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:: 2007 28 November :: 4.50 pm

For my birthday yesterday, I just skipped Osteology and went to go shopping with my mom and ate at a really nice Chinese restaurant. The only materialistic items I wanted at the time was a book (which I am almost done with) and a big, cream colored puffy jacket that makes me look retarded, but it's practically a miniature home that is very cozy inside.

Eighteen doesn't feel that life-changing.
I feel the same as I had when I was sixteen.


:: 2007 22 September :: 9.59 am

I looked back behind me in math yesterday to "see where the teacher went"

and josh was glaring at the front of the classroom
and we made eyecontact
except he looked really really scary, so I was like O___O and turned back around

then later when we had to get into groups, we made eyecontact again, but he went and talked to Michelle
I am hoping he only talked to her because he knows her from a different class and doesn't find her attractive

she did get prettier since last year and stuff though. nice hair.

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:: 2007 14 September :: 2.04 pm

no josh today
and I was checking out this sophomore that looks sooo much like Tristan, just with slightly longer hair
and er, I think he saw me, told his friend, and they both glanced at me, said something and laughed

ahaha. haha.

also tae bo is quite literally insane as two insane things living in insane city.

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:: 2007 13 September :: 4.47 pm

goodbye mike

helloooo new kid (aka Josh)


:: 2007 12 September :: 9.16 pm

today was the crappiest one so far. is.

I have moved from flirtland to boring city.

I don't know why, but I have been in a bitter mood since lunch.

oh wait, I remember now. I saw mike and nas walking together at the beginning of lunch, and now we are not talking over msn (mike and I). we talked a little, but it wasn't flirting, it was just talking.
it's not fair.
she's had her chance so many times
and he did with her
but they keep coming back together like retarded magnets that don't know how to stick together, but there's this connection that can't really be broken.

ooohoho, I blame Jess entirely for bringing up emotions I so successfully buried until today.


:: 2007 8 January :: 10.00 pm

we're supposed to get another gale-force wind storm.
and snow.


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:: 2006 24 December :: 9.36 pm

Merry Christmas [soon]!
< 33333333 x infinity

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:: 2006 22 December :: 9.32 pm

Does anyone remember Beast Wars?

I miss watching it.
( Dinobot! <33 )

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:: 2006 21 December :: 1.29 pm

i only JUST got my electricity back.




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:: 2006 13 December :: 8.44 pm



so this fat kid I know.
he just told me that he likes bukkake.

and I asked him if he knew what it was, and he replied with:

"One girl lots is sperm on face. or am i wonrg?-hides-"

he fucking told me he was gonna get "LAAAIIIDDDD" and he was all excited. Then when I talked to him a few days after the supposed day, he doesn't say anything about how it was SO GREAT or FUCKING HORRIBLE, like he would everything else. and I mean everything.


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:: 2006 3 December :: 6.48 pm

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:: 2006 30 November :: 8.54 pm


4-5 page essay about family values and how they changed in "The Grapes of Wrath".

a book(let) with 4 chapters with a nice fat list of key people and places I have to include about WWII, max 700 words. Handwritten.

my left arm has been aching all day.

/useless entry.

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:: 2006 10 November :: 12.35 pm

Dakota took my binder, and I had to chase him to get it back.

I lost my pack of gum.
My nail tore clean across and was hanging on for dear life (the top part, not the entire thing).
It looked like we were flirting.

Those three things pissed me off to no end, and I think he knows that.
If he doesn't, I'll tell it to him so loud the whole damn class will hear.

I started bleeding today

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:: 2006 29 September :: 10.38 pm

he added me
I am so pathetic
< / 3


:: 2006 20 September :: 9.23 pm


I failed all my tests.
I am pretty sure of it.
Driver's ed sucks. I proclaimed that Nasya's answers shall also be mine, since obviously, I take the cock at remembering driving things.

(got an 8 out of 28 >>)

test tomorrow in Am lit.
it is also a half day.
I have my first drive on Friday.

everyone is going out with someone.

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:: 2006 12 September :: 9.35 pm

Tenacious D- Tribute to the best song in the world
is awesome.
I'm not sure if that's the correct title but-
it's so cool. >3<

cor, school got boring fast.
at least I've got some people with me.
sort of.

I want some boy to hug that actually likes me that I like. :<


:: 2006 10 September :: 8.15 am


does it really give your computer a virus?
some person commented that it did.

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:: 2006 31 August :: 11.12 am

AIM Triton is awesome.
Download it.
Except for the whole extra stuff they don't even tell you about. Crap that really doesn't need to be in there.
But whatever.


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:: 2006 29 August :: 9.33 pm

I haven't talked to Nasya much. We just haven't need to say anything.
Well, I haven't.
Nothing interesting really happens to me.
( oooh, except that my parents are growing pot and smoking it. 'Cause of "pains". Which they could've got from a doctor if they were qualified, but naaah. )

I've been talking to Raychull, Cody and Nathan/Lesbian though. It was a very nice change of pace. I've missed them.
Well, except Nathan. He's just there sometimes. He has a lot of actual sex stories though. And he's my age. :c

I got a haircut guys! Totally short this time. :DDD
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Like it? :/
The ends are poofy/ish because it's so straight.. ><

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:: 2006 29 August :: 9.18 am

I spoke too soon.
-pokes teh oober coolies wing pads-

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