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:: 2005 21 March :: 12.58 am
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: guided imagery of doug's.

1 am.
the update should be in your email.

there is one that i sent through word
and one that i sent as a rich text format.

you should probably open the one that says "open me first" first.

love you. you and steph have a good day at school.

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:: 2005 16 March :: 1.34 pm
:: Music: the dishwasher

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:: 2005 28 February :: 3.29 pm
:: Mood: drained
:: Music: silence.

uuurrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....i am super stressed right now and i don't feel good at all and i am staying home from work b/c i am sick with a sore throat and a tummy ache and i feel really pukey. yuck. anyway, i am stressing about my fafsa and my taxes b/c i feel like i am super duper behind in both and i need to get everything straightened out. b/c doug isn't home, taxes are kicking my butt and i am really upset about it b/c the way i have entered in everything, i should only get 13 dollars back. doug said i would get 400 or maybe a little less. i am really frusterated. man. i just called dad and he told me to take a break from that stuff so i don't just get myself more stressed, so i am taking a break with the time i don't really have to waste, and i'm really nervous about government information right now. i have to do taxes to fill out the fafsa and in order for me to keep my job at svsu, i have to fill out the fafsa. preferrably before tomorrow, but issac oneall sent me an email (he's from the financial aide office at svsu) that said i had to file my fafsa form BEFORE april 15th (TAX DAY) or else i would not be eligible for work-study any longer. oh man, life is really frusterating today. too bad i'm not going to work....i really need the $$...especially if i do only get 13 dollars from taxes. dang.

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:: 2005 23 February :: 12.05 am

hi all.
just wanted to tell ya i'm okay. love you kell.

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:: 2005 21 February :: 11.03 pm

hi kelli,
it worked!

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