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User:mishimishimabowei-teri (user# 5169)
Location: Jungle Border of Brazil and Venezuela
Members:(10) cutie2187, deleted, gypsy10071, paris, pinkwombat, tboblp, terriblemessofaboy, trobriandaeroplane, twister10, xxnouse
Watched By:None
Interests:(17) adzes, anth movie marathons, ebene, folding ethnographies into a ball, getting 20s, headhunting, knifing people in alleyways to get rare anth artifacts, marriage x5, miskito indians, owning material, social and cultural anthropology, steel axes, stone axes, taking anth by a guy who wants to be indiana jones, the people are laughing, trobriand cricket, using the ! to mean a clicky noise
Created:>2003-05-10 23:57:29
Last Update:12 02 2003
Journal Entries:13
Journal Style:default