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:: 2007 11 July :: 1.10pm

oh, & hikaru darling, i did not forget your birthday. i just couldn't get in touch with you. i'm sorry. :(

twinsiesss. <3333

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:: 2007 11 July :: 1.10pm

i'm baaaackkkkkk.

&on neo,

but you guys aren't anymore.

:/ ehhhhhhhh.

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:: 2007 7 July :: 12.26am

lolol 7.7.07.

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:: 2007 3 July :: 6.55pm

NE ?!
omg. i was featured in an article on dA. Qu Q -happppppppy tears-

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:: 2007 21 June :: 1.06am
:: Mood: pissed off
:: Music: .hack//G.U. osts..still :D~


click here! :D

ok re-thought my cosplay.
jenny and i went to fabricville today to check out what we need for Sakubo. and it's pretty much doable...cept the shoes.
ok so


edit 2
fuck k great. lauren wants AISHA (a girl) to be YATA.
Read more..
no. just. no.
great. this is going to fucking screw up. i just know it.
first aisha knows fuck all bout .hack. let alone anime.
im sure she wont want to do it.
lauren's even getting MARIA to do OVAN.
if it comes to that they can cosplay .hack by themselves. i'll be off with kitu, alex and jenny and not with them. too much to ask right. u__u

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:: 2007 31 May :: 7.23pm
:: Mood: creative
:: Music: Imperium// Machine Head

cosplay piiiiiiiiicksss + negelcting to study for Eco test tomorrow..
i'm bored so i'll put down my next cosplay picks:
Read more..

it's nice to be a geek. :'3

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:: 2007 24 May :: 5.38pm
:: Mood: happy

2 days 'til i get to see kitu! 8DDDDDDDDDDDDD
and parade around half naked ;__;



:: 2007 8 May :: 6.31pm
:: Music: Counterweight// Heaven Shall Burn


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:: 2007 7 May :: 4.00pm
:: Music: otsuka ai _ amaenbo

sooo HOT.
today was horrible. it was so hot D: and it didn't help that my heels was hurting like freaking crazy.

and i forgot i was updating this. kakakakakak. :D

new layout. ! kinda. just a new picture, colors and icon. isn't it just the cutest. ! i lovelovelovelovelovelove it. it's my current avatar on gaia. yeah i still play gaia. what. P:

nothing much. i'm uberly busy with school and everything. and i have tons of commissions to do before i can plan an auction.

mother's day next week. what you doing for your very special mother ?

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:: 2007 25 April :: 3.14pm

xD I think im abusing my live journal a bit too much. I was going to post yet another entry today. I suppose it really doesn't matter but I don't wanna fill everyone's friends page up, you know? xD So then I thought about it and I never post on here soo. HERE I AM.. :D

Yeah so here's what I wanted to say.
My dad called me up, i'm suppose to be 'grounded' but you know what he said? "If you go out, lock the door" xD like.. what the fuck?

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:: 2007 25 April :: 4.18am

oh my!

You, my friend, have decided:

What piercing should I get?
View Tally | Get Your Own | VoQuiz.com



:: 2007 25 April :: 4.14am

hey there abandoned woohu journal. :O

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:: 2007 19 April :: 3.20pm

I live.



:: 2007 15 April :: 2.26am

I've been posting on Live Journal.
Anyone want my username?

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:: 2007 8 February :: 5.31pm

does anyone know how to restore the normal size of a windows XP desktop?
my brother fucked our computer's whole appearence because he wanted to play maple story. >_>
and the ass doesn't know how to fix it.
the screen was positioned 180 degrees when i first logged on for crying out lout.

playing around with the properties doesn't work and nor does system restore.
im so frusrtated i feel like screaming til my vocal cords pop.


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:: 2007 26 January :: 5.06pm

The Sweet Sound

My little brother messed up on his boat thing made of foam. So he stuffed it down the bathroom sink. My dad got really mad at him.

-laughs like the evil sister I am-

It's just too funny. :'D

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:: 2007 20 January :: 9.11pm

Well, I had a long post before about what's up with my life. But I clicked the "delete" button and now it's all gone.

I hate it when that happens. D: Epecially an entry that took you forever to type up.

Dang. ;o;

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:: 2007 1 January :: 3.42pm

Happy New Year!

Apri's 2007 Resolutions

- Treat others better
- Treat myself better
- Treat my personal items better (a.k.a cellphone, iPod, digital camera... etc)
- Finish homework earlier, websites, graphics, and other crap.
- Face fear of house at night
- Face fear of drowning
- Stop being spoiled and selfish
- Volunteer somewhere... and actually "work" there (I volunteered at the library over the summer. It literally killed me.)
- Be more organized
- Keep in contact with PTP friends
- Be more flexible!
- Learn to dance Hip-Hop (I saw the Justin Timberlake music video for "My Love" and dude... I want to know how to do that leg thing)
- Try to like children
- Write a story
- Write a song... and create a piano score for it too
- Practice oboe harder so I won't make a fool of myself when I go back to band
- Learn to paint
- Learn to sing
- Learn to sew
- Make a dress
- Go to AX
- Study photography
- Make friends with a stranger
- Make friends with an enemy
- Grow wings and fly

I'll probably add more later. Hehe~



:: 2006 7 December :: 8.18pm
:: Music: ayumi hamasaki_jewel

2 posts in 2 days ? wtf.

1. Do you pronounce the 'l' in salmon?: no. i knew this one kid who's brother's name was salmon. and HE pronounced the 'l'. ;)

2. When was the last time you went to a bookstore?: a month ago ? my mom disapproves of reading at borders.

3. Have you ever prank called a restaurant?: no, but we pretended to call someone and order pizza. even though they weren't pizza. .people.

4. How did you meet most of your friends?: school. . yeah. school.

5. Do you find ancient mythology interesting?: that has to do with greeks. right ? i have 3 moles on my face that look like orion's belt. fascinating.

6. What snacks do you usually buy when you go to the movies?: if i get lucky popcorn that i eventually have to share and finish before the movie starts.

7. Do you prefer British spelling or American?: american. because i am american. so yeah.

8. Have you ever gone sailing?: cruise will count yes .. ?

9. Have you ever gotten heat exhaustion?: no. i steer away from heat waves.

10. Do you still live in your childhood home?: no.

11. How much is too much to pay for a concert ticket?: it was in china currency. so i wouldn't know. . around $70 +

12. What was the greatest prank you've ever pulled?: they all suck. let's not come back to this.

13. Do you pride yourself on being intelligent?: though my academic grades aren't worth boasting about i consider myself pretty knowledgable. so, yeah.

14. Is that pride justified?: to the extreme.

15. If you controlled pop culture, what trend would you change (or introduce)?: HOODIES GALORE. no more stupid ' define girlfriend ' or ' cock-to-do-with-anything ' tees. the end of guitar craze.

16. Have you ever taken a survey twice by accident?: no.

17. What was the last movie you went to see? i haven't been to the movies in forever. . pirates in the carribbean 2

18. Have you ever gotten stuck on an amusement park ride?: no. but a sky lift.

19. Do you have a weak stomach?: no

20. Do you get annoyed when you don't receive any comments on your myspace for a while?: hah. i have no myspace.

21. How often do you floss?: floss is that stringy thing right. ?

22. What was the worst trouble you've ever gotten into?: nothing that takes me out of my comfort zone.

23. Would you ever consider becoming a cop?: NO

24. If stupidity were a fatal disease, who do you think would be the first to die?: about 3/4 of the whole school population. administration first. narrowing down to probably. . galen.

25. Are you and your friends loud and obnoxious in public areas?: i wish not to remember. but usually not. maybe around certain people.

26. How often do you take and fill out surveys from this community?: community ?

27. Are you a big New York Yankees fan? nope.

28. Do you own a thesaurus?: no. no i don't.

29. When was the last time you visited relatives?: i VISIT every saturday.

30. When was the last time you ate meat?: yesterday. . i haven't eaten meat for a whole day. . i think. no. i ate a bagel dog. this afternoon. XD

31. What magazines do you read, if any?: my mom disapproves of magasines.

32. What's one thing you get uptight about?: annoying people. stupid people. people you can't shut up and turn around. people who ask too many questions. tiffany.

33. What sport are you best at?: i'm not sports 'orientated'.

34. Ever eaten one of those Warheads candies?: yeah.

35. Do you prefer Tootsie Pops or Blow Pops?: tootsie pops

36. Do you ever correct grammatical and typographical errors on survey questions?: when i say them. .maybe.

37. How did you get your most recent injury?: i bump into things everyday. it's impossible to remember.

38. What's the most awkward question you've ever been asked?: i don't know. but the stupidest one would be "why does your mom have different last names than you?"

39. Do you own anything from IKEA?: yeah. furniture to bedsheets to meatballs.

40. What was the stupidest horror movie you've ever seen?: i hate horror movies.

41. What about the stupidest comedy?: they are all pretty stupid.

42. Have you ever snuck into a movie?: yeah

43. True or false- There's no place like home: false.

44. The creepiest place you can think of: anywhere where it's dark, smelly, unfamiliar, and a man following you.

45. Have you ever seen an albino animal?: they have albino animals ?

46. Do you think they have chatspeak in Chinese?: it took me awhile to capture this. . but they have simplified chinese ?

47. What color is your front door?: kinda white, purplish, dirty more than anything.

48. Were you afraid of old people as a child?: no.

49. Have you ever been visited by a Jehovah's Witness?: who are they ?

50. Have you ever tried summoning Bloody Mary?: we've tried.

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:: 2006 4 December :: 11.28pm

Yes. Yesterday was my birthday! =]

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