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Name:Arisa Mieko
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I. Shave my legs, even though I have done this last night. How annoying.
II. Make sure I am clear of spots.
III. Keep to a healthy diet of water, gum, and the occassional five meals a day.
IV. Keep myself in tip top condition for health club.
V. Figure out what I am to do via sanitary-ness when I bleed because of Health Club shorts.
a bunch of foolish rambling, spazzing, and crazy musings pushed into one place. Honestly, I don't know how any of my pallies stand it all.

well, you know. 17, korean, weird, vulgar, crass, narcissistic, vain. The usual.
oh, and quite obviously, my name isn't spelled "ruhbekuh" that is just what it sounds like but I still love you all.
p.s. do not give me a lecture lasting five hundred years about how I am selfish as all selfish things combined - I know this.
p.p.s. ditto bitch.
p.p.p.s. also ditto every other derogatory adjective. I will take them as compliments. Probably.

"I must collect myself at least five [flirty pals] this year. it is a mission of womanhood."

"it is a race to see who can give him a stiffy the fastest with subtleness only a woman can achieve"

"he is the cake pan full of cake mix, and you are the oven of loooove in which his cake, aka manlove, shall be made solid"

"a woman with an oven for a vag and the man can spew his cake mix into an appropriate cake pan, shove it in for around 40min, and out pops a baby. It's a revolution!!"

"well, I have accepted this fact, and he has accepted this fact way before I have, since he has had a chance to ask me out foreveeerrr. But that is the way he is, he chooses to remain free to play the field like some rogue baseball player."

"Ain't no party like the non-suicidal party, 'cause the non-suicidal party don't stop."

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Interests:(9) (haha I do believe I did not get the sentence order correct. oh dear), der deustch sprache, der sitz jungen, metaphors, random musings, reading, sketching, tokio hotel, writing
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