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User:lovethehibiscus (user# 21975)
Location: Florida
Friends:(1) Rina
Friend Of:(3) LaLa91, Rina, shootinstarz
Interests:(85) '67 GTOs, '69 chevelles, atvs, batting cages, being 'boisterous', being a gutterqueen with rina and linds.. GQ GQ GQ!, blink 182, blue collar comedy tour, bonfires, boot scoot boogie, bowling, cake, camping, cars, climbing trees, clumsy, coldplay, country music, cowboy hats, crowley's alibi, cruisin round with the windows down, dancin like mchammer in lines in banks..ok that was only aunt called me 'goofy' after that, dancing, dane cook, dashboard confessional, daydreaming, demetri martin, doin the electric slide..its electric boogie woogie woogie, dr. pepper, drums, eating tangerine altoids like they are going out of style, echo, elephant ears, fairs, florida, gingerbread by rachel cohn, go karts, gone in 60 seconds, happy gilmore, hitting people with a paddleball with beth, i miss you, incubus, japenese steakhouses, jimmy eat world, lacrosse, laughing, linkin park, lynyrd skynyrd, margaritas, muscle cars, music, no doubt, not eating mango-mustard pretzels, not school, old old madonna music, olive garden, painting, phish food, pop rocks, putt putt, red hot chili peppers, rollercoasters, saliva, sheryl crow, singing in the rain, sleeping, snow, speaking my mind, stars, steve miller band, sublime, sugarcult, sum 41, swimming, taco bell, taping pictures to my wall, tgs, the beach, the brendan leonard show, the clan!!!, the ocean, unmade bed, worst december, writing, yellowcard
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