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User:makeawish (user# 10937)
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Information:my name is whitney...i live in a really really really boring city, where there is nothing to do!, im 15...i like music, i play the guitar...not much to really yea...
Members:(8) ashleylovesyou, deleted, deleted, disturbeddragon, sexybabe88, wonderelf, wonderelf, x0whitney
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Interests:(97) afi, alkaline trio, black, boys that wear eye make up, phones, staind, all-american rejects, art, billy, black roses, blink182, blood, boxcar racer, bracelets, brand New, chevelle, chucks, clothes, cold, coldplay, coloring, colors, converse, disturbed, drawing, eating, emo, evanescence, eyes, finch, finding nemo, foo fighters, fountains of wayne, friends, fuse, green day, guitars, guys, hatred, haunted places, hot topic, ice cream, jimmy eat world, korn, laughing, linkin park, love, magazines, malls, marilyn manson, mest, metal, movies, mudvayne, music, music videos, my journal, new found glory, nirvana, northstar, our lady peace, paint, painting, pictures, pink hair, pissing people off, pretending like i care, punk, ramones, red, rock, rocky Horror Picture Show, scary movies, seether, sex pistols, shoes, sleeping, slipknot, smile empty soul, smileys, stars, straight-edge, sum 41, taking back sunday, taproot, tears, the ataris, the computer, the starting line, thrice, trapt, trust company, twisted method, white Stripes, writing, yelling, yellowcard, and if you arent satisfied enough go to punkxtrixies profile :]
Created:>2003-08-17 13:14:59
Last Update:10 08 2003
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