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User:meggiepoo-26 (user# 24123)
Bio:hi, i'm megan
Friends:(2) kellielynn, whispers-to-a-scream
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Interests:(56) 50 first dates, alpena, brad paisley, britney spears, candles, celine dion, cheese, clothes, denzel washington, dixie chicks, doug, erin brockovich, finding nemo, florida, friends, hackey sack, jason mraz, jersey girl, jewlery, john q, julia roberts, kelli, kissing, little black book, love and basketball, love and war, michael, michelle branch, miss congeniality, mom and dad, mona lisa smile, movies, music, my cat, my new room, my puppy, myself, napoleon dynamite, new found glory, nicole, old navy, our kitty, remember the titans, saginaw, sandra bullock, sara evans, school, shopping, smiles, stuff, svsu, sweet home alabama, swimming, the phone, two weeks notice, uptown girls.
Created:2005-02-21 23:05:21
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