. no rain yet. hm i hate walkin in the parking lot to get to my 6th period with all the psycho junior/senior drivers. 6th was pretty always. then the principal came on the tv for a specail announcement. DING DING 2:00 wooohooo! spedwalked to bus. yay i made it. so got home to mi casa blah blah blah. ha now i am watchin cowboy u, lmao they are gettin chased by these bulls!! i think i wouldnt mind goin on that show. haha :) well better go shine up them boots and belt buckle...

peace out//hugs not drugs
*:) Andie

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:: 2004 27 January :: 2.41 pm
:: Mood: happy//hungry
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biology was sooo gat. we had to copy these fcat words off the overhead. then my teacher is all "do chapter 6 review and its due at the end of class" rah! eh i finished half of it. chorus...we sang. ha that was a no brainer. carleigh and i were passin notes back and forth. that was fun. hmm lunch..i love lunch. hahah we are the RETRO TV JUNKIES. we meaning quesadia (maureen), taco (jake) and margarita (me). hahah we started talkin about old tv shows cause maureen was talking about her friend named allegra and i was like allegra's window. so then we talked about that show, eureka's castle, the elephant show, are you afraid of the dark?, hey dude, salute your shorts, invader zim, kazam, and the offbeats. spanish was ok. english was tiring. the teacher hollered at us. my english teacher has a really loud normal voice so you can just imagine how loud his hollering voice is. on the bus we got gum. woo hoo! and this smelly kid was sitting upfront. woo i got a bad whiff of b.o. when i walked to my seat. phew! so he was the one passin out the bus drivers gum to everyone and this kid told him "you have the worst b.o. you smell like ass" ok not nice but funny cause it was sooooooo true. so when i got off i told him he smelled. i speak the tructh. then case and i were walkin down the parking and case was talkin and i kept going..OH look at the puppy! haaha. ow she hit me. hahah. then we went and petted the puppy. awwww! it was so cute. it was 12 weeks old. annnnnnnnnd its name was....drum roll please.....squirt! how cute is that?!?! aww i want a puppy now. but i have a little brother instead. haha.

cant explain all the feelings
that you're making me feel
my heart's in over drive and
you're behind the stering wheel
the darkness

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie

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:: 2004 26 January :: 5.13 pm
:: Mood: happy :)
:: Music: red hot chili peppers - fortune faded

welcome to cattlesburg: the locker and coral
so monday..6:55 a.m. and i'm standing outside my locker. i HATE my locker. a.) i like to call it a suicidal locker, meaning that you figure out the lock, open the locker, and stand to the side. if you dont you will be pelted with a plethora of heavy books.

ha that once happened to coral. she was blabbing my ear off, blah blah blah, most probably about her cheerleading competition or the homecoming court, while i was gettin the lock open. i opened the door and stood to the side.

coral, still talking, of course, was standing infront of the locker. BAM! books fall to the floor with a huge bang...some hitting her. well she didnt get a concussion or knocked to the floor or something like that. she just came to school the next day with a huge shiner on her eye.

it was the funniest thing ever to see. coral blabbing away to someone who isnt listening and doesnt care (that would be me.) then these big books toppling upon her.

even funnier is that happened during yearbook photo week. she painted on about 10 pounds of makeup to cover that enormous black and blue mark my lit. book left on her right eye...but you still could see it. i cant wait till may when we get our yearbooks. mwuhaha.

we dont get along that well....well she thinks we are the greatest of chums but i beg to differ. ya see...we were friends when we were like four.then when she was five her mom sent her to cheerleading camp. thats where it all ended .

she came back to cattlesburg rah-rah-ree-ing and "look at this great cheer" and "oh i cant believe you are wearing that shirt!" when i was wearing my paint shirt since i was finger painting while she was twirling around like a merry-go-round. i, of course, rolled my eyes. even at age 5, i had my infamous eye roll.

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie

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:: 2004 26 January :: 4.55 pm
:: Mood: happy :)
:: Music: stupid girl - cold

brad had a hole in his butt.....LMAO
ok hm hm hm what happened? in algebra i sit by these like 3 stoners and thats ALL THEY EVER TALK ABOUT!! hmm during i got pulled outta health for like 10 mins. for this little gifted meeting. get this- most freshman at UF had a 3.8 and higher core academic thingamajigger. lunch was okay. hahah i made will throw my trash away. "your playin me like a fiddle." haha. i helped erica up to the clase. hehe i got to ride the elevator. ha i dont really like elevators. in spanish clase this kid named brad who sits next to me, got up for some reason and this girl hollered out "brad has a hole in his butt!" hahah it was really funny. then like 3 other girls hollered out that same phrase. i guess he had a hole in his jeans. dun dun dun 6th period (thunder crashes) well my teacher was extra picky and mean today. our sub from thursday totally screwed us all over because he made us do some of the work that we did today and he didnt give us the work for THAT day. we tried tellin ms. crappypants aka my teacher and she was all "YOU DONT TELL ME HOW TO TEACH MY CLASS!" theeeeeeen this kid has to go to the bathroom and he asked at the beginning of class, and in the middle, and i guess by the end he REALLY had to go by the end of the class so he asked to go and she was like no and he got up like he was walkin to the door and she was like "get your stuff cause if you leave you get a referral. well this kid got a referral. that is mondo crapola if you ask me...she shoulda just let him to to the freakin rest room. then ding-ding-ding 2:00 (thank goodness) bell rings and i have to like speedwalk from the opposite side of the campus to my bus. phew. i made it. then i got home and went to the pool. did laps. wooo hoo go me. hurrah! then came back to mi casa and tanned a bit. hopped into the shower and here i am now updating the journal. im hungry as a hungry person so im gonna go eat and maybe i will take another stab at that rubiks cube...maybe :)

peace out//hugs not drugs yall
*:) Andie

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