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Bio:You might be thinking because of my username or journal title I am some sort of tortured soul; I can assure you I am not and that I am actually a very down to earth and positive enough individual. I prefer the word "realistic" to describe myself. You can call my Lugosi, if you do not get the reference then you really should not be here. I have strong opinions and am not afraid to voice them, however, this does not mean I am arrogant or what have you, I am happy to admit defeat and learn from my past mistakes. I prefer classic things to modern things (in most cases not just films, literature, etc.) and I prefer the classic beauty of the olden days to the "artificial" beauty of the modern world. Most people would say I was born in the wrong generation, perhaps that is the case, but I do rely on technology to an unhealthy degree, like most others do these days. If you are still reading, congratulations, perhaps we should be friends as you clearly can put up with my rambling. I thirst for knowledge and find fulfilment in bettering myself in small ways...
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