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Kimberly is my name....wear it out...please.

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:: 2004 6 June :: 12.43 pm

well, i'm amazed.. i really have nothing to talk about. ^.^ i went to a concert the other night. a perfect circle. i nearly divulged myself in vodka. that was really stupid... oh well. the concert rocked my face off. that's it. i started going out with tom. he's sweet... i just don't know if i can handle being single. i flirt my way through jr. year... oh well, i'll give it a try...



:: 2004 25 January :: 3.48 pm

yoo! i just got home from tgi friday's with molly, kait, katie, ashley & taran for molly's birthday. it was fun! im sooo full right now, it's not even funny! i got a chicken ceasar salad & split a brownie obsession with ran.. niiiiice =) i have to say the best part of the night was when the weird balloon man came over & made us all balloons.. very interesting. inappropriate at times, but interesting. i got a flower. then he lost his cell phone & when katie gave it back he made her another balloon in return.. *lol* fun stuff!

school was pretty go0d today! i was in a good mood. 1st block we did whatever.. i just studied & went on the internet. 2nd block i had my driver's exam.. *94* baby!! =P 3rd block sucked extremely. 4 block was chem & i didn't have to take the quiz.. cuz im just that smart. =P nah, i dunno why i didnt have to take it, something with my grades.. all i know is she said "kimmy doesn't have to take it".. fine with me =) then we got the quiz back from last class & i got a 10O =) yep, so that was my day.

tomorrow is sapna's for the night, then sunday im stuck doing homework =( it's supposed to *snOw* though, so that would be awesome! alrighty.. im gonna go watch a movie or clean my room or something..


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:: 2004 18 January :: 6.04 pm

Green is beautiful
Crazy. Things are just crazy. Finals this week. Must study. Must study. Anyone got anything to study? Garrrr, more than four subjects as well. All honors. Must get to it. Yummy break. Now I'm ready to work.



:: 2003 21 December :: 6.38 pm
:: Mood: energetic
:: Music: Celien Deon fregrance commercial

LOTR: TROTK is excellent. I saw it last night. It was amazing beyond belief. Loved every bit of it. Everyone was crying in the theater. But perhaps, I was the most. I read the books in 5th grade, but seeing them all on a screen was ahhh...sheer bliss. Love is a special word and should be used for special things....this is special. Exceptionally choice.

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:: 2003 21 December :: 12.05 am

This is my special little journal then. Yey. Here we come horrible times of a strange 16 year old. Dull is my life....oh yes, extremely. Looking forward to it!


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