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Now it's awful

Welcome to my community. I am your maintainer my journal is located at pictureMEdead. I decided to start this community because i like all kinds of writings from stories-drawings. This is a community for writers of all kinds, Its for inspiring, personal and emotional thoughts, here you can post poems, lyrics, prose, whatever you like. This community is not to be used as a debate forum on bands and whatnot. If you are going to post a picture please use the lj cut tags <*lj-cut>.... (but of course take out the *'s
If you post a song, quote or something that you did not write yourself please give credit too the person who did. If you dont know where you got it from write *anonymous* This is an open community but if I find you have been taking credit for something that is not original too you then I will expose and ban you.
And one last thing, when commenting be nice!!!

18/7/03 @ 16:07

Welcome to my community, i hope you have fun!! BE NICE!!! updates on this community will be updated here, your updates will be entered in the box underneath. The links for prev entry etc are not working yet as we are still waiting for codes.
Still not much been done about the codes but now we can see the subjects they were black thats why u didnt know they were there, and the links to are journals on this side are now red to b4 they were white u didnt see them either did u? erm and now all got to do it get pic working add some more fun html and ive asked andy about how i would go about changing the white boxes we have down the side to black no reply from him yet tho.


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