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User:maybenot (user# 22783)
Name:Paulina Swartz
Location: Hawaii, Other
Information:I was born in a place in cambodia so i know that i am asian, i was told that i was found by a trash can by some super market left to be found or to die. The adoption people picked me up and cared for me about 2 months befor my now dad came to get me. He is not the asian not even hawaiian he is amrican, also my mom too. I moved to hawaii (the big island) no not honolulu or other islands just hawaii, when i was 3 months old i also have a sister she is adopted as well not my blood, i have no real family here, none of my blood. I lived here every since, if you are wondering what happened to my real parents all i heard was my real mother died from desises and my real father i think is dead, gun shot. I am happy where i live, i do not want to go back to cambodia, i have seen and heardpics and storys. I will remane here, where my family is.
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Interests:(1) 1,I love to dance hula been doing it for about 4 or more years i can say i am pretty good. 2,I like to go on the computer and just mess around. 3,I love to hang with my friends and shop. 4,My intrest are to do all kind sports anything that has to do
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